Alumni Association

The T K M College of Engineering Alumni Association was formed in 1963, with a view to keep the silken threads of the attachments between the old students and their Alma mater. The chapters of  T K M College of Engineering Alumni Association are functioning in many parts of the world. Few of the prominent foreign alumni associations are chapters at Tanzania, Kuwait, UAE, Sulthanate of Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Ahmed Hassan Musaliar

Deputy Director – Placement & Alumni Relations

Constitution-of-TKMCE-Alumni Association 

The Objectives of the Association

  • To maintain a warm relation between the alumni and the Alma matter.
  • To foster the relationship between the past and the present students of the institution.
  • To keep alumni informed of the developmental and expansion projects in the campus.
  • To give an opportunity to the old students of the institution to partake in the responsible task of building up and maintaining the tradition of this institution.
  • To serve as a forum striving to get a proper blend of the theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering.
  • Support financially underprivileged students by instituting scholarships and encourage meritorious students through awards and honors.
  • Mentor fresh graduates in securing suitable employments.

Activities  2011-12

  • Distributed Scholarships of Rs.30,000/- to financially underprivileged meritorious students. The amount was contributed by UAE chapter of alumni.
  • Books worth Rs 70,000/- were distributed to department libraries.
  • A meeting with chief guest as Raju Narayana Swami IAS was arranged for felicitating our alumni who had been successful in various civil service examinations.
  • Arranged Merit Evening for honouring students who had made excellent performance in University examinations.
  • Silver Jubilee Reunion of 1986 batch Alumni and 20th year reunion of 1991 batch alumni were organized in TKMCE.

Activities 2012-13

  • Distributed Scholarships of Rs.69, 500/- to financially underprivileged meritorious first year students.
  • Books worth Rs 50,000/- were distributed to department libraries.
  • Rs100,000/- was given for enhancing the speed of campus WiFi.
  • A financial support of Rs 50,000/- was given for conducting Course Completion Ceremony of outgoing undergraduate students.
  • Arranged  Merit Evening with Janab V K Ebrahim Kunju, Minister, PWD as Chief guest  for honouring students who had made excellent performance in University examinations
  • Silver Jubilee Reunion of 1987 batch Alumni was organized in TKMCE.

Activities  2013-14

  • Installed an Electronic Notice Board in front Portico by spending Rs 70,000/-
  • Rs 520,000/- was spent for beautification program in front of mechanical block and chemical block.
  • Arranged  Merit Evening with Mr Sheikh Pareeth I A S as chief guest for honouring students who had made excellent performance in University examinations  and those who had outperformed in arts and sports.
  • Silver Jubilee Reunions of 1988 1st and 2nd batches were organized in TKMCE.
  • A grand function was organized to honour our distinguished alumni by presenting ‘TKM Alumni Achievement Awards’.

Activities  2014-15

  • An amount of Rs 150,000/- was given by Muscat chapter for giving scholarships and the committee decided to give a onetime scholarship for an amount of Rs12,500/- each to  twelve financially underprivileged  students from first year UG class.
  • Qatar  Chapter of the Alumni Association has contributed Rs 100,000.00 for giving one time scholarship for eight final year students for an amount of Rs. 12,500 each.
  • The committee has decided to support MCM scholarships scheme of the college and Rs 115,000.00 was transferred to the account of MCM.
  • From the interests of the FDs, scholarship of Rs.5000 each were given to eight second year students and three first year students.
  • With the support of Alumni Association, an induction program was conducted by CGPU for the first year students to place them in the right track of engineering education.
  • The cultural fest of students RITHU-14 was supported by Alumni Association with an amount of Rs 25,000/- .
  • A travel grant of Rs 5000/ for participating in the national level competition held at IIT, Mumbai was given to the students who won zonal level competition in Robotics.
  • Scholarships were given to outstanding students from all branches during AGM organized on 26th January.

Activities  2015-16

  • An amount of Rs 100,000 was given by Qatar Alumni Chapter for giving Scholarship and the committee decided to give one time scholarship to UG students and the amount was disbursed to 8 sixth semester students. The decision was made by respective senior advisers .Committee decided to donate  an amount of Rs  1, 15,000/- tp MCM Scholarship  fund
  • Committee decided to support the students who won zonal level robotic competition with Rs 5000/- as travel expenses  to participate in the national level competition at IIT Bombay .
  • The cultural fest of students RITHU 15 was supported by an amount of Rs 30,000/-. The fest was attended by hundreds of students from various Engineering colleges in the state.
  • The committee decided to support maintenance of the shuttle court in our college  with an amount of  Rs 30,000/- as per the request from HOD Physical education
  • There was  general opinion in the committee to encourage genuinely useful engineering projects from the final year students. Committee had  a long deliberation on this matter and decided to support one product  oriented UG project each from all department . Rs 40,000/- has been sanctioned to this purpose ( 7 BTech project and one B Arc project).
  • The committee decided to give Rs 50,000/- for upcoming FAB lab( APJ Dream park) for purchasing electrical accessories
  • Committee decided to communicate with various alumni chapters inside and outside the country  for getting ideas , suggestions and intellectual contributions  to complete the dream FAB lab project
  • As per the request from the  principal , the committee has decided to support the renovation  work  in the college library and decided to give amount of Rs2,50,000/-
  • The committee has decided to give Rs 5000/- each to 40 first year  deserving students on the basis of Merit Cum Means
  • Two awards are instituted by TKMCE 60 plus for the best outgoing and the best deserving first year student. The guidelines for the selection was given by TKMCE 60 plus and committee has carried out the selection procedures. Mrs. Darshitha  Babu of Mechanical engineering won the award  of  the best outgoing student and Mr. Noufal C.S of EEE has  been selected as  best deserving first year student
  • The committee decided to honor  1966 batch on the 50thyear of graduation