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Name : Dr. B.Sunil Kumar

Department : Civil Engineering

Designation : Professor (HOD)


Office Phone: 914742712024

Mobile: 919895013924


Villa Nava, Mangad Nagar C62, Mangad P.O.,
Kollam, Kerala State-691 015


  • B.Tech. (University of Kerala, 1985), M.T.C.P (School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University,Madras, 1987), Ph.D. (University of Kerala, 2010)

Professional Experience

  • Privileged to serve TKM, my Alma mater, since 1987.

Research Interest

  • Sustainable Construction and Sustainable Urban Development

Ongoing PhDs.

    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

    • Building Consultant
    • Munroe Island Study

    Awards and Honours

    • Received a citation for ‘Excellence in Design Concept’ from Sarasota County Administration, U.S.A.

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    • Institute of Town Planners India
    • Indian society for Technical Education

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Head of the Department
    • Chairman, Environment Management Cell
    • Coordinator, Integrated Community Service Centre

    Teachng History

      Courses and Training Attended

      • ISTE Summer School on Foundations for Coastal and offshore structures, REC Calicut 1993
      • ISTESummer School on Intelligent Architecture and Building Automation Systems, SAP, Madras, 1995
      • ISTE short term course on Landscape Architecture, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, 1997
      • AICTE-ISTE summer school on Energy Management and Conservation, TKMCE, 1997
      • Course on “Application of Remote Sensing in Town and Country Planning’, under the aegis of National Natural Resources Management System, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehra Dun, 1997
      • AICTE-ISTE short term course on Vibration Engineering, Recent Trends in Analysis Design and Testing, TKMCE, 1998
      • AICTE-ISTE short term course on Management of Water Resources, Modern Concepts and Implementation, TKMCE, 1999
      • AICTE-ISTE short term course on Disaster Mitigation Update for Civil Engineers, TKMCE, 2000
      • AICTE-ISTE short term course on Emerging Trends in Planning-Towards a New Millennium, TKMCE, 2000
      • Short term training program on Earthquake Risk Management, Sponsored by Disaster Management Department, govt of Kerala, TKMCE, 2007
      • Mission 10X workshop , TKMCE, 2010
      • Short term Training Programme on “Self-Awareness and Higher Goals in Education, Centre for Continuing Education, IIT, Madras, 2012
      • Faculty Development Programme on Total Station and GPS, sponsored by TEQIP II, TKMCE, 2013
      • Faculty development programme on Advances in Hydrosystems Modelling and Climate Change Impact Assessment sponsored by TEQIP II, TKMCE, 2013
      • Three days workshop on GIS and Applications in Civil Engineering organized by TEQIP II, TKMCE, 2013
      • Faculty development programme on Waste Management –Issues and Priorities-sponsored by TEQIP II, TKMCE, 2014
      • Workshop on Innovations in Mass Housing, organized by TEQIP II, tkmce, 2015
      • Short term Course on Emerging Trends in Construction and Maintenance of Structures, organized by Quality Improvement Programme, Govt of India, tkmce, 2015
      • Workshop on Concrete for Present and Future organized by TEQIP II, tkmce, 2015
      • n

      National Journals:

      • 1. Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Development B.Sunil Kumar & Dr.M.C.Philipose Institute of Town Planners India, Journal, Vol.4 No.2

      International Conference:

      • 1. Traditional Building Materials & Sustainable Habitat, Dr. M. C. Philipose & Mr. Sunilkumar. B International Conference on [n] Rethinking Sustainable Construction 2006: New Generation Green Buildings at Florida, U.S.A.
      • 2. Water and Sustainable Urban Habitat Dr. M. C. Philipose & Mr. Sunilkumar. B Hydrological Perspectives for Sustainable [n] Development- Vol.2,2005
      • 3. Water & Sustainable Habitat Dr. M. C. Philipose & Mr. Sunilkumar. B International Conference on Water and [n] Environment, RRL Bhopal-2003

      National Conference:

      • 1. Impact of Conventional Materials & Construction Techniques Dr. M. C. Philipose & Mr. Sunilkumar. B Indian Habitat &Infrastructure, Proceedings, CBRI Roorkee,2003
      • 2. Preparation of Master Plan in Sustainable Development Context B.Sunil Kumar & Dr. M.C.Philipose National Conference on ‘Focusing on Advances in Civil Engineering' (FACE-2007), TKM College of Engineering
      • 3. Controlling the Formation of Derelict Land: An Approach for Sustainable Development.Dr. M. C. Philipose & Mr. Sunilkumar. B National Seminar on Sustainable Habitat, Proceeding, 2003