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Name : Dr. B.Saraswathy

Department : Civil Engineering

Designation : Professor


Office Phone: 04742712024

Mobile: 9447064650


Dr. B Saraswathy
TKM College P.O
Karicode, Kollam
Pin 691005


  • B.Tech Degree in Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech Degree in Structural Engineering
  • Ph.D Degree

Professional Experience

  • 31 years teaching experience

Research Interest

  • Composites and Honeycomb structures], rn[Vibration Analysis], rn[Defect Identification in composites], [Earthquake resistant design Practices
  • Numerical analysis
  • n
  • n
  • Optimization of Hexa Grid strctural System 2016
  • 1. Seismic Evaluation of Vertically Irregular Buildings with and without Infill Walls 2014
  • 2. Seismic Evaluation of RC buildings with Masonry Infill Wall 2013
  • n]3. Vibration Studies on Honeycomb Sandwich Plates with interfacial Debond 2012[n]4. Comparison of Non-linear Static Analysis Methods on Torsionally Irregular Buildings 2011[n]5. Detection of Debond in Honeycomb Sandwich Beams Using [n]Modal Strain Energy Method 2010[n]6. Vibration Studies on Composite Sandwich Beams 2009[n]7. Characterisation of Impact Damper for Vibration Control 2008[n]8. Defect Prediction for Honeycomb Sandwich Beams Using Free Vibration Analysis 2008[n]9. Frequency Response Function Method for Delamination Identification[n] in Composite Beams 2007[n]10. Dynamic Analysis of Delaminated Composite Beams 2006[n]11. Determination of Elastic Constants through Vibration Studies 2005[n]12. Vibration Studies for Delamination Detection in Laminated Composites 2005[n]13. Computer Aided Analysis of Shear Wall 2002[n]14. Strengthening of RC Beams Using FRP Plates 1999[n
  • n
  • 1. Planning and Design of Industrial Building 1999
  • n]2. Analysis and Design of a Hospital Building 2002[n]3. Computer Aided Analysis of Plates 2003[n]4. Finite Element Analysis and Design of Roof Truss 2004[n]5. Planning and Design of Walkway with Berthing Facilities [n]on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake 2011[n]6. Analysis and Design of a Tuned Mass Damper 2012[n]7. Analysis and Design of a Liquid Column Damper 2013[n]8. Analysis and Design of a Multi storied composite structure 2014[n]9. Base isolation of Multi storied Buildings 2015[n]10. Planning, analysis and design of Pre-stressed concrete bridge 2015[n]10. Dynamic analysis of water tank 2016[n

Ongoing PhDs.

  • NIL

Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

    Awards and Honours

    • Received travel grant and funding from TEQIP II for attending and presenting research paper titled " Effect of vertical Irregularity on performance of reinforced concrete framed buildings” at the Second Int. Conf. on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering (ACSEE) Zurich, Switzerland, October25-26, 2014.
    • Technical Discussion with Prof. Francois Smith, Laboratory of Oceanography and Geo Science, University of Lille, Paris, France , October, 2014.
    • Reviewer- Technical papers of International Conferences at TKMCE, Kollam, CET, Trivandrum, YCET, Kollam
    • Chaired Technical Sessions at International conference ICMSCE, 2013, TKMCE, Kollam, [n
    • Chaired Technical Sessions at International conference IMMM-2014.CET, Trivandrum
    • Member of the advisory board &Chaired a technical session in the National conference , RACE '14, Aug 21st&22nd, 2014 organised by YCET, Kollam, 2014.
    • Resource person for STTP on Design, realisation and testing of advanced composites and sandwich structures,27-29, Nov.2014, organised by Continuing Education Cell, SCTCE, Trivandrum
    • Subject Expert in Interview committee for selection of faculty in Carmel Engineering college, Alapuzha
    • Chaired a technical session in the second national conference , RACE '15 organised by YCET, Kollam on 16th & 17th July, 2015
    • Chaired a technical session in the Third International Conference ICMSC 2015, TKMCE, KOLLAM, Dec-09-11, 2015
    • Research Guide, KTU

