The department of Mechanical Engineering is the first to sow the seeds of research in the institute and it has already harvested many. The faculty of the department investigate a broad range of research in about a dozen thrust areas. Some of the specific areas include thermal management of electronic systems, nanomaterials and nanofluids,  super conductivity, cryogenic heat transfer, heat and mass transfer in multiphase and single phase systems, food preservation, cryocoolers for space applications, Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD), computational combustion, fracture mechanics, micro structural studies, biomechanics, rapid prototyping. The department is an approved research centre of University of Kerala from the year  2000 onwards. Much of the research is conducted within the department, but many projects are carried out in collaboration with other reputed institutions, Research and Development (R&D) organisations and laboratories in the country and abroad.
The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructural facilities.  The department computer centre is equipped with high end computer work stations and software. The Department receives funding from agencies such as Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and other Government bodies and industries. The faculty members render assistance to R&D organisations and industries through technical advice and consultancy services..

The faculty of the department are continuing to explore new areas of research and develop new courses. Some of the areas in which the faculty have ventured into are nanotechnology, electronic cooling, biomechanics, and acoustic refrigeration. The department is an approved research centre of University of Kerala and is a QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) centre approved by MHRD for PhD programme. The department has research collaboration with the following universities in Europe.

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(KIT),Germany
  2. University of  Twente, Netherlands

The department of Civil Engineering is active in consultancy, research and testing in the field of Civil and Construction Engineering. The department is an approved research centre of University of Kerala from the year  2000 onwards. More than ten scholars are registered for research under this scheme.

The department is also an approved QIP centre. The expertise and infrastructure are available in the following broad areas of Civil Engineering.

  • Structural Engineering
  • Offshore and Coastal Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Engineering

A new research centre namely ‘Centre for Water Resources and Environmental Management (CWREM)’ and an attached ‘Hydroinformatics laboratory’ started functioning in the department in August 2016.

Some of the objectives of the centre include :

  • To act as a water technology incubator for developing, fine tuning, and disseminating actions to address water related issues
  • To take up demand driven consultancy assignments
  • Networking with other Science & Technology institutions and hence provide R&D input to water and environmental management
  • Develop a sophisticated water technology lab
  • Development of experimental setups
  • Conduct short term training programmes
  • Publish and create awareness on key issues related to water and environment
  • Knowledge transfer, capacity building and extension activities
  • Ensure student participation in research projects
  • Organize training programmes
  • Sign MoU with academic institutions/scientific research organizations for collaborative research
  • Develop a hydro-environmental data bank

Some Thrust Research areas include

  • Modeling of hydrologic time series using data driven techniques
  • Multiscale characterization of hydrologic time series
  • Hydrosystems optimization
  • Climate change and its impact on hydrology and hydrologic extremes
  • Water quality modeling and assessment
  • Design of water and waste water treatment systems
  • Water policy
  • Environmental forensic
  • Groundwater studies
  • Water management
  • Integrated river basin/watershed management
  • Urban hydrology
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Environmental problems

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is having research guides under University of Kerala and other Universities in South India. The department has a state of the art  laboratory for VLSI design. Faculties offer research guidance in the thrust areas of Microelectronics, VLSI Design, Image processing, Optoelectronics, Organic Electronics etc.

The department of Architecture is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories in Building science. The equipments of material testing , Environmental and acoustics laboratories are used for research and consultancy projects.The department is having research guides under University of Kerala. The Faculty offer research guidance in the areas of Architecture and Planning.

Research Council

The institution has a research council to monitor and promote research activities. The Principal of the institution is the Chairman and Dean (Research) is the coordinator. Research Council has members from all the departments. The council organizes different programmes to motivate the faculty to enroll in Ph. D programmes in their fields of interest. The council assists and provides guidance to research scholars in obtaining research projects and collect the information of potential funding agencies to obtain financial assistance.

The council identifies potential research areas and recommends to organize research talks and to present the works of research scholars of the institution. The committee also recommends the research scholars and faculty pursuing Ph. D to participate and present papers in seminars, conferences and faculty development programmes. The activities of research council help to motivate faculty, especially youngsters, to undertake research activities and enhance the quality of their research work.

Research Policy

  • To promote quality research in Engineering and Science which must improve the well-being of people and nations by offering sustainable solutions to key development challenges.
  • Insist and ensure ethical standards of accountability and social responsibility while pursuing research.
  • Inculcate research culture through teaching-learning process.
  • Provide an environment conducive to research and allocate infrastructural facilities for research.
  • Encourage collaborative research involving researchers from different disciplines and various institutions.
  • Scrutinise research proposals by the Research Council.
  • Provide utmost importance to research that leads into product development, commercialisation and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Extend support to the faculty to obtain intellectual property rights (IPR) for their research and the product developed.
  • The institution has the right to know about sponsors/funding agencies supporting the research work and details of fund utilization.

