Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell

The TKM College of Engineering (TKMCE) recognizes the importance of generation of intellectual property by its teachers and students. The college is committed to do all that is within its powers and obligations to encourage the creativity and innovation of its people, which can lead to generation of intellectual property (IP). This cell provides support and guidance to the engineering students and staff in protecting their inventions and creations. The cell is also committed to the common people of our society. It supports common people, who approach the cell, to shape their innovative ideas and guide them to obtain IP right. The activities of this IPR Cell in TKMCE is in alignment with the objectives of the Patent Information Centre, Kerala (PIC – Kerala) of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

The major objectives of the IPR Cell includes:

  • To work as a bridge between PIC – Kerala and the College
  • To promote constant awareness about IPs
  • To engage in / conduct IP clinics/ workshops/ seminars
  • To advice and guide students and faculty on the importance of IPR with the help of PIC – Kerala
  • To participate in / arrange periodic meeting of faculty members along with officers of PIC – Kerala for identifying patentable inventions
  • To encourage faculty members to carryout patent searches in-house and/or at PIC – Kerala and to fine-tune their search
  • To support common people to obtain protection for their inventions / innovative ideas
  • To forward eligible cases of IP protection to PIC – Kerala


Dr. Sadiq A., Professor, Mechanical Engineering

E-mail: .in, Mobile: 9497 361282

Information related to IPs and its protection can also be obtained from:

Mr. Safikh S, Technical Officer (IPR), KSCSTE, Trivandrum, Tel : 0471 2548315, Fax: 0471 2543234