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Name : Prof. Rekha Ambi

Department : Civil Engineering

Designation : Assistant Professor


Office Phone: 04742712024

Mobile: 9946176262


Moni Nivas,
Kandalloor P.O.


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                  Courses and Training Attended

                  • n] from 23rd to 25th April 2015.[n
                  • n] 2. " Emerging Trends in Construction and Maintenance of Structures" organised by the Dept. of Civil Engg. , [n] TKM College of Engg. , Kollam during 16-21 March 2015 , under the sponsorship of QIP, AICTE, Govt.[n] of India.[n
                  • n]3. " Geotechnical Aspects for Infrastructure Projects." organised by Dept. of Civil Engg. , College of Engg. ,[n] Trivandrum and sponsored by DTE, Govt. of Kerala, from 20th to 22nd Nov. 2014[n
                  • n]4. " Advanced Software Applications in Civil Engg" sponsored by DTE, Govt. of Kerala and organised by [n] Dept. of Civil Engg. , College of Engineering Trivandrum from 31st July to 2nd August 2014.[n
                  • n]5. " Workshop on Reinforced Concrete Design " on 19th -20th July , 2014 at Bharti Buildings, IIT Delhi [n] organised by IVS Noble Solutions.[n
                  • n]6. "New Frontiers in Geotechnical Engineering" sponsored by TEQIP- Phase II , organised by Dept. of Civil [n] Engg. from 23-06-2014 to 25-06-2014[n
                  • n]7. " Waste Management - Issues and priorities" sponsored by TEQIP-Phase II , organised by dept. of civil [n] Engg. , TKMCE ,Kollam from 03/03/2014 to 05/03/2014.[n
                  • n]8. FDP on "Challenges in Stress Management sponsored by DTE, Govt. of Kerala, Organised by the dept. of [n] Civil Engg. GEC, Trissur from 11/11/2013 to 15/11/2013[n
                  • n]9. FDP on "Research Methodology for Engineers" sponsored by TEQIP -Phase II , organised by the dept. of [n] Mechanical Engg. , TKMCE, Kollam from 02/12/2013 to 04/12/2013[n
                  • n]10. STTP on Advancements in Concrete Technology and Special Concretes , organised under the TEQIP -[n] Phase II , during 25/11/2013 to 29/11/2013.[n
                  • n]11. FDP on "Water and Wastewater Management " , sponsored by TEQIP -Phase II , organised by Dept. of [n] Chemical Engg. , TKMCE , Kollam from 18/11/2013 to 22/11/2013[n
                  • n]12. Workshop on " Geographic Information Systems and Applications in Civil Engineering" sponsored by [n] TEQIP - Phase II , organised by Dept. of Civil Engg ., TKMCE, Kollam from 25/07/2013 to 27/07/2013[n
                  • n]13. Workshop on "Application of sensors in Civil Engg. Research organised by CET and Centre for [n] Engineering Research and Development on June 26-28 , 2013[n
                  • n]14. Workshop on " Limit State Design of Steel Structures" as per IS 800: 2007 , held on 20th and 21st April [n] 2012 in association with Saintgits Chapter of ICI & ISTE Chapter.[n
                  • n]15. Workshop on " Computer Aided Design and Drafting Lab" organised by the dept. of civil Engg , Kollam [n] on 24th Nov. 2010.[n
                  • n]16. STTP sponsored by DTE, Govt. of Kerala on " Geoinformatics for Civil Engg." at Dept. of Civil Engg, CET, [n] from October 31 st to Nov. 9th , 2011.[n
                  • n]17. "Inflamora" an Energy Management Symposium jointly organized by IEEE PES Chapter, Kerala Section [n] and IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter, TKMCE held at TKMCE , Kollam on March 19, 2011[n
                  • n]18. STTP on " Recent Advances in Concrete Technology and RCC Design sponsored by DTE, Govt. Of Kerala [n] and organised by Dept. of Civil Engg., Trivandrum from 29 th Nov. to 4th Dec. 2010[n
                  • n]19. AICTE FDP on " Design and Construction of Ferrocement and Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete [n] Structures " conducted by Dept. o Civil Engg and Centre for continuing Education at NIT , Calicut during [n] 16th to 22nd May 2010.[n
                  • n]20. Three days "Induction Programme or young teachers conducted by ISTE ChapterTKMCE, held at TKMCE, [n] Kollam from 16th to 18th Nov. 2009.[n
                  • n]21. STTP on " Basics of Matrix and inite Element Analysis of Structures sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi [n] Organised by the Dept of Civil Engg. , IIT Madras from 5th to 10th Oct. 2009.[n
                  • n]22. AICTE - MHRD sponsored FDP on Total Station Surveying and Other Advanced Surveying Techniques [n] organised jointly by the centre for continuing Education and Dept. of Civil Engg., NIT , Calicut, from [n] 18th to 29th May 2009.[n
                  • n]23. MHRD/AICTE Sponsored Summer School on " Modern Construction Materials and Techniques" [n] conducted by NITTTR, Chennai from 11/08/2008 to 16/08/2008.[n
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                  International Journals:

                  • n] Trends and Recent Advances in Civil Engineering (TRACE- 24th-25th January 2014)[n

                  International Conference:

                  • n] organised by the Dept. of Civil Engineering, TKMCE ,Kollam and Co- sponsored by the Kerala State [n] Council for Science Technology and Environment during the period from 8th to 10th December 2011.[n
                  • n]2. Contributed a paper in the 2nd International Conference on Modeling and simulation in Civil Engineering [n] organised by the Dept. of Civil Engg. , TKMCE, Kollam , sponsored by TEQIP- Phase II during the period [n] 12/12/2013 to 14/12/2013. [n
                  • n]3. Contributed 2 papers in the 2nd International Conference Materials Mechanics and Management during [n] the period 17 -19 December 2014 , organised by the Dept.s Civil Engg. , Mech. Engg. & Architecture of [n] CET Thiruvananthapuram , Sponsored by DTE, CERD, KSCSTE. [n
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                  National Conference:

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