Research Council Members


S.No Name of Faculty Department Responsibility
1 Principal   Convenor
2 Dr. K.E. Reby Roy CE Dean (Research), Coordinator
3 Dr. M Sirajuddin Muhammed EC Dean, Student affairs, Member
4 Dr. A Sadiq ME IQAC Coordinator, Member
5 Dr. K.E. Reby Roy ME Coordinator, Research collaborations, Member
6 Dr.C. Ushadevi Amma EEE Member
7 Dr. O. Sheeba EC Member
8 Dr. Shafi K. A. ME Member
10 Prof. Syed Mohammed Fahd ME Member
11 Dr. Baiju V. ME Member
12 Dr. Manu J. Pillai CS Member
13 Prof. Fazil A. CH Member
14 Dr. Annie John Arch Member
15 Dr. Nadera Beevi S MCA Member
16 Dr. Mathew Varkey Maths Member
17 Dr. Shemim S. S. Physics Member
18 Dr. Chitra Devi Chemistry Member
19 Prof.  L. Arun EEE Member

Research Projects

The institution takes extreme care to support and promote research activities of faculty. The following are few of the efforts by the institution system to support research.

Autonomy to the principal investigator

The institution offers maximum support and freedom to the principal investigator to proceed the work as per own idea and need.

Timely availability or release of resources

The institute provides timely information and guidance to apply for the project and necessary resources are supplied through office.

Adequate infrastructure and human resources

The institute provides necessary infrastructure facility for implementing the project. Special well equipped rooms are given for major research projects such as ISRO projects. In certain cases the institute facilitates human resource to assist the project if the fund is allotted for assistance.

Time off, reduced teaching load, special leave etc. to teachers

The concerned department extends the support to the faculty by providing consideration in teaching load as internal arrangement without affecting the students and special leave of up to six months is recommended with the co-operation of other faculty members.

Support in terms of technology and information needs

The institution provides computer system and WiFi internet facility to all the departments to support research. The most modern developments and advances in technology are provided to the concerned research faculty through the online journals and digital library. The researcher can access the information from his work place at any time. Also, the relevant information needed for the research community is conveyed in the right time to the faculty through the research council of the institution.

Facilitate timely auditing and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities

The institute always gives priorities for timely submission of utilization certificate yearly. The administrative office of the college provides full support for preparation of utilization certificate of the project and entrusts special auditor for auditing the accounts of project in time.

The institution has completed ample number of research projects funded by AICTE and other agencies successfully. Moreover, there are many ongoing projects and research projects funded by industries and research organisations in various departments.




Title of the project

Funding agency




1 Dr. Anitha Joseph CIVIL Comparitive Study of Effectivenessof Breakwater&Groynes AICTE – RPS 8.5

Completed in March 2012

2 Prof. Benny Joseph CIVIL Development of Green concrete Kerala State Council for Science &tech. 8.613


3 Dr. Reebu Zachariah Koshy CIVIL Modelling & Study of the Characteristics of Motorized Two-Wheeler Traffic on Urban Roads AICTE-RPS 7.1


4 Dr. Anitha Joseph CIVIL Dynamics of Deepwater Offshore Platforms AICTE – RPS 5.5

Completed in April 2009

5 Dr. Anitha Joseph CIVIL Three Legged Articulated Type Supporting Structure for Off-Shore Wind Energy Turbine AICTE – RPS 10

Completed in September 2015

6 Dr. K.A.Shafi, Prof. Mathew Skaria & Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas MECH Dev. of Emissivity measurement setup and studies of Emissivity of cryocomponents down to 77K Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India 22.33


7 Dr. M. Joseprakash, Dr.K.E.Reby Roy and Prof. Krishnakumar T.S. MECH Analysis of film cooling in a semi cryogenic rocket engine including the effect of chemical reaction LPSC, ISRO, 9.65


8 Dr. M. Jose Prakash, Dr. Reby Roy MECH CFD Analysis of regenerative coolant passages in a semi-cryogenic rocket engine LPSC, ISRO, 9.48


9 Dr. P.N. Dileep and Prof. Hashim V. MECH Computational Investigation of Strut patterns on the mechanical behaviour of coronary stents. AICTE-RPS 10


10 Dr. M. Joseprakash & Prof.Krishnakumar T.S MECH Development of Energy Efficient cooling systems using Nano-fluids AICTE-RPS 14.5



Dr.T M Amar Nishad


Colour Image Compression Based on Block Truncation Coding using Fuzzy edge Operator and Genetic Algorithm




Prof. Jolly John


Acoustic design of School Buildings: A Scientific evaluation of acoustic environments of secondary and higher secondary schools in Kollam.

Kerala state Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE 3.39


Leading Individual/Collaborative Research Projects

Faculty can avail seed money for research activities from agencies like TEQIP and CERD. The institution takes initiative and provides all types of support to avail this seed money by the research faculty every year. Faculty are provided with infrastructure facility and administrative support to get the seed money sanctioned from various agencies. The details of seed money availed by faculty are provided in the Table below.