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    • ISTE life membership- LM14122

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • 1. Senior Advisor of 2011 admission Civil Engg: Batch
    • 2. Deputy Chairman S7 & S8 University Exams, 2014-2015
    • 3. Staff Advisor of NSS , TKMCE Unit, 2013-14, 2014-15]
    • 4. Lab-in charge, Structural Dynamics Lab, Dept.of Civil Engg:
    • 5.Professor in- charge of Construction of Central Computing Facility, TKMCE
    • 6. TEQIP II, EAP Co ordinator of Dept.
    • 7. KTU member Pg scheme and syllabus committee
    • 8. Coordinator-NBA criteria IV of SAR preparation, PG& UG
    • 9. Coordinator-NAAC criteria 2 of SSR
    • 10. Warden, WWH, TKMCE, 2012-2013
    • 11. Women's Grievance Cell member, 2012-13
    • 12. Staff advisor- NSS, TKMCE 2014-15, 2015-16,2016-17
    • 13. Advisor- 2016-17 admissions,Civil Engg: Batch
    • 14. Professor and Head, Part time B. Tech Degree Course w.e.f 10-02-2017
    • 15. Coordinator, Grievance Redressal Cell, from 01-03-2017
    • n

    Teachng History

    • From 1986 onwards...30 years
    • n] Date of Joining in Service (Lecturer) : 04-06-1986[n] Senior scale w.e.f 15-10-1992[n] Selection grade lecturer w.e.f 15-10-1997 [n] Promoted as Assistant professor w.e.f 31-03-2010 AN ; [n] Placement as Associate professor w.e.f 01-01-2006[n] Placement as Professor w.e.f 01-01-2009 [n]Promoted as Cadre Professor, PTDC , w.e.f 10-02-2017[n

