Literary and Debate Club


To inculcate in the student community, an appetite for literary works and to build up an inquisitive student community, with a social outlook, through active debates and discussions on contemporary issues.


To build a responsible student community, sensitive to the cultural, social, economical and ecological scenario of the contemporary world.


The Literary and Debate Club TKMCE is an enthusiastic bunch of engineering students, who appreciate the beauty of literature and view the world from a different angle, and spend quality time in discussing and debating on current issues, instilling a responsible social culture in the campus.

Organizational Structure

Staff Coordinator:  Sarif N

Secretaries:  Sachin P (R7) and Ancy Siraj (C7A)

In-charge (English) : Avani Aravind (C7A) and Lakshmi D (C7B)

In-charge (Malayalam) : Abhay Krishnan (M7A) and Soorya Narayanan (C7B)

3rd Year Coordinator : Ajay (C5A)

2nd Year Coordinator : Ann Pilip (T3A)


Weekly meeting of the club on Mondays to hold active discussions.


  • Naming and Logo competition


  • First week – Inauguration
  • Events: Creative writing, debate, jam etc.
  • Rithu – Literature Summit and Book Fest – Immini Balya Onnu


  • Debate
  • Creative writing Competitions


  • Literature quiz


  • Arts- Samskara week
  • Seminar/ workshops


  • Panel discussion



Literary and Debate club inauguration, “Aksharam” was held on August 14, with Mr.Susmesh Chandroth as Chief Guest. A Literary quiz was conducted as part of it.

TKM Film Festival was conducted with the active participation of the club.

College Arts Fest, “Mudra’13” was conducted on February 14,15,16 with active participation of the club.


Literary and Debate club inauguration, “Shangoli” was held on January 15, with the editor of Keralashabdam, Prabhakaran Puthoor as the Chief Guest. The function was presided over by the Principal and welcome address was delivered by the Editor of the College Magazine, Ashwin Pavithran.

Debate on the topic “Women Empowerment” was held on the same day.


Immini Belya Onnu

A book fest along with literary events were conducted commentating legendary writer Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. The program was inaugurated by Shri. Murugan Kattakada. Different talks regarding various contemporary issues were conducted.

Samskara literary Week

A literary week was conducted as part of Sarga 16, college arts fest. Various talks and literary competitions were held.

Debates on various topics in different genres were held which included, Women Empowerment, Rohit Vemula issue.

An Extempore and JAM were conducted on October 5th.