Title of the Project Funding Agency Year of Sanction Amount (lakhs) Ongoing/ completed
Finer scale rainfall projection for Kerala meteorological subdivision by statistical downscaling of GCM simulations CERD Kerala 2016 1.45 Ongoing
An investigation into the percolation of rainwater on permeable pavements using rainfall simulator TEQIP II 2015 1.28 Ongoing
UG R&D Project Developing sub daily IDF curves for urban cities in Kerala meteorological subdivision using Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition and scaling theory IE India 2016 0.5 Ongoing
Utilization of ETP Solid Waste KMML 2015 3 Completed
Groundwater Recharge modeling of Kerala Meteorological Subdivision under Climate Change Scenario CERD 2013 2.00 Ongoing
Investigations on the Properties of Concrete in Blended Cementitious Systems TEQIP 2013 0.85 Completed
Electro kinetic remediation of Kuttanad clay TEQIP 2013 1.35 Completed
Investigation of Interlocking building block masonry TEQIP 2013 1 Completed
Investigations on the durability of ternery blended cementitious systems in various chemical enviornments TEQIP 2013 1.07 Completed
Investigation into the synergistic effects of ternerycementitious systems for sustainable development TEQIP 2013 1.2 Completed
Finer scale rainfall projection for Kerala meteorological subdivision by statistical downscaling of GCM simulations CERD (Kerala) 2012 1.45 Ongoing
Investigation on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of jet impingement cooling for high power electronics CERD 2015 2 Lakhs Ongoing
Numerical and Experimental investigations of heat transfer characteristics of helical coil heat exchanger. TEQIP II 2013 0.5 Completed
Jet impingment quenching TEQIP II 2013 0.52 Completed
Synthesis of nano particles by chemical routes TEQIP II 2013 1.35 Ongoing
Computational and experimental studies on chilldown of helically coiled liquid nitrogen pipes with continuous and pulse flows. TEQIP II 2013 1.25 Completed
Experimental studies on helium mass requirement for cryogenic propellant tanks TEQIP II 2013 0.3 Completed
An Automated Machine Vision Based Coin Sorting System CERD 2011-13 1.11 Completed

Seed money projects funded by TEQIP and CERD

Training Programmes

Large numbers of technical programmes are conducted in the various departments of the institution. Most of the faculty development programmes are sponsored by AICTE and TEQIP II. Majority of the faculty actively participate in these programmes. These programmes improve the quality of the faculty in their fields of research. Also the students of the institution are directed to participate in the technical programme conducted by the department.


Training programmes / workshops organized by the various departments

Programme Distinguished Guests / Speakers


Advanced Techniques for Water Resources and Environmental Management Dr KP Sudheer, Professor,  IIT Madras, Dr M Janga Reddy, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay, Dr Raaj ramsankaran, Assistant professor, IIT Bombay Feb 15-20, 2016
FDP on Concrete for present and future Dr. Antony Jayasekhar, Professor, Annamalai Uty.

Dr. JacobPhilip, Professor, CUSAT

Dr. George Mathew, Professor, CUSAT

25-27 June 2015
FDP on Emerging Trends in Construction and Maintenance of Structures Dr. Radha Krishna Pillai, Professor, IIT Madras

Dr. K. B. Anand, Professor, Amrita Uty, Coimbatore

Dr. Job Thomas, Professor, CUSAT

16-21 March 2015
FDP on Innovation in Mass Housing Dr. B. V. V. Reddy, Dr. Monto Mani, IISc Bangalore

Padmashree G. Sankar, Mr. T. P. Madhusoodanan, Habitat Tech. Group

8-10 January 2015
FDP on New Frontiers in Geo-technical Engineering Dr. R. G. Robinson, Dr. G. R. Dodagoudar, IIT Madras 23-25 June 2014
FDP on Waste Management – Issues and Priorities Dr. George k. Varghese, Dr. Mathavkumar, Professor, NIT Calicut

Dr. G. Madhu, Professor, CUSAT

3-5 March 2014
FDP on Experimental Techniques in Materials&Structures Dr. Nilanjan Saha, Professor, IIT Madras

Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, Ms. Bharathi Priya, SERC Chennai

23-25 January 2014
FDP on Advances in Hydro-System Modeling and Climate Change Impact Assessment Prof. D. Nagesh Kumar, IISc Bangalore

Dr. T. I. Eldho, IIT Mumbai

25-29 Nov 2013
FDP on Total Station and GPS Dr. Satheesh Gopi, Deputy Chief Hydrographer

Dr. E. S. M. Suresh, Prof. K. S. A. Dinesh Kumar, NITTTR, Chennai

11-15 Nov 2013
Talk on GIS & Applications in Civil Engineering Mr. Shimod K. P., Dept. of Town and Country Planning 25 July 2013
FDP on Advances in nano technology Prof. Sarith B Sathyan , IITM

