International Research Collaboration Cell

I. Preamble

TKMCE is focused on providing international exposure to our students as a part of education and learning. An academic linkage with reputed and accredited overseas institutions is pivotal to its academic planning, growth and further progress. The college is exploring international collaborations with various universities and industries around the globe for the elevation of the Institution’s national and international status and it shall be strictly in compliance with the rules and regulations of the affiliated universities.

II. Members

  1. Dr. S. Ayoob, Principal (Chairman, IRCC)
  2. Dr. K.E. Reby Roy (Co-ordinator, IRCC)
  3. Dr. Bijuna Kunju K., Professor, Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  4. Dr. K.A Shafi, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  5. Dr. A. Sadiq, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  6. Dr. Udayakumar J., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
  7. Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  8. Dr. Manu J Pillai, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Engineering
  9. Dr. Nissan Kunju, Assistant Professor, Electronics & Communication
  10. Dr. Baiju V, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

III. International research Policy of TKMCE

The upgradation of our knowledge, skills, research and learning are essential for the creation of practical and adaptable solutions in the field of engineering and technology which in turn will improve the quality of our lives.

(1) Purpose

The purpose of the International Research cell is to assist researchers in identifying the current research thrust areas around the globe and generate new theoretical or/and experimental knowledge by collaborating with other academic disciplines, Indian and foreign universities, research centers, and industry. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which international research activities may be carried out.

(2) Scope

The policy is applicable to all departments of TKM College of Engineering.

(3) Objectives

  • Joint educational, training and/or research/project activitie
  • Exchange of invitations to scholars (faculty, research personnel, and graduate students) for lectures, visits and sharing of experience
  • Exchange of invitations to scholars for participation in conferences, symposia and semina
  • Exchange of information in fields of interest to both partie
  • Exchange of faculty, research personnel, and graduate and undergraduate students for study and research.
  • Practical training in pre-identified or otherwise selected field site
  • Develop an international consortium of research centre

(4) Guidelines

  • Faculty members are expected to undertake collaborative research, leading to quality publications and presentations in International conferences of repute and generation of Intellectual property with a strong potential for commercialization.
  • The quality of research output shall be assessed on the established yardsticks such as Impact Factor and other parameters.
  • The implementation and updating of Research Policy shall be carried out by the coordinator of International Research Cell, in consultation with the council members under the direct supervision of the Principal.

IV. Recent Developments

(1) MoU with Kookmin University, Republic of Korea

TKMCE has entered into a MoU with College of Engineering, Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea for joint educational, training and research based project activities. Dr. S. Ayoob, Principal, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam and Dr. Kang, Byung Ha, Dean, College of Engineering, Kookmin University, signed the MoU on the 30th of September 2016. The exchange of faculty, research personnel, and graduate students for lectures, visits and sharing of experiences are planned.


Dr. S. Ayoob, Principal TKMCE signing the first international MoU for research collaborations with Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea on 30th September 2016 at Seoul.


Dr. Kang Byung Ha, Dean and Dr. Jung Kyung Kim, Vice-Dean, College of Engineering, Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea with Dr. K.E. Reby Roy, Co-ordinator, International Research Collaboration Cell, TKMCE at Kookmin University.

(2) Higher studies

As a part of the MoU with Kookmin University, two M.Tech students of TKMCE are selected for Doctoral studies with full funding, which includes full tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses.

(3) Colloborative Research Project

A collaborative research project on “Numerical Evaluation of Fluid Microjet Nozzle for Effective Dispersion on a Skin Phantom Model” has been initiated jointly by Dr. Jung Kyung Kim, Vice Dean, College of Engineering, Kookmin University and Dr. K. E. Reby Roy, TKM College of Engineering. Mr. Abdul Mohizin A. M., one of the selected PhD students will be carrying out the research works under their guidance, in the Space Technology Laboratory of Department of Mechanical Engineering, TKMCE, Kollam.

(4)  International Invited Talk

Dr. K.E. Reby Roy presented an international invited talk titled “Investigations on the effect of helix angle on the transient chill down of helically coiled liquid nitrogen transfer lines” in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea on the 25th of February 2016 for the faculty and students of the university. The funding and other assistance for the programme was obtained from the BK21Plus Energy ODA Centre, supported by the South Korean Government and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kookmin University, Seoul.

(5)  Faculty Development Programme for Promoting Research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, TKMCE organized a short term course titled “How Do I Start My Research”, which was sponsored by TEQIP-II for the benefit of young faculty members of various engineering colleges, who are interested in doing research activities.

new-picture-6Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair delivering a lecture on how to start research to young faculty members and researchers on 21.07.2016 at TKMCE.