    Courses and Training Attended

    • Sl.No. Name of Programme/Sponsor Topic Venue Date and Year
    • n
    • n
    • 1. FDP (TEQIP) New Frontiers in Geotechnical Engineering TKMCE, Kollam 23-06-2014 to 25-06-2014
    • 2. FDP (TEQIP) Waste Management-Issues and Priorities TKMCE, Kollam 03-03-2014 to 05-03-2014
    • 3. FDP (TEQIP) Experimental Techniques in Materials and Structures TKMCE, Kollam 23-01-2014 to 25-01-2014
    • 4. FDP (TEQIP) Total Station and GPS TKMCE, Kollam 11-11-2013 to 15-11-2013
    • 5. FDP (TEQIP) FEM and its Applications in Engineering TKMCE, Kollam(ME Dept) 17-10-2013 to 22-10-2013
    • 6. FDP (TEQIP) GIS and Applications in Civil Engineering TKMCE, Kollam 25-07-2013 to 27-07-2013
    • 7. STTP (AICTE,New Delhi) Design of Steel Structures Using IS 800-2007 IIT, Chennai 25-01-201 to 30-01-2010
    • 8. Indian Society for Non Destructive Testing Refresher Course on Non-Destructive Testing Thiruvananthapuram 22-08-20009 to 23-08-2009
    • 9. STTP (Disaster Management Dept.) Earthquake Risk Management TKMCE, Kollam 29-30, March 2007
    • 10. STTP (NPEE) Random Vibration and Fuzzy Logic in Earthquake Engineering IIT, Chennai 25 to 29 December2006
    • 11. STTP (NPEE) Structural Dynamics and Seismic Design IIT, Chennai 13 to 18 December2004
    • 12. Seminar Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction in Kerala Institute of Land Management, TVM 29-1-2003
    • 13. Regional Training Course (UNESCO, New Delhi) Simulation Models in Engineering and Technology IIT, Chennai 9 to 20, SEPT.,2003
    • 14. STTP(AICTE) Disaster Mitigation Update for Civil Engineers TKMCE, Kollam 16 to 29, October, 2000
    • 15. STTP(AICTE) Management of Water Resources-Modern Concepts and Implementation TKMCE, Kollam 15- to 26, Nov. 1999
    • 16. STTP (QIP) Ports and Shipping OEC, IIT, Chennai 07-12-1998 to 18-12-1998
    • 17. STTP (AICTE) Vibration Engineering-Recent Trends in Analysis, Design and Testing TKMCE, Kollam 19-10-1998 to 01-11-1998
    • 18. Winter School (ISTE) Recent Developments on Analysis, Design and Detailing of Industrial Structures REC, Tiruchirappalli 01-12-1997 to 13-12-1997
    • 19. STTP(AICTE) Modern Trends in Computer Aided Nonlinear Analysis and Design of Structures Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore 27-11-1996 to 10-12-1996] rn[20. Summer School (ISTE) Earthquake Resistant Design of Life line Structures Bangalore University 03-06-1991 to 17-06-1991
    • 21. STTP (DTE) Computational Methods in Civil Engineering CET, TVM 06-05-1991 to 24-05-1991
    • 22. STTP (QIP) Fibre ReinforcedConcrete CET, TVM 05-01-1987 to 14-01-1987
    • 23. Workshop(TEQIP) Innovation in Mass housing TKMCE, Kollam 08-01-2015 to10-01-2015
    • 24. Workshop(TEQIP) Concrete for Present and Future TKMCE, Kollam 25-07-2015 to27-07-2015] [n
    • 25. AICTE sponsored QIP STTP on “Advanced Techniques for Sustainable Water Resources and Environmental Management” from 15th to 20th of February 2016] [n
    • 26. FDP (TEQIP II) "Tropical Landscape Design", Dept. of Architecture & Dept. of Civil Engg:, TKMCE, Kollam, 08-03-2016 to 14-03-2016
    • 27. FDP(TEQIP II) " Building more skills for a better life and work", Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg:, TKMCE, Kollam, 31-05-2016 to 04-06-2016 ] [n
    • 28. STTP on "Advances in Concrete Technology with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Development",Sponsored by AICTE under QIP, TKMCE, Kollam, 30-01-17 to 04-02-2017

    Book Chapter:

      International Journals:

      • 1. B. Saraswathy, Lalu Mangal and R. Ramesh Kumar (2012) Analytical approach for modal characteristics of honeycomb sandwich beams with multiple debond, Journal of Sandwich structures and Materials, 14 (1), 35-54
      • 2. B. Saraswathy, R. Ramesh Kumar and Lalu Mangal (2012) Dynamic analysis of honeycomb sandwich beam with multiple debonds, International Scholarly Research Network , ISRN Mechanical Engineering , Article ID 826952, 1-7
      • 3. Nisha A S , Saraswathy B (2013) Dynamic analysis of delaminated sandwich composites, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER), 3(1), 172-177
      • 4. Saraswathy B, Udaya K L, Rahul Leslie (2015) Effect of vertical Irregularity on performance of reinforced concrete framed buildings, International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering- IJCSE, Vol.2, issue1( 30 April,2015), ISSN 2372-3971, 309-313
      • 5. Rahul Leslie, Abhilash R, Saraswathy B (2015) New procedure to include torsional effects in pushover analysis of torsional buildings, Asian journal of Engineering and Technology, vol.03, issue 04,Special issue for ICETTAS 15, 459-466, ISSN 2321-2462
      • 6. Divya M S, B Saraswathy (2017) Comparative analysis of high rise steel building with hexagrid, diagrid and conventional structural system, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), vol 4, issue 04, April 2017, pp 1902-1906. e-ISSN: 2395-0056, p-ISSN: 2395-0072, IF: 5.181
      • 7. Divya M S, B Saraswathy (2017) Comparative study of Response of Hexagrid and Conventional structure with Vertical and Stiffness Irregularity, International Journal for Scientific Research and Development (IJSRD), vol 5, Issue 02, April 2017, pp. 1471-1473, ISSN (on line): 2321-0613
      • n