Dr. Kuruvila Joseph,IIST

Dr.Anand Kumar ,NIIST

23-28 March 2015
Invited talk on Recent advances in Space technology Mr.Baiju, Senior Scientist, LPSC, ISRO, Trivandrum 22-01-15
Workshop on Industry- Institute interaction programme Er. Reji Raveendran, Group Manager, CAE Division, Volvo Trucks India Ltd., Bangalore 7-10-14
Invited talk on Oil &Natural gas

Production in India

Rahul Prabharan, Engineer, ONGC 13-01-14
FDP on Computational methods in Engg. Using MAT lab. Dr. Abraham T Mathew, Professor, NITC

Prof. Aruna,Royal School ,Guwahaty

19-24 December 2013
STTP on Micro & Nano Scale heat transfer Prof. P.Muthukumar. IITG

Prof. Sarith B Sathyan, IITM

Prof. Sameen, IITM

16 – 18 December 2013
FDP on Research methodology for engineers Prof. U Radhakrishnan, IIST

Dr. B Premlet, TKMCE

2-4 December 2013
FDP on Recent trends in nanotechnology Dr.T.P.D Rajan, NIIST

Dr.S .Anand Kumar.S, NIIST

Dr.Shijo Thomas , NITC

28-01 November 2013
STTP on FEM & Application in Engg. Dr. K.Prabhakaran Nair, Professor, NITC

Dr. G Saravakumar, Professor, IIT Madras

17- 23 october 2013
FDP on CFD & Application Prof. Salih , IIST

Dr. Anil Lal, Professor, CET, TVM.

19-24 August 2013
Talk on trends in Advanced Manufacturing Dr. Khalid Rafi, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Louisville, USA 13-08-13
Talk on Bio Mechanics Dr. Jinu Unnithan, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Boston, USA 15-07-13
Talk on Aircraft System Development Process Dr. Y. Arun Roy, Business Head ­ Aerospace & Defense,  Defiance Technologies Limited,Bangalore 10-07-13
Invited Product Development in Industries Mr. T.D. Kesavaprasad, Intsolvers Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum 05-07-13
Invited talk on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerencing Dr. M.S. Shunmugam, Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai. 04-07-13
Separation Techniques in Process Industries Mr.Harinath Viswanathan, Manager, Manufacturing Department, BPCL Kochi Refinery, Ernakulam

Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras

16-20 December 2013)
Safety Practices in Laboratory Experiments and Maintenance Er.K.Bhanu, Consultant

Titanium Sponge Unit, KMML, Chavara, Kollam

Sri.K.K.Vasu, Principal (Retired),Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology


November 2013

“Water & Wastewater Management Dr.P.C.Sabumon,  Professor, VIT University, Chennai

Dr.Ligy Philip, Professor, IIT Madras

Dr.B.S.Murthy, Professor, IIT Madras

18 –22 November 2013
Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Power System Dr. S. Kumaravel, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE,NIT, Calicut.

Dr.K. Sundereswaran, NIT, Trichy.

Dr.Sishaj P Simon, NIT, Trichy

28 April 2014 to 3 May 2014
Workshop on “Safety in Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels” Mr. Venugopal Nair,

Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, PESO, Madurai, Tamilnadu

8th February 2014
FDP on Recent Advances in Power Electronics & Industrial Drives Dr. Rajeevan P P, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr.Sreedevi V T, VIT, Chennai

Er. Unnikrishnan A K, Er. Aby Joseph, CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram.

Prof. Suresh Kumar, NIT Calicut

16-20 December 2013
Workshop on PLC & SCADA Training Ms. Uma S, Development Engineer, VI Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd, Chennai. 6th December 2013
FDP on Advanced Digital Signal Processing Dr.R.M.Vasu,,IISC , Bangalore.

Prof. Suresh Kumar, NITC

18-22 November 2013
FDP on Development of Communication Skills, Art of Teaching and Reasearch Ms. MelihaSelak,

Specialist Engineer, BC Hydro,

Ontario, Canada.

11-15 November 2013
FDP on Robotics, Mems and Nanotechnology Dr. Y.U. Khan, Associate Professor, Dept. Of EEE, Alighar Muslim University, Delhi. 21-25 October 2013
Industrial Lecture on “5th Paradigm” Dr. Gangan Pratap, Outstanding Scientist, (Former Vice Chancellor, CUSAT)

NIIST Trivandrum

5th September 2013
Workshop on Image Processing Using Matlab Dr Sheeja M K, Professor, SCT

Dr. Jiji C V, Professor, CET

6 -11 June 2011
Role of IPR in Technical Education Dr V Balagangadharan,


25 March 2011
Expert talk on 5G Dr. Albert Singh, SDE, BSNL, Nagercoil 15th October 2015
Expert Lecture on Statistical Signal Processing Dr. Sameer ,Associate Professor,NIT, Kozhikode 06th June 2014


Dr. Ramasubramanya Komaragiri, Associate

Pofessor,NIT, Calicut.

