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Name : Prof. Rajesh Kumar T J

Department : Mathematics

Designation : Assistant Professor


Office Phone:

Mobile: 9946642669




  • M.Sc
  • M.PhIl
  • B.Ed

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    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

      Awards and Honours

        Membership in Professional Bodies

        • ISTE
        • ADMA

        Duties and Responsibilities

        • Returning Officer,College Union Election
        • Member,college website committee
        • member,Library modernization committee
        • Nodal officer,All India Survey on Higher Education
        • Coordinator,Smart classrooms

        Teachng History

          Courses and Training Attended

          • Organize three days workshop on "Mathematical programming techniques" at TKM college of engineering kollam from 21-11-2013 to 23-11-2013
          • attended the National seminar on "Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics" from 29-10-2014 to 31-10-2014 at TKM Arts college kollam
          • attended the National seminar on "Emerging trends in graph connections" from 8-1-2014 to 10-1-2014 at Department of Mathematics,Kariavattom campus
          • attended the seminar on "Mathematics education and Computing" on 10-10-2013 at Department of Mathematics,BJM Government college ,kollam
          • attended the "national level workshop on Graph Theory " from 5-5-2014 to 9-5-2014 at Department of mathematics,Kariavattom campus
          • attended the workshop on "recent advances in applied Mathematics" from 27-11-2014 to 28-11-2014 at Department of Mathematics,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • attended the workshop on "fuzzy logic and graph theory" on 24-08-2013 at Department of Mathematics ,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • attended the workshop on "application development using Java" from 27-11-2013 to 29-11-2013 at Department of Computer Science and Engineering,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • attended the faculty development programme "Development of communication skills,Art of teaching and research"from 11-11-2015 to 15-11-2015 organised by Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • attended the faculty development programme on "finite element method and its applications in engineering" organised by Department of Mechanical engineering,TKM College of engineering,kollam from 17-10-2013 to 22-10-2013
          • attended the AICTE sponsored faculty development programme on "soft computing techniques in engineering applications" from 17-06-2013 to 30-06-2013 organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering ,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • attended the induction training programme from 19-11-2012 to 23-11-2012 organised by ISTE chapter &faculty development cell,TKM College of engineering,kollam
          • n

          Book Chapter:

          • complex analysis and Linear Algebra,Rajesh Kumar T..J,Pentex Publications,Kollam
          • Probability,Transforms and Numerical Techniques,Rajesh kumar T.J.,Pentex Publications,Kollam

          International Journals:

          • Odd Graceful Labeling on Two Classes of Graphs, General Mathematics Notes,Vol.34,June 2016
          • Even Graceful Labeling of a class of Trees,International Journal on Application of Graph Theory in Wireless Adhoc Networks and Sensor Networks (GRAPH-HOC) ,Vol.7,December 2015]] [n
          • A Note on Neighbourhood Prime Labeling,International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics,Vol.4(2016),161-167
          • On Neighbourhod Prime Labeling of Certain Classes of Graphs,Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,Vol.13,N0.6(2017) pp 2133-2142
          • n

          National Journals:

          • Adjacency Matrices of odd Graceful Graphs,Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association,Vol.12,No.2,December 2015,119-124] [n
          • Neighbourhood Prime Labeling of Some Graphs,Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association,Vol.13,No.2,December 2016,147-152

          International Conference:

          • A Note on Total Neighbourhood Prime Labeling of Some Graphs,International Conference on,Science,Engineering,Technology & Management(ICSETM-2017),Kuriakose Elias College,Mannanam,Kottayam,08-09 March 2017
          • n

          National Conference:

          • Gaussian Neighbourhood Labeling,National Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Applications(NSDMA -2017),Centre for Studies in Discrete Mathematics,Vidya Academy of Science and Technology,Thrissur,Kerala,19-21 July,2017