Ethics Committee


Dr.Anitha Joseph                      : Chairman

Dr. K. K. Abdul Rasheed          : Convener

Prof. P. SreekumariAmma      : Member

Prof. P. Shyba                            : Member

Mr. K. Jayakumar                     : Member

Mr. A. K. Najeem                     : Member


  • Propose the Code of Ethics for the Institution
  • Organise ways to communicate the Code of Ethics to all staff and students and enhance its understanding
  • Report breaches of Code of Ethics or non-compliance of ethical practices among students, faculty and staff to the Principal
  • Formulate policies for corrective actions
  • Coordinate the periodic revision of the Code of Ethics and related implementation mechanisms
  • Coordinate the preparations of the internal ethical auditing report and submit recommendations to the Principal


Our ethics policy warrants ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, and the commitment to do what is right, good and proper for each individual within the College.


  • Create an environment within the College Campus where ethical behaviour is the norm
  • Enhance the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual within the institution and, thus, to the service of society
  • Commit to contributing to the comprehensive education of students, protecting human rights, advancing knowledge of student growth and development
  • Promote the effectiveness of institutional programs, services, and organizational units
  • Emphasize commitments to safety, public health, environmental protection, and sustainable development


  • Actions and beliefs of all individuals consistent with the Six Pillars of Character -Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring & citizenship
  • Assure ethical behaviour by self-regulation and promotion of tolerance
  • Treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as caste, religion, gender, disability, or nationality
  • Do to others as you would expect others do to you


  • Uphold the reputation of the College as a centre for properly conducted, high quality scientific research in thrust areas
  • Promote honesty, carefulness, responsible publication, and respect for Intellectual Property