Mr.Damodara M.S., Product,Manager,CoreEL, Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.,Banglore.

12-16 June 2013
Workshop on Mathematical tool for Electronics Engg Mr.Jathin,

Application Engineer, Ansy HFSS,


10th December 2013
RF Design using AWR Design environment Dr. Raveendranathan KC,

Principal, LBSITW, Trivandrum


AWR system ,Bangalore

26 November 2013 to

1 December 2013

Workshop on Nanoelectronic materials Dr.Ajayaghosh,


Dr. M.M Shajumon,

IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr. S Jayalekshmi, Professor, CUSAT

25-27 November 2013
Advanced Communication Systems Dr. V Unnikrishnan Nair,

Former Professor, University of Kerala

Mr. Rajan George,

DGM, Airport Authority Of

India, Thiruvanananthapuram

15-25 July 13
Recent trends in Electronic product design Dr. Suresh Babu, Principal TKMCE,Kollam

Dr.Baiju MR,

Professor,CET, Thiruvananthapuram

20-25 August 2012
FDP on Embedded Systems Mr. Biju S., Project Manager, TATA ELXSI, Technopark , TVM. 22-27 August 2011
Workshop on Python programming Mr. Krishna Sharma, Ethical hacker, NIT, Kurukshetra. 19 September 2015
Expert Lecture on Mobile Communication-A practical Approach Mr.Biju.N

JTO, BSNLTrivandrum

20.  March 2015
Invited talk on Integer Factoring and Discrete Logarithm Problems Dr. Veni Madhavan


IISc Bagalore

June 2014
Invited talk on Cyber Hardware Security – Then and Now for Computing Dr. Tirumala K. Ramesh, Professor

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore

June 2014
Invited talk on Embedded Systems for Biomedical Applications Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

East Carolina University, USA

June 2014
Invited Lecture on Probabilistic Algoritm Prof.Rahul C.S

Research Scholar

IIT Madras

17 Dec 2013
Workshop on Android Application Development Mr.Arun Kumar

Mr.Santhosh T

Pantech ProEd Pvt. Ltd


04-06 Dec 2013
Faculty Development Programme on Application Development program using Java Prof.Rajendran

Mr.Kishor kumar, (CEO ,OSPYN echnologies, Trivandrum

Mr. Anil Kumar,

Mr. Manu nuzreth,

Mr. Siva Subrmanyam

27-29 Nov 2013
Invited talk on Algorithm Design Techniques Dr. S.P.Pal, IIT Karaghpur

Dr.Pandurangan, IIT Madras

11-12Nov 2013
Workshop on Algorithm design paradigm Dr.C.Pandu Rangan, IIT Madras 08-09 Nov 2013
Workshop on Computer Hardware Maintenance Mr.Poulson

Mr.Manoj Kumar

Accel IT Academy

21-22 Oct 2013
Invited Lecture on Research Methodology Prof. A.R Rajan ,Professor University of Kerala 04-05 Oct 2013
Workshop on Network on chip Dr.Madhu Muthyam,IIT Madras 24-25 July 2013
Advanced Computer Graphics using Open GL Dr. Sreeni K, Assistant Prof., College of Engineering, Trivandrum 6th November 2015
Cloud Security in Android Applications Mr. JayaPrakash, TCS, Malaysia 17th August 2015
Entrepreneurship Development Mr.RajeshKumar, SeniorManager,SATMETRICS Systems,Benguluru 17th August 2015
Spatial Database and its Applications Mr. Radhakrishnan,


10th and 11th of February 2015
Internet Of Things Mr. SatishBabu, Director of ICFOSS, Tvpm 23rd Sep 2014
Free Open Software Ms. Saleena S, Principal of Technical Office, CDAC, Tvpm 3rd November 2013
Digital Trends and its applicability to Industries Mr. Santhosh C Kurup, Delivery Centre Head, TCS Kochi 1 Nov 2013
Agile Technology Mr. Biju J Abraham, Visa, and Incorporates, USA 11th August2012
Mobile Technology Mr. Chandra Boss J, MTS, Chennai 19th August 2011

Research Facilities

The institution has research centers in Mechanical and Civil Engineering departments. Most of the labs have sophisticated equipments and software to support research activities. The central library subscribes 3000 e-journals of various disciplines and 104 printed journals. Also the library has DELNET and ENLIST database which is having many number of e-books and other information. The institute provides 25 Mbps leased line for internet access. The faculty can access the internet from their staff room utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity. The research facilities available in the Institution under various Departments are listed in Table below.

