Film and Drama Club


Staff Coordinator:

 Prof. Sudheer, Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Student Coordinators              : Jishnuraj R & MariyaVimala Augustine

Online media coordinator       :Govind R G

Technical head                          : Jerin Tom

Public Relations Coordinator : Keerthana

Film Festival Coordinator       : Suryanarayanan

Accounts                                     : Suraj R , Allen Baiju

Documentation                       : Shan Shajahan


  1. Abhinand A S Suraj Rajesh
  2. Alan Jacob Sunderjith
  3. Ananthakrishnan G Gayathri V
  4. Anirudh C E Dhanya  K Das
  5. ArshadAmal Arun S K
  6. AsifAfzal Neeraj V
  7. Aswin P S SwethaBalachandran
  8. AshmyAchuShinu Ali Muhammed
  9. Devi Vidhya K S Reshma K Shaji
  10. Dhrupadh M A Hari Krishnan
  11. Divya G Adhish Krishna
  12. FaizanHussain AfsalMuhammed B
  13. Gayatri Nair AkhilAjith
  14. GopuPradeep AnandAravindakshan
  15. Hamim Sheriff ArshadAzimMuhammed
  16. Irene Miriam Isaac Arunraj A V
  17. MuhammedJaseel Fahd Faizal
  18. JishnuPrakash Farisha
  19. Karishma Elsa Johns Nandana Suresh
  20. Keerthi V Nandanu D S
  21. Subin Edward Siril Roy
  22. Shadhil MuhammedSajid
  23. SoumyaMadanan Aparna
  24. Vaishnav Rajeev Navoon R
  25. RijoElakkodinjiyil Jishnu S
  26. Shiras Nila VidhuKiran
  27. AmanHabeeb Ashik P
  28. VeenaSuthan AmalSathyan
  29. Syam Raj Athul K
  30. SalmanFajis Supreeth Bare
  31. AdarshRajendran Nihal
  32. Nandhu A R Blessy
  33. Swathinath Julie Alexander
  34. Vineeth AkhilNihal C
  35. Sruthi V Roy Alan Koshy
  36. RahumathA Deepika Krishna
  37. Asha Ravi Rizwana Aziz M P
  38. CedrickSabu SanjanaSanjeev
  39. MeenuKurian Sareena Jose
  40. Yaduraj


To inculcate in the student community, an appetite for acting and drama works and to build up an inquisitive student community, with a social outlook, through active participation in drama and film field.


To build a responsible student community and to make an understanding about the current status of film and drama fields and reveal their talents in these fields.



The Film and Drama Club TKMCE is an enthusiastic bunch of engineering students, who appreciate the beauty of drama and film. Both these two sectors have great influence in the society and it can be used as a strong medium to communicate with the people. Film and Drama Club helps students to know the various scopes in these fields and use their talents to build quality products which will be an asset for the society and its people.


Dates: 10th, 11th and 12th January 2014

No. of days: 3

TKM Film and Drama Club had been active for the past 8 years. During the initial years, there were only some small workshops and activities. From 2010 onwards the club became really active, through film festivals and competitions.

new-picture-2In 2014, TKM witnessed one of the most glorified film festivals named “TKM FILM FESTIVAL 2014” which was conducted on 10th, 11th and 12th of January. It was inaugurated by the famous film star Mr Vijay Babu. The student coordinators during that time were Raghil and Muradbik, and they had arranged the auditorium in such a way that it really looked and also felt like a theatre for the audience and this brought applause for the film festival.

Nine to ten films from various languages had been shown in these three days and it made everyone realise how good films from other languages are and made everyone closer to films. Along with it, a short film competition was also conducted, including first years. Several workshops were also conducted during this year which emphasized on every area in drama and film.


Date: 17th January 2015, 12th January 2016

No. of days: 1


In 2015, the club had conducted an Inter Semester Drama Competition on 17th January named “Nadanam” and it received great attention. All the dramas presented were really good and they satisfied all the needs of a drama. The student coordinator during that time was Alwin.

As a continuation of this, the next year, Nadanam was held on 12thFebruary 2016.



In 2015, the club had conducted a big event named “HRASWA”, a short film competition as part of inter collegiate cultural fest RITHU. It was a short film competition which received entries from outside the college as well as having home participation. The then student coordinators were Saleeq, Bijesh and Haritha and they organisedthe event well. The main guest was TovinoThomas, the famous film star. There were altogether 22 entries and the best 10 were chosen by a judging panel consisting of Director Mr.SrinathRajendran, Cinematographer Mr.Prasanth Mohan and famous film star Tovino Thomas. The short film which bagged the first prize was “Laddu” by Merlin Babu.

This year, the film and drama club has initiated many programmes. The first one was a “Logo Competition” which lasted for 3 weeks. Being a complete online competition, it received almost 30 entries. With the valuable help from Mr.Sambath, faculty of the Department of Architecture, the results were declared. The selected logo was made by Basith of final year Computer Science. The logo received immense appreciation and support from students.

The Film and Drama Club got a slot in the union inauguration ceremony “Aaroha” and a skit was presented.


The Film and Drama Club has made several plans for the coming months, which are:

  • Film Festival, in October
  • Workshops
  • Hraswa, as a part of RITHU, during next semester
  • Nadanam, as inter collegiate competition.
  • Several competitions like Review Writing etc to ensure the active participation and cooperation among F&D Club members.
  • The club has also decided to initiate a research on how technology is improving different areas of film and drama.