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Name : Dr. Manu J Pillai

Department : Computer Science Engineering

Designation : Assistant Professor


Office Phone:

Mobile: 9895724524


Aswathy Plavelil
Thamarakudy P O


  • Ph. D Computer Science & Engineering - NIT Calicut
  • M E Computer Science & Engineering
  • B E Computer Science & Engineering

Professional Experience

  • 12 + years

Research Interest

  • Wireless Networks
  • Cryptography

Ongoing PhDs.

    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

      Awards and Honours

        Membership in Professional Bodies

          Duties and Responsibilities

          • Joint Coordinator - Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit
          • KTU M Tech Kollam Cluster Coordinator, CSE
          • Programme Coordinator,UG CSE
          • Academic Coordinator, CSE
          • Department Academic Coordinator - TEQIP
          • Department IIIC Coordinator - TEQIP
          • Central Accreditation Committee - Member
          • Senior Advisor - B Tech 2013 Batch
          • Senior Advisor -M Tech 2014 Batch
          • Senior Advisor - B Tech 2017 Batch
          • Department Management Committee - Member
          • Department Quality Assurance Cell - Member

          Teachng History

          • As Lecturer in CSE in Travancore Engineering College, Oyoor from Jan 2004 to July 2007
          • As Assistant Professor & HOD in CSE in Travancore Engineering College from July 2007 to Aug 2009
          • As Lecturer in CSE in TKMCE from Aug 2009 to June 2010
          • As Assistant Professor & HOD in CSE in Travancore Engineering College from June 2010 to Feb 2011
          • As Assistant Professor in CSE in TKM Institute of Technology from Feb 2011 to June 2011
          • As Associate Professor in CSE in MES Institute of Technology & Manangement from June 2011 to dec 2012
          • As assistant Professor in CSE in TKMCE from Dec 2012 to till date

          Courses and Training Attended

          • AICTE Sponsored 2 weeks FDP on Soft Computing Techniques in Computer Science at TKMCE
          • TEQIP Sponsored 1 week FDP on Cloud Computing at College of Engineering, Trikkaripoor
          • n

          International Journals:

          • Manu J. Pillai and M.P. Sebastian: Improving Energy Efficiency and Throughput in Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, in International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications (IJMcMc), IGI Publishers, USA, June-July 2009, pp 48 – 60.
          • Jasna S and Manu J Pillai,"Preparing Data Sets for the Data Mining Analysis using the Most Efficient Horizontal Aggregation Method in SQL", International Journal of Computer Applications,Volume 86 - Number 13 , Jan 2014
          • Jasna S and Manu J Pillai," An Algorithm for Retrieving Skyline Points Based on User Specified Constraints Using skyline Ordering", in International Journal of Computer Applications , Oct 2014
          • Shamna S S and Manu J Pillai, "Cloud Partioning with Load Balancing : A New Load Balancing Scheme for Public Cloud" , in International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology (IJARET), Vol 5, Issue 8, Aug 2014, pp 86 - 94
          • Jaisooraj J, M K Sulaiman, Manu J Pillai, "Improving the Efficiency of Node Disjoint Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks" , in [n]International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Vol 5, Issue 3, January 2016

          International Conference:

          • Manu J. Pillai, M.P. Sebastian, and S D Madhu Kumar: Dynamic Multipath Routing for MANETs – A QoS Adaptive Approach, 3rd IEEE International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2013), London, UK, 29 – 31 August 2013, pp 309 – 313
          • Manu J. Pillai and M.P. Sebastian: An Adaptive Energy Efficient and High Data Rate MAC Protocol for Heterogeneous Networks, Second UKSIM European Symposium on Computer Modeling and Simulation (EMS 2008), Liverpool, UK, 8-10 Sept 2008, pp542 – 547
          • Manu J Pillai, M P Sebastian, and S D Madhu Kumar: A Survey of Basic MAC Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, International Conference on Technological Trends (ICTT 2010), Kerala, India, vol. 3, November 2010, pp 1329- 1333
          • Jaisooraj J, M K Sulaiman and Manu J Pillai: A Multipath Routing Protocol which Preserves Security and Anonymity of Data in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cyber Security and Computational Models (ICC3 2015) PSG College of Technology, 17-19, December 2015 (
          • Jalisha Shaji and Manu J Pillai: Reversible Data Hiding Techniques: A Concise Review, IEEE International Conference on New trends in Engineering and Technology (IEEE ICNTET), GRT Institute if Engineering and Technology, Chennai, 7th and 8th September 2018

          National Conference:

          • Published a paper titled on “ADAPTIVE MONITORING OF MOBILE HOSTS UNDER INVOLUNTARY DISCONNECTION” in the Proceedings of National Conference on Advanced Image Processing and Networking (NACIPAN’04)