Faculty Expertise available with the institution

Department Lab Facility Available
Mechanical Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) centre Equipped with high end computers and CFD software FLUENT.
Nanotechnology Research Centre Equipments for synthesis of Nano-particles

Equipments for production and characterization of Nano-fluids

SPACE Technology Lab Cryogenic chill down experimentation facility(Work in progress)
Biomechanics Lab Workstation and ABAQUS software
Plasma Lab Work in progress
Civil Engineering Structural Dynamics Lab Dynamic testing Facility using horizontal shake table
Geotechnical Lab Analysis of geotechnical problems using MIDAS GTS sotware
Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design Lab Mentor graphics, Cadence tool,

Xilinx and FPGA for high end digital design, ATHENA/ATLAS Software

Research facilities in different departments

The expertise of faculty of various Departments and their areas of research interest are provided in the Table below.

No. Faculty Area of research Department
1 Dr.Sudhi Mary Kurian

Dr.Sunil Kumar B

Dr.Seema K Nayar

Dr. Anu V Thomas

Construction Management Civil Engineering
2 Dr. Suresh S

Dr.Anitha Joseph

Dr.Saraswathy B

Dr. Bindhu S

Dr.Sirajuddin M

Dr. Sajeeb R

Dr.Nazeer M

Structural Engineering
3 Dr.Bushra I Geotechnical Engineering
4 Dr. Najee M

Dr.Udayakumar J

Dr. Ayoob S

Environmental Engineering
5 Dr.Reebu Zachariah Koshy Transportation Engineering
6 Dr. K K Abdul Rasheed

Dr. Mohammed Sajid N.K

Dr. K.A Shafi

Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas

Cryogenic Engineering Mechanical Engineering
7 Dr. J Nazar

Dr. Jose Prakash M

Dr. M.C. Mohammed Ali

Dr. Thilakan H

Dr. K.E. Reby Roy

Heat transfer and fluid flow
8 Dr. D Roshan Kumar

Dr. Dileeep P.N

Dr. S Jose

Dr. A. Sadiq

9 Dr. Shajahan C.A

Dr. Nizar Hussain M

Industrial Engineering and Management
10 Dr. Aju Kumar V N Design
11 Dr. C Ushadevi Amma Instrumentation Electrical Engineering
Dr. K Bijuna Kunju Power Systems
Dr. Imthias Ahmed T P
12 Dr. K. Gopakumar Signal Processing Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. Unni C semiconductor nanomaterials
Dr. Sheeba O Image Processing
Dr. T A.Shahul Hameed Microelectronics
13 Dr. K B Radhakrishnan

Dr. A S Abdul Rasheed

Chemical Engineering Heat transfer Chemical Engineering
14 Dr.Dili A.S. Climatology Architecture
Dr.Sumam Panjikaran A. Church Architecture
Dr.Santhosh Kumar K.G. Vernacular Architecture
Dr. Annie John Architecture,Urban Planning
15 Dr.Premlet B Nonlinear dynamics and chaos Physics
16 Dr. Mathew Varkey

Dr. K Geetha

Graph theory

Linear algebra

17 Dr. D Chitraprasad Computational geometry Computer Science and
18 Dr.Nadeera Beevi S Compilers and Optimisation Computer Applications

Industry Institute Interaction

The institute has an Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) to coordinate the interaction of the institute with industries. Through IIIC, professors of this institute visit various industries to identify the potential areas where mutual interaction is possible. The institution takes initiative to make MoU with such industries so that our students and staff can get training and the industry can take the expertise of our faculty. Our alumni have active role in this, as they hold high positions in various industries. Their expertise provides confidence to industries about the capability of our institute to deliver. Staff members from various departments have consultancy work with major industries and research organizations. The details of major consultancy services provided by the faculty of the institute are given in the table below.

Consultancy works of faculty


Name of Faculty

Areas of Consultancy

Industries to which provided


A.Nizad Structural Design Govt, Semi –Govt& private organizations


Dr.M Sirajuddin Structural Design Govt, Semi –Govt& private organizations


Dr.S Suresh Material Property Testing Govt, Semi –Govt& private organizations


Mohammed Azim Valuation of Buildings Govt, Semi –Govt& private organizations


Dr. Jose Prakash M Cryogenic Combustion LPSC, ISRO


Dr. K.E. Reby Roy Cryogenic Combustion LPSC, ISRO


Dr. K B Radhakrishnan Investigation of alleged Gas leak KMML, Chavara


Dr. K B Radhakrishnan Conduct of Process Safety Audit KMML, Chavara


Dr. K B Radhakrishnan Conduct of Safety Audit Extraweave, Spinning Mills at Chertala


Dr. K. Gopakumar Embedded Systems Tata Elxsi, Trivandrum
Advanced DSP Dept. Of Optoelectronics, University of Kerala.


