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Name : Prof. Dhoulath Beegum J.

Department : Electronics & Communication Engineering

Designation : Associate Professor

Darul Salam|TKMCPO|Karikode|Kollam


Office Phone: 04742712024

Mobile: 9946045858


Department of ECE


  • M.E in Applied Electronics , PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, First Class with Distinction
  • B.Tech in Electronics Engineering, , Cochin University of Science and Technology

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor(NC) in ECE since 24/06/2013
  • Lecturer(Selection Grade) in ECE from 03/03/2010] [n
  • Re-designated as Assistant Professor wef 01/01/2006
  • Lecturer(Senior Scale) in ECE from 3/03/2005 to 02/03/2010
  • Lecturer in ECE from 04/03/1999 to 4/03/2000
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Research Interest

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Computer Communication

Ongoing PhDs.

    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

    • Global Mines, technical development scheme.

    Awards and Honours

    • Certificate Of Honour, for the Excellent and Outstanding Judgement for the National Level Paper Presentation, sponsored by Institution of Engineers.
    • Certificate Of Appreciation, Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras, as part of the programme conducted for the Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    • Indian Society for Technical Education, ISTE Life Member LM 32309
    • The Institution of Engineers India (IEI) Chartered Engineer, M-144056-4
    • The Aeronautical Society Of India [MAeSI], M-16971
    • The Institution Of Engineers, Member-030774

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Examination Committee Member
    • Time Table Committee Coordinator
    • Member of UG and PG Syllabus revision committee, University of Kerala.Attendance coordinator, TKMCE
    • Anti Ragging Squad Member
    • Deputy Warden TKM Ladies Hostel.
    • Advisor

    Teachng History

    • Computer Communication
    • Electronic Circuits
    • Digital Electronics
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Microprocessors and Interfacing
    • Computer Organisation and Architecture
    • Signals and Systems
    • Computer Organization
    • Control Systems
    • DSP Lab, Devices lab, Circuits Lab, Digital IC lab, Analog IC lab, Communications lab, Microprocessorlab, Microcontroller lab and Mini Projects
    • Project Guidances for MTech students

    Courses and Training Attended

    • AICTE – ISTE sponsored short term training programme on ‘Management of Digital Libraries', 10-21 December 2002
    • AICTE – ISTE sponsored short term training programme on ‘Ergonomics in Design’ 6-19,October 2003
    • AICTE sponsored short term training programme on ‘Effective Teaching in Technical Education', 10-22 November 2003
    • AICTE – ISTE sponsored short term training programme on ‘Advances in Electronic Communication Systems’, 15-27, March 2004
    • AICTE – ISTE sponsored short term training programme on ‘Software Testing and Software Quality Management Techniques at College of Engineering, Perumon from 03.11.2009 to 16.11.2009 ’
    • AICTE sponsored short term training programme on Tensors,Fractals and Integral Transforms in Engineering Sciences
    • TKMCE-ISTE sponsored short term course on ,"Digital Signal Processing",18-24 December, 2009
    • TKMCE sponsored short term course on' Research Methodology'.
    • PIC -KERALA, KSCSTE &TKMCE sponsored workshop on ,"Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technical Education" 25-3-2011
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    • ISTE sponsored Faculty Development programme on ‘Paradigms, Perspectives – New Trends in Research’,31st Oct- 5 Nov 2011 at TKMCE, Kollam
    • TEQIP sponsored Workshop on ‘Engineering Applications of MATLAB’,organized by Dept. of ECE, TKMCE from 04.03.2014 to 06.03.2014
    • TEQIP sponsored Faculty Development programme on ‘ TEQIP sponsored Faculty Development programme on ‘Advanced Digital Signal Processing’,5-6-14 to 10-6-2014
    • TEQIP sponsored Faculty Development programme on ‘Challenges in Semiconductor Chip Design in Device and Circuit Perspectives’,18-24, June, 2014
    • TEQIP sponsored expert lecture on 'Statistical Signal Processing',organised by Dept. ECE TKMCE on 21.06.2014
    • ‘’ TEQIP sponsored Seminar on ‘Wireless Communication’,17-19, March, 2015
    • TEQIP-II sponsored 2day workshop on Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics on 27th & 28th Nov.2014
    • TEQIP sponsored ' Advances in Nanotechnolog'y, T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam, 23/3/15 to 28/3/15.
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    International Journals:

    • International Journal of Computer Applications , 'Snore Sound Separation Of Enlarged Adenoid From Normal Heart Sound Using Blind Source Component Separation Method , J Dhoulath Beegum and Chithraprasad D, IJCA Special Issue on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for HPC ,ACCTHPCA - Number 5,ISSN for IJCA Digital Library is 0975 - 8887,(ACCTHPCA/Number 5 (ISBN: 973-93-80869-29-0))[n]2012Applications] [n
    • International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering & Technology, 'Separation Of Heart Murmur, "Aortic Regurgitation Sound", From Sound mixture using Component Separation Method, J Dhoulath Beegum and Chithraprasad D, Vol 5, Issue 9, September(2014), pp.17-25

    International Conference:

    • Energy aware healing in sensors with clutter adaptability . Conference name ICEEC 2015, isbn: 978-93-5212-492-3,.2ND Conference ICCIEEE, Enhancing the network life time of sensor network with energy awareness and clutter adaptability
    • Third international conference on"Advanced Computing Of Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications" conducted from 21 June, 2012 to 23 June 2012. 'Snore Sound Separation Of Enlarged Adenoid From Normal Heart Sound Using Blind Source Component Separation Method , J Dhoulath Beegum and Chithraprasad D.
    • International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Applied Soft Computing-MMASC 2012, 'Heart Sound Separation from Speech Signal Using DUET Technique', J Dhoulath Beegum and Chithraprasad D,11-13 July 2012
    • International Conference on Modelling and Simulation , J Dhoulath Beegum, A.R Ramakrishnan 'Blind Source Separation Of Sound And Music Signals Using Degenerate Unmixing Estimation Technique.
    • IEEE, PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies India, J Dhoulath Beegum participated.
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    National Conference:

    • National Level Conference , J Dhoulath Beegum, A.R. Ramakrishnan, 'Speech Denoising- Audio Separation Using Degenerate Unmixing Estimation Technique', NC(ET)2- 07, May 5, 2007