• Digital Library

    Welcome to the Knowledge portal of TKM College of Engineering. Online Information Resources are vital for academic and research institutes in today’s knowledge economy. Central library provides access to a variety of electronic resources such as e-journals, e-books and databases. In addition a good number of open access resources are identified and linked. E-journals E-books […]

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  • Conference Hall

    TKMCE Conference Hall

    Fully equipped conference facilities are available in the campus. The Jubilee hall and PTA hall can accommodate large number of attendees in air conditioned comfort. The audio visual facilities are digitally enhanced and designed for effective presentations with excellent auditory reception. The Jubilee hall can accommodate 200 people while the PTA hall holds 90 people […]

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  • Central Computing Facility

    TKMCE Center Computing Facility

    Central Computing Facility (CCF) of the TKM College of Engineering Kollam,  provides common computing requirements for the whole community of this institution. In addition to the computing and browsing facilities available at the departments and central library, CCF caters to the common use for staff and students. The Centre provides the latest state-of-the-art computer and […]

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  • Hostel Facility

    TKCE Hostel Facility

    T K M College of Engineering offers ample hostel facilities for the students. Since an ideal hostel must be, in essence, a home away from home, the facilities offered here are designed to provide a sense of belonging, security and care as well as a spirit of independence, within reasonable limits. There are separate hostels […]

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