Dr. T.A. Shahul Hameed VLSI/Organic QUEST, Trivandrum

Research Awards

Year Faculty Area of Specialization Contribution/Achievement / Research Output
2017 Prof.Adarsh S Civil Engineering  ( Water Resources Engineering )
  • Won the best paper award in the international conference FEAST 2017, NIT Tiruchirapally.
  • Publications with more than 100 citations with a h-index of  6 and i-10 index of 4.
2015 Dr.S Ayoob Civil Engineering Publications with a total citation count of 756 and h-index of 11in Scopus. First publication in 2006 is credited with 365 citations in Scopus.
2014 Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas Cryogenic Engineering Publications with more than 50 citations with a h-index of 5.

Four International Journal publications stood in the ‘List of Most Downloaded Articles’ of the Journals

2014 Dr A Sadiq Development of automatic CG adjusting material handling device: Patent Filed
2014 Dr K. Bijuna Kunju IEEE Outstanding Volunteer of the year 2014
2014 Prof. Sunitha Beevi K IEEE Outstanding Student Branch Counsellor
2014 Dr. Dili A. S. IIA State Award of Excellence in Architecture (commendation). National Professional Excellency award
2013 Dr A Sadiq (No.1583/CHE/2012, The Patent Office Journal 25/10/2013, Page: 27688) Patent obtained for A Power Shifting Device For Regenerative Braking System.
2013 Dr A Sadiq No. 5375/CHE/2013, The Patent Office Journal 06/12/2013, Page 30290 Patent obtained for Ergonomic Pen Stand
2012 Dr K. Bijuna Kunju Power and Energy Society Outstanding Power Engineer Award, 2012
2012 Dr Shafi K A Cryogenic Engineering Best paper award in the national conference on Technology frontiers of mechanical engineering CoMET’12
2011 Dr Anitha Joseph Feasibility Study of Offshore Breakwater System as a Protection Method for Kerala Coast Gold Medal and Certificate awarded for best paper in the subject from Institution of Engineers (India)
2010-2011 Dr. I. Bushra Marine Geotechnical Engineering IGS-ONGC Biannual Prize for The Best Paper
2010-11 Adarsh S Water Resources Engineering Sri R N Prasad Biennial Award for Best paper in the theme “Slope stability and Landslides” by  Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS)
2010 Dr. Sadiq A Surface finishing. Investigation into Magneto rheological Abrasive Honing INAE 2010 National Award for Innovative Research

Conferences Organized

Details of international conferences and eminent personalities visited the campus.


Name and address of the eminent researchers.




Dec.2011 Dr.Narayanan S P

Associate Professor,University Technology,Petronas, Malaysia

Keynote address International Conference on Modeling and Simulation ain Civil Engineering (ICMSC’11)
Dr.K P Jaya

Associate Professor, Dept.of Civil Engineering, Anna University,Chennai

Keynote address
Mr.N P Kurian


Keynote address
Mr. Peter Stemberk, Professor, Czech Technical University, Prague Keynote address
Mr. Erland Ramussen, Professor, Czech Technical University, Prague Keynote address
Dec.2013 Prof.MuhdFadhil Bin Nuruddin

UniversitiTeknologiPetronas, Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia

Keynote address International Conference on Modeling and Simulation ain Civil Engineering (ICMSC’13)
Dr. Robinson R.G

Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai-600036.

Keynote address

Dean (Planning & Development) Professor Dept.Of Applied Mechanics , NIT Surathkal

Keynote address
Vinu U Unnikrishnan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering And Mechanics, The University Of Alabama

Keynote address
Premkumar, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Engineering Specialist &Nserc R&D Fellow, Canada, Worleyparsons Group Of Companies
Keynote address
Dr.Ajit Haridas

Chief Scientist & Head, Process Engg.& Environmental Technology Division, NIIST, CSIR, Thiruvananthapuram

Keynote address
Dec. 2015 Dr.Gangan Prathap.

Honorary Professor, APJ Technological University

Keynote address International Conference on Modeling and Simulation ain Civil Engineering (ICMSC’15)
Dr.P K Aravindan

Former Professor, IIT Madras

Keynote address
Dr.Devadas Menon

Professor, IIT Madras.

Keynote address
Dr.KC Iyer

Professor,IIT Madras

Keynote address
Dr.Tom V Mathew

Professor,IIT Bombay.

Keynote address
Dr.Samson Mathew

Professor, NIT Trichy

Keynote address

Director, NATPAC, Tvm.

Keynote address
Dr.P Basak,

Visiting Professor, NIT Jamshedpur

Keynote address
Dr.Zulkifli Bin Yasop

University Teknolgi


Keynote address


Dec. 2015 Sri. S. Somanath

Director, LPSC, ISRO

Inaugural address International Conference on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (ICAME’15)
Dr. Luigi Serio,

Scientist, CERN, Switzerland

Keynote address
Dr. Arend Nijhuis,

University of Twente, Netherlands

Invited talk
Dr. Rajinikumar Ramalingam,

KIT, Germany

Invited talk
Dr. Muthukumar,

IIT, Guwahati

Invited talk
Dr. Jung Kyung Kim,

Kookmin University, S.Korea

Technical session


Aug.2014 Dr. Ganapati Panda,

Professor, School of Electrical Science,

IIT Bhubaneswar.

