Membership can be obtained by applying in the prescribed application form available in the Circulation Section of the Library on payment of Rs. 50/- as fee for Library membership and College Identity card. Barcode of the readers are mounted on the College Identity card, so that it can be used for twin purposes. Application should be submitted to the Circulation Section after obtaining the Recommendation of the concerned Head of the Department.

A Non Liability Certificate is to be obtained by the students from the College Librarian before the commencement of their University examinations. Staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, are required to obtain the Certificate before their leaving the institution or before their retirement from the service which ever is earlier.

Who can be the members of the Library ?

Students of the College
Students enrolled in any of the teaching departments in the College can avail the membership in this category
Teachers of the College
Faculty members working in the teaching departments of the College are given membership in this category
Non-Teaching Staff of the College
All categories of non teaching staff in the various offices of the College are given membership under this category
Students of the sister institutes under TKM Trust
Students and Teachers in various colleges under the TKM trust can apply under this category. They have to obtain the recommendation of the Principal of their respective college and also from the Principal of the TKM College of Engineering. Clearance Certificate before their examinations should be strictly insisted to those students by the principal.