Campus Life

Campus isn’t just a cloistered space where teachers chisel out future engineers. It’s a kaleidoscope of diversity, vibrance with its own unique heartbeat and rhythm. What truly makes TKMCE stand out is the medievalthemed architecture, sprawling landscape gardens, a marble clad central portigo, interconnected departments set ideally at the heart of the serene city Kollam.

Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering is an active and supportive community filled with students from all walks of life, diverse cultural backgrounds all striving forward together as one. The thing that brings them all together is their desire to be here and to celebrate everything TKMCE has to offer. There is something blossoming in TKMCE every week. Every week offers lectures, workshops, sports, arts, literature, photography because we believes in moulding a complete person and not just a bookworm engineer. You’ll never run out of things to try here at TKMCE. There are number of clubs for students to take part to expand their horizons with at the center being the prestigious college union. A union for the students, by the students….


The TKMCE  College Union has been the backbone and driving force of the students of the institution ever since its inception. The student body strives to enhance the academic, technical, cultural and athletic reach of the students. The Union always panders to the needs of the students and articulates them unto the faculty. Over the years, it has earned the trust of faculty, management and most of all, the students, with their consistency and impeccable leadership. The council yearns for innovation and lights a flame of brotherhood in all.


Tezoro which translates as ‘Treasure’ is the techno-managerial fest of TKMCE. Our college basked in a dawn of innovation at the genesis of Tezoro in 2014, showcasing a plethora of competitive and informative technical events. The gala emerged as one of South India’s most sought after fests, opening its gates to students of all technical institutions in the region.


Rithu, translated as ‘Seasons’ is the cultural fest of TKMCE, taking its firm root in 2014. The cultural extravaganza laid a platform for the contestants from all of South India’s colleges to leave their mark, turning it into a well- renowned gala. The contestants set the stages on fire with their impeccable moves and voice while others embraced their implicit skills in literary events. The fest captured the minds of umpteen contestants and spectators alike, lighting  fire for many years to come.



Acting and films are the true drugs and TKMians are addicted. With memorable and thought provoking dramas and solo performances at various events, the club aims at inspiring the students and welcoming the young actors and script writers onto the main stage The annual film festival conducted by the club, TKM FF, provides a one of a kind experience and fun along with exposure to the industry through various workshops by reputed names.


” To show us the reality, the extraordinary behind the ordinary, the all seeing eye exists everywhere”.

The skillful student photographers of the club capture the essence of each programme and the hard work of the people behind it the expo and timely photography competitions by the club are always a matter of fun.

  1. MUSIC & ARTS:

Its all about celebrating. Each drumbeat, each dance move, each chord played, the sound of music  always echoes through the halls at TKM. A packed crowd which moves with your every gesture is a site so common that its part of us now.

The club is the platform for all the young entertainers and faculty where they become the maestro in them.


The power of words cannot be fathomed. This power has been harnessed by the club and is always an active participant in public debated and open talks. The thoughts of the students union translates through the club reaching everywhere in TKM.The club holds the platform for self-expression and open participation at all the events.

  1. STEPS:

Students of TKMCE for the Empowerment of People and Society.

The helping hand for the people in need. Working under the college union TECHNOS, STEPS is now the name for efficient blood donation, social awareness campaigns, charity programmes and most importantly elevating the status and providing education to the poor and orphaned children in the city. With its weekly programmes and classes with  uncompromising efficiency STEPS have earned a place in the heart of the public and is making itself visible throughout kerala.

Each step we take can change someone’s life along with ours. Its time to take that step.


“The performance of  extraordinary feats of balance, agility and coordination.”
The acrobatics club at TKM aims at self reliance of every individual along with an active body and a fresh mind.  The club focuses also on the social upliftment of  women in society and the  true power of womanhood is aimed at and is now the role model to all  women in the city. Effective training in various disciplines is given to all members and functions at the college are studded by its dangerous performances.