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Name : Prof. Hasoona Ibrahim Kutty

Department : Civil Engineering

Designation : Professor


Office Phone: 2712024

Mobile: 9847318999


7th day school lane,TKRA-59


  • BTech degree from College of Engineering,Trivandrum
  • MTech in Transportation Engineering from IIT Madras

Professional Experience

  • Worked for six months as Engineer trainee in the Irrigation department,Kerala State
  • Twenty five years of teaching experience

Research Interest

  • To carry out works related to the Highway Pavements

Ongoing PhDs.

    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

      Awards and Honours

        Membership in Professional Bodies

        • ISTE life member
        • n] [IRC life member

        Duties and Responsibilities

        • Senior Advisor-2009-2013
        • Was in charge of Department Library
        • Was in charge of Survey lab
        • Presently in charge of Transportation Engineering lab
        • College Examination Committee member
        • Department Time Table Committee
        • Civil Engineering Association Staff Secretary-2014-2015
        • Department Academic Co-ordinator,TEQIP
        • Member,Kerala University Affiliation Inspection team for UG &PG Courses
        • Presently Chairman,I&II semester BTech Degree Examination
        • Actively Involved in 2013 Scheme ,Syllabus Revision for the subjects Transportation Engineering-I&II
        • Civil Engineering Department Coordinator for NAAC Accreditation

        Teachng History

        • 25 years of teaching experience

        Courses and Training Attended

        • ISTE sponsored training programme in 'Modelling the Urban Bus Transit Network System Analysis',16-29 Dec1991 at IITMadras
        • ISTE sponsored training programmein'Construction Programming & Management',18-31st May1992 at TKM College of Engineering,Kollam
        • ISTE sponsored training programme in 'Landscape Architecture',15th April-5th May1997 at CET,TVM
        • AICTE sponsored programme in'Energy Management &Conservation,4-17th May1997 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • DTE sponsored training Programme in'Effect of Contaminants on Soil&Water'23rd Nov1998-5th Dec 1998 at GEC,Trichur
        • AICTE sponsored programme in'Vibration Engineering-Recent trends in Analysis,Design&Testing',19th Oct-1stNov1998 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • QIP sponsored training programme in'Ports&Shipping'7-18th Dec1998 at IITMadras
        • AICTE sponsored programme in'Management of Water Resources,Modern Concepts &Implementation',15-26th Nov1999 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • ISTE sponsored training programme in'Disaster Mitigation-Update for Civil Engineers',16-19thOct2000 at[n]TKMCE,Kollam
        • Training programmein'Structural Steel Design for University Faculty'jointly sponsored by Manipal Institute of Technology&Institute for Steel Design at MIT
        • Workshop on'Computer Aided Design &Drafting Lab',24th Nov'2010 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • International Conference on 'Modeling &Simulation in CIvil Engineering',8th Dec-10th Dec'2011at TKMCE Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'Geographic Information Systems&Applications in Civil Engineering',25th July2013-27th July2013 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'Total Station&GPS',11thNov-15th Nov'2013 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'Advances in Hydrosystems,Modeling&Climate Change Impact Assessment',25thNov-29thNov2013at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored International Conference on 'Modeling &Simulation in Civil Engineering',12th Dec-14th Dec2013 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'Road Safety Management',28-30th Jan2014 at ESCI,Hyderabad
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'Waste Management-Issues&Priorities',3rdMarch-5th March2014 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored training programme in'New Frontiers in Geotechnical Engineering',23rd -25th June'2014 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • AICTE sponsored training programme in 'Emerging Trends in Construction and Maintenance of Structures',-16th -21st March'2015 at TKMCE,Kollam
        • TEQIP II sponsored workshop on 'Concrete for Present and Future ',25th-27th June'2015 at TKMCE, Kollam
        • TEQIPII sponsored International Conference on 'Modeling &Simulation in Civil Engineering',9th Dec-11th Dec2015 at TKMCE,Kollam
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