      International Conference:

      • 1. B. Saraswathy, A.S Nisha, Lalu Mangal and R. Ramesh Kumar (2010) Dynamic analysis of delaminated sandwich composites, Proceedings of International Conference on Materials Mechanics and Management (ICMMM 10), College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, 151-158
      • 2. B. Saraswathy, Anju Krishanan B.J, and Bindu S (2010) Debond detection in sandwich beams using modal strain energy method, Proceedings of International Conference on Technological Trends (ICTT 2010), College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, 263-267
      • 3. B.Saraswathy, A.S Nisha, Lalu Mangal and Ramesh Kumar (2010) Dynamic analysis of delaminated sandwich composites, Proceedings of International Conference on Materials Mechanics and Management, 14-16 January 2010, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram.151-158
      • 4. B. Saraswathy, Resmi T.S (2013) Seismic Evaluation of RC buildings with masonry infill, ICMSC 2013, TKM College of Engineering
      • 5. B. Saraswathy, Udaya K L, Rahul Leslie (2014) Effect of Vertical Irregularity on Performance of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advancements in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, ACSEE 2014, Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, USA, held on 25,26, October, 2014 at Zurich, Switzerland.p52-56. ISBN: 978-1-63248-030-9 doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-030-9-11
      • 6. Saraswathy B, Rahul Leslie, Abhilash R, (2015) A new procedure to include torsional effects in pushover analysis of torsional buildings, Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Technology & Applied Sciences ICETTAS 2015, Saintgits college of Engineering, Kottayam. (30th April, May1 &2, 2015)

      National Conference:

      • 1. B.Saraswathy, Sandhya Antony (2006) Determination of Elastic Constants of Composites used for Retrofit Applications, National Conference on Earthquake Resistant Design and Retrofitting of Structures, Feb. 18-19, 2006, BHU, Varanasi.
      • 2. B.Saraswathy, S.Bindu and Gisha Mary Mathew(2006), Health Monitoring of Structures with Special attention to Laminated Composites, National Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Structural Engineering - (RAISE), 27 and 28 March 2006, PSNA college of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, Tamilnadu. p.163-171
      • 3. B.Saraswathy, Vidhya V and Rahul Leslie (2006), Structural Health Monitoring of Layered Composites using Vibration analysis, ANSYS India Conference, 9 and 10 November 2006, Bangalore. p.1-9
      • 4. Saraswathy.B, Asha.V, Lalu Mangal and Ramesh Kumar.R (2008), Structural Damage Identification in Layered Composites using Frequency Response Method, Second National conference on Focusing Advances in Civil Engineering (FACE 08), TKM college of Engineering, Kollam, st-08, 21-23 February 2008 , p.61-68
      • 5. B.Saraswathy, Jisha V S (2008) Push Over Analysis of Multistoried Buildings, Second National conference on Focusing Advances in Civil Engineering (FACE 08), TKM college of Engineering, Kollam, 21-23 February 2008
      • 6. B.Saraswathy, Jisha V S (2008) Characterisation of Impact Damper for Vibration Control, National conference on Technological Trends (NCTT 08), 21 and 22 Nov. 2008, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram
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      • 8. Saraswathy.B, Nisha A.S, Lalu Mangal and Ramesh Kumar.R (2009), Free Vibration Characteristics of Beams with Multiple Delaminations-Analytical Approach, Eighth ISAMPE National Conference on Composites (INCCOM-8), 4 and 5 December 2009, ISAMPE Thiruvananthapuram Chapter, p.176-185
      • 9. Saraswathy.B, Udaya K L, Rahul Leslie (2014), Performance Based Analysis of Buildings with Geometric Irregularities, Proceedings of the National Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering Research, April 2014, School of Civil Engineering, Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, p. 372-381