T K M College of Engineering offers ample hostel facilities for the students. Since an ideal hostel must be, in essence, a home away from home, the facilities offered here are designed to provide a sense of belonging, security and care as well as a spirit of independence, within reasonable limits.

There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Altogether these hostels provide accommodation to 1996 students. As for Administrative structure, the Principal of the college will be the Chief Warden of the hostels. There will be a Hostel Co-ordinator for all hostels under the Trust. In addition, each hostel has a Warden, Deputy Wardens and Resident Tutors, who are Professors or Assistant Professors of the college. Foreign students are given accommodation in International Students’ Hostel, the facility of which are, at par with, international standards. The hostels provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere to accelerate the creative talents of the students. The teachers who act as resident wardens of the hostels provide moral and emotional support and guidance to the inmates.

Sl No Name of the Hostel Capacity
1 Golden Jubilee Hostel for Men 525
2 International Hostel for Men 60
3 International Students Hostel for Ladies 40
4 Trust Hostel Annexe-5 for Men 275
5 Trust Hostel 260
6 Trust Hostel Annexe- 1 for Men 40
7 Trust Hostel Annexe -2 98
8 Ladies Hostel for Women 210
9 Ladies Hostel Annexe-1 for Women 160
10 Ladies Hostel Enclave UGC Hostel for Women 385
11 Working Women’s hostel 305

The hostels provide good food at very responsible rates, as the mess is managed by the students themselves, following a dividing system. Transportation is arranged for the residents to move in and out. They have all kinds of recreational amenities like T.V., telephone (incoming and outgoing), internet facilities, indoor and outdoor games, and facilities like postal and banking services in the campus. Another added attraction is round-the-clock power and water supply. There is a Hostel Advisory Council, headed by the Principal and Heads of all  Departments, Deputy Chief Warden and wardens of  Hostels. The Council meets often to discuss the policy matters and disciplinary steps relating to the hostels. In addition to this each hostel has a Hostel Council consisting of the Warden, Deputy Warden, Resident Tutors and the Representatives of inmates to discuss day-to-day affairs relating to mess management.


The discussions in the core committee meetings suggested formulating ways to enhance discipline in hostels to promote better academic settings.


  • To develop a tactical and more practical approach that may ensure better command over inmates, academic output, and discipline
  • To develop specific systems for admission, management, and discipline
  • To provide centralized infrastructural facilities and other amenities to students like gymnasium, games etc.


Working Plan

Policy and Working Procedure: Formation of a hostel management committee (HMC).  The admission and disciplinary issues are to be managed by the HMC, which shall be headed by a senior professor (deputy chief warden), preferably from engineering stream. HMC shall consist of (i) Principal(Chief Warden), (ii) Deputy Chief Warden (iii) Wardens of all hostels (v) College union members(vi) Dean, student affairs and (vii) Foreign Student’s Advisor.  The Chief Warden shall serve as the Chairman of HMC and Deputy Chief Warden as the Secretary.  All issues pertaining to hostels shall be left to HMC with Warden having independent charge for taking any disciplinary action against any inmate as and when necessary.  Any inmate booked for indiscipline by the Warden shall be directed to the respective departmental management committees (DMC) through the Chief / Deputy Chief Warden for a departmental hearing and be re-admitted only with the written consent from DMC.  Actions taken on all disciplinary issues are to be reported to subsequent HMC meeting for ratification.


  • Admission to hostels, financial management of hostels, administrative powers for managing and redeployment of hostel staff and other related employees and their related issues shall be managed by the Deputy Chief Warden in consultation with the Chief Warden.
  • Exclusive reading space, WIFI connectivity etc. are to be provided in individual hostels.
  • There should be a centralized system for student amenities like gymkhana, shuttle court, tennis court etc.
  • HMC shall organize frequent counseling and special awareness programmes (about ragging, use of liquor, drugs etc.) for inmates, especially to first year students.
  • The advisors and senior advisors shall make surprise visits to their ward’s rooms anytime without notice and report their observations to respective wardens.
  • To prepare a manual of hostel protocol and distribute to students.
  • HMC shall encourage parents of inmates to stay at hostels to have a first-hand idea about the hostel settings.
  • Warden is having independent charge for taking any disciplinary action. Students booked for indiscipline in the hostel shall be directed by the Chief / Deputy Chief Warden to report to concerned DMC for a hearing and clearance.
  • Use service of non-teaching staff as resident tutor in case of necessity.