Keynote address International Conference on Signal & Speech Processing(ICSSP’14)
Dr. Hemant A. Paul,

Associate Professor, , DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

Session Chair
Dr. Kunal N. Chaudhury,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Electrical Engineering,

IISc Bangalore.

Session Chair
Dr. Manjunath V. Joshi,


DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

Session Chair
Dr. Peri Bhaskararao,

Professor, IIIT, Hyderabad.

Session Chair
Dr. Samuel N. Mathew,

Executive Director, National Institute of Speech & Hearing, Trivandrum.

Session Chair
Dr. S. R. M. Prasanna,

Professor, Department of EEE, IIT, Guwahati

Session Chair
Dr. Sunil Kumar Kopparapu,

Senior Scientist, Innovation Laboratory of Tata consultancy Services.

Session Chair


June 2014 Mr. Sanjay Burman, Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, DRDO, Bangalore Key note address International Conference on Advanced Computing Communication in Information Science (ACCIS’14)
Dr. Veni Madhavan,Professor

IISc Bagalore

Session Chair
Dr. Tirumala K. Ramesh, Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore Session Chair
Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, East Carolina University, USA Session Chair
Dr. M R Kaimal, Chairperson, Dept. Of Computer Science Amrita ViswaVidyapeetham University, Amritapuri, Kollam Session Chair
Dr. S D Madhukumar,

Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE , NIT Calicut.

Session Chair
Dr. Priya Chandran, Professor, Dept. Of CSE

NIT Calicut

Session Chair
Dr. R Krishnamoorthi,

Professor, Dept. Of CSE Anna University, Chennai

Session Chair
Dr. J. Latha, Director of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala Session Chair


Oct.2014 Prof. (Dr.) V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai

Executive Vice President and Principal Secretary, Science and Technology Department, Government of Kerala

Inauguration International Conference on “Advances in Chemical Engineering & Technology”(ICACE TKM ’14)
Prof.(Dr.) M.S. Ananth

Distinguished Professor, IIT Bombay

Keynote address
Mr. T. P. Sreenivasan

Vice Chairman and Executive Head, The Kerala State Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala

Chief guest

Professor, Amrita University, Coimbatore

Session Chair,
Dr.Giridhar R Nair

Former Professor, Waikato University, Newzealand

Session Chair
Dr. M.L.P Reddy

Chief Scientist & Head, Material Science and Technology Division, NIIST, Trivandrum

Session Chair
Prof (Dr.) Fawzi Banat

Professor & Acting Chair, Chemical Engg. Dept., Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

Invited lecture
Dr. John Tharakan

Professor, Chemical Engineering, Howard University, Washington, USA

Invited lecture
Prof. (Dr.) A.R. Balakrishnan

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras

Invited lecture
Prof.(Dr.) MurugesanTanabalan

Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, UniversitiTeknologi, Petronas, Malaysia

Invited lecture
Prof. (Dr.) G. Sugilal,

Scientist & Head, PSDS & Professor, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai

Invited lecture
Prof (Dr.) C.M Narayanan

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT, Durgapur

Invited lecture
Prof. (Dr.) VivekPolshettiwar

Professor, Nano-Catalysis Laboratory, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai

Invited lecture


Dec.2011 Prof. Joshua Ernest:
Professor and Head, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (NITTTR),Bhopal
Keynote address International Conference on Smart Grid Technologies India-ISGT-INDIA-2011
Dr. Fareed M. Zedan, Former Governor, Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Keynote address
Dr. Lalit Goel Asia-Pacific Representative on the IEEE PES Governing Board, Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engg., Division of Power Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Keynote address
Prof. H P Khincha, Professor ,IISC.Bangalore. Keynote address
Prof. Dr.R Sreeramkumar, Professor and Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Keynote address
Prof V K Damodaran, General Chair, ISGT India . Keynote address
Dr. Madhu Mangal, Former Director CEDT, Bombay Keynote address
Prof. Dr. Mini S Thomas, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi Keynote address
Dr. Rahul Tongia,Smart grid Forum,Delhi Keynote address
Aug.2014 .Dr.P.S. Nagendra Rao, IISc, Banglore Keynote address International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering (ICETREE)
Dr.K.R. Rajagopal, IIT, Delhi Keynote address
Dr.Srikanth Prabhu, Manipal University Keynote address
Dr. Achuthsankar. S. Nair, Dept of Bioinformatics, Govt. of India Keynote address
Dr. V. K Damodaran,

Chairman, Centre for Environment & Development, Trivandrum

Keynote address