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Name : Dr. Jose Prakash M

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Designation : Professor

Dr.Jose Prakash.M obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from TKM College of Engineering, Kollam. He took Masters Degree from College of Engineering, Trivandrum and PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He had served as a member of under graduate Board of Studies and member of the faculty of Engineering and Technology of the University of Kerala. Now he is serving as the member of the post graduate Board of Studies of Engineering and Technology of the University of Kerala. He serves as the curriculum committee chairman, BTech Mechanical Engineering programme of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. He has obtained several research and consultancy projects from Indian Space Organisation(ISRO), All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) and Department of Science and Technology(DST). He has to his credit a large number of publications in international journals and reputed conferences in mechanical engineering and allied areas. He has presented papers in international conferences including 48th American Institute of aeronautics and astronautics(AIAA)Joint Propulsion conference and exhibit at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He serves as a reviewer of several reputed international journals(Cryogenics, Energy Conversion and Management, Refrigeration) . His research interests include cooling of electronic systems, nanofluids, computational combustion, heat transfer in single phase and multi phase flows. He was the organizing secretory of The International Conference on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering conducted at TKMCE during 14-16 December 2015. He was the editor of the conference proceedings which was published by Mc Graw Hill|


Office Phone: 914742712024

Mobile: 919447450632


Professor and Head
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
TKM College of Engineering
Kollam -691005
Kerala, India


  • BTech: TKM College of Engineering
  • MTech: College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram
  • PhD: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Professional Experience

  • 27 years of Teaching
  • 16 years of Research (along with Teaching

Research Interest

  • Thermal Management of Electronic systems
  • nanofluids, nanorefrigerants
  • CFD
  • Heat Transfer in Rocket engines
  • Heat Exchanges

Ongoing PhDs.

  • 1.Sri.Krishnakumar.T.S, nanofluids
  • 2. Sri.Arun .M (QIP Scholar), Numerical Studies on combustion, film and regenerative cooling in a LPR thrust chambers
  • 3.Smt. Leena.R, Jet impingement cooling
  • 4.Smt.Sheeba.A, Helical coil heat exchanges
  • 5.Sri.Sanu (QIP Scholar), Nano-refrigerants

Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

  • 1. Development of energy efficient thermal systems using nanofluids, AICTE(RPS Scheme)
  • 2.Numerical studies on regenerative cooling of a semi cryogenic rocket engine, ISRO: Consultancy project
  • 3.Numerical studies on combustion and film cooling in a semi cryogenic rocket engine, ISRO: Consultancy project
  • 4.Combustion Modeling of Semi-Cryo Pre-Burner,ISRO: Consultancy project
  • MODROB Scheme
  • 1.Modernizing the Computing Facility for Post Graduate Students and Research Scholars, AICTE
  • 2.Modernization of heat transfer laboratory, AICTE
  • 3.Modernization of thermal engineering laboratory ,AICTE

Awards and Honours

  • National Merit scholarship
  • Travel grant from DST and AICTE

Membership in Professional Bodies

  • ISTE
  • ISME
  • Energy Conservation Society

Duties and Responsibilities

  • present duties
  • formerly Academic Nodal Officer. TEQIP-II, TKMCE
  • Board of Studies member, Faculty of Engineering and Technology- PG, University of Kerala
  • Convener, syllabus revision, 2013 scheme : BTech Mechanical Engineering Programme,University of Kerala
  • Chairman , Curriculum commitee : BTech Mechanical Engineering Programme, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University[n
  • Lab in Charge, CFD Laboratory, Nanotechnology Research Centre

Teachng History

    Courses and Training Attended

    • Recently
    • 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit August 2012., Atlanta, Georgia , Registration fee /Travel grant received from AICTE / DST
    • Universities visited:
    • Georgia Tech University, Atlanta,USA
    • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany*
    • University of Twente, Netherlands*
    • CERN, Geneva,Switzerland*)[n
    • * with TEQIP-II support
    • courses attended:
    • 1. Timeless leadership, IIM,Kozhikode,2013
    • 2.Nanotechnology conference, Bangloare[n
    • 3.Nanotechnology present and future trends,VIT, Coimbatore
    • 4.Recent Trends in Nanotechnology, TKMCE, 28-10.2013 to 1.10.2013] [n
    • 5.Advances in Nanotechnolgy,TKMCE, 23-28 March, 2015
    • 6. Academic Excellence through research, workshop , SPFU, 31.01.15

    Book Chapter:

    • Instruction manual, Thermal Engineering laboratory

    International Journals:

    • selected publications
    • 1.Modeling of thermal conductivity of charcoal–nitrogen adsorption beds, Carbon 38 (6), 907-913
    • 2.Improving the performance of an active carbon–nitrogen adsorption cryocooler by thermal regeneration, Carbon 43 (11), 2338-2343
    • 3.Adsorption parameters of activated charcoal from desorption studies, Carbon 38 (8), 1163-1168
    • 4.Development of a laboratory model of activated charcoal–nitrogen adsorption cryocooler, Cryogenics 40 (7), 481-488
    • 5.Thermodynamic Analysis of a Two stage activated charcoal nitrogen adsorption cryocooler, , Proceedings of Fundamentals] of adsorption conference, (FOA6) May 1998 at France
    • 6.Experimental studies on a vapour compression system using nanorefrigerants,, IJEST 3 (9), 95-102
    • 7.Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Steady and Unsteady Jet Impingement Cooling for High-Power Electronics[n]IEEE Transactions onComponents, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 99, 1,2014
    • Reviewer
    • 1. International journal Cryogenics, Elsevier
    • 2. International journal Energy Conversion And Management, Elsevier
    • 3.International journal on Refrigeration, Elsevier
    • 4. International Journal IJEST
    • 5. 2013 AIAA Asia-Australia Regional Student Conference, Australia

    National Journals:

    • 1.Characterization of adsorption compressor used in a charcoal - nitrogen adsorption cryocooler, Indian Journal of Cryogenics, 31, 2009

    International Conference:

    • 1.Numerical Studies on Combustion in a Film Cooled Semi-Cryogenic Rocket Thrust Chamber, 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit., Atlanta, Georgia

    National Conference:

    • 1.Modelling and verification of thermal conductivity of Nanofluids, ISME conference, IIT, New Delhi
    • 2. Studies on effect of film cooling injection in nozzle divergent of an Air-Kerosen engine,27th National Convention of Aerospace Engineers, 15-21
    • 3.Modelling and verification of thermal conductivity of Nanofluids, ISME conference, IIT, New Delhi