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Name : Dr. Sheeba R

Department : Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Designation : Professor

Sheeba.R received the B.Tech. degree from university of Kerala, M.Tech. degree in power systems from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli and PhD from Kerala University. She is currently with the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala, India, as a Professor. She is acquired guide ship from Kerala Technological University. Her research interests are Power System Dynamics and Control, Power System Optimization, New & Renewable Energy and High Voltage Engineering.


Office Phone:

Mobile: 8547009480


Chandanathoppu. P.O.,


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering from Kerala University
  • MTech, Power Systems at NIT, Trichy
  • BTech, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, TKM College of Engineering

Professional Experience

  • Teaching experience of 19 years

Research Interest

  • Research guide of KTU
  • n]{Power System dynamic & Control
  • Power system optimization
  • New& Renewable Energy

Ongoing PhDs.

  • Solar fed inverter with minimum Harmonics

Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

  • Design and implementation of solar fed inverter with minimum harmonics sponsored by TEQIP II

Awards and Honours

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    • The Institution of Engineers (India)- (MIE)

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • DQAC coordinator-2016-17
    • Infrastructure committee member of the department 2014 on-wards
    • Lab in Charge of Power Electronics Lab 2013-2015
    • Lab in charge of Electronics Circuits Lab 2015 on-wards
    • Faculty in Charge of department library during 2007--2011
    • organizing committee member of Staff Development Program (AICTE) in Testing & Simulation of Power System Components
    • organizing committee member of Faculty Development Program (ISTE) in PARADIGMS, PERSPECTIVES – NEW TRENDS IN RESEARCH on 2011
    • Coordinator of Faculty Development Program (TEQIP) in Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Power System during 28/04/2014 to 3/5/2014
    • Department coordinator of E AP of TEQIP till 2014 November
    • /////////// College level duties////////////
    • Warden, A&B Blocks, UGC Hostel, 2016
    • Warden, Main Ladies Hostel 2015
    • Convener, Electrical & Electronics Engineering works 2015
    • Deputy warden of main ladies hostel 2014-15
    • College Anti ragging committee member 2014 on-wards
    • /////////////Others//////////////
    • Joint Secretary of IEI 2014-2015, Kollam Local centre
    • Executive Committee member of IEI Kollam Local centre 2014 on-wards
    • Deputy Chairman, Board of Examiners, University of Kerala

    Teachng History

    • Subjects handled
    • Power system engineering
    • Power System Analysis
    • Electrical system design & estimation
    • Operations Research
    • Soft computing techniques
    • Numerical methods & computer programming
    • Electrical Machines
    • High Voltage Engineering
    • Basic electrical engineering

    Courses and Training Attended

    • Courses conducted:
    • 1. Faculty development programme on "Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Power System " sponsored by TEQIP –II,28-04-2014 to 03-05-2014.
    • 2. Three Days Workshop on "Effective Management & Maintenance of Electrical Supply System and UPS" sponsored by IIIC of TEQIP –II, December 7 to 9, 2015.
    • 3. Faculty development programme on “Contemporary Developments in Optimization Techniques and Applications" sponsored by TEQIP II from 18th to 23rd of May 2016.
    • n]///////[Courses attended///////
    • 1. Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering Applications (AICTE) during 17-06-2013 to 30-06- 2013 at TKM College of engineering.
    • 2. Modern Trends in Power Electronics and Drives at C.E.T during 29-10-2012 to 3-11-2012.
    • 3. Staff Development Program in Testing & Simulation of Power System Components. T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam. Oct 17th to 22nd 2011, AICTE/ISTE.
    • 4. Reactive Power Management & Power Flow Control in Transmission Systems, 11th -18th October 2010.
    • 5. Power System Analysis & Advanced Testing Methods, C.E.T. Trivandrum, Dec 10- 14 2007,TEQIP.
    • 6. Recent trends & Applications of Digital Signal Processing, C.E.T. Trivandrum, Dec 15- 27 2007, AICTE/ISTE.
    • 7. Ergonomics in Design, T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam, Oct 6 - 19 2003, AICTE/ISTE.
    • 8. IT Enabled Supply Chain Management, T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam, Oct 29 to Nov 10 2001, AICTE/ISTE
    • 9. Neuro - Fuzzy systems in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, T.K.M. College of Engineering, Kollam. Oct 30 to Nov 12 2000, AICTE/ISTE.
    • //////// Training attended////////
    • 1. Participated pedagogical training conducted by Teaching Learning Centre at IIT Madras from 18th to 20th June 2015
    • 2. Implementation of Firefly algorithm in SCILAB and Micro controller at NIT, Trichy on 10th & 11th of October 2014
    • 3.Workshops on fuzzy systems for engg, college teachers, National Institute of Technology,Trichy,24th-25th Feb 2007, TEQIP.
    • 4.Workshops on Control of unstable systems under TEQIP,National institute of Technology,Trichy, 19th-20th DEC2006, TEQIP.
    • 5.Three day workshop on Laboratory experiments in Power systems and high voltage engineering, T.K.M. College of Engineering,Dec 17-19th ,2007.
    • 6.Two days workshop on SEQUAL software, College of Engineering Trivandrum during 29-102010 to 30-10-2010.

    Book Chapter:

    • Electrical Drives and Control for Automation,Pentagon Educational Services

    International Journals:

    • R. Sheeba, Bijuna Kunju K, M. Jayaraju, June 2017, "Optimal Scheduling in Electricity Markets by Swarm Intelligence", Energy Procedia, Elsavier] [n
    • 1. R.sheeba, M.Jayaraju, K.Sundareswaran, June 2014, “Performance Enhancement of PSS through Colony of Foraging Ants”, Electric Power Components and Systems, Taylor and Francis.
    • 2. R.sheeba, M.Jayaraju, K.Sundareswaran, July – August 2013, “Design of PSS using Bees Colony Intelligence”, IJARET, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp. 24-34,
    • 3. R.sheeba , M.Jayaraju, K. Sundareswaran, October 2012, “Bees Colony Intelligence in Optimization-An application to PSS Design”, International Review on Modelling and Simulation (IREMOS).
    • 4. R.sheeba , M.Jayaraju, 2012, “Simulation of Impulse Voltage Generator and Impulse Testing of Insulator using MATLAB Simulink”, International journal for WJMS.

    International Conference:

    • 1. R.Sheeba, M. Jayaraju, K. Sundareswaran, Abhilash R.S, 2014, “Small-Signal Stability Enhancement of Multimachine Systems using PSO tuned Power System Stabilizer”, Int. Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering (ICETREE), pp. 41-47.
    • 2. R.Sheeba, Anju.L.S, 2014, “Small-Signal Stability Enhancement of Western Grid”, Int. Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering (ICETREE-2014), pp. 41-47.
    • 3. R.sheeba, M.Jayaraju, K. Sundareswaran, December-2011, “Identification of Optimal location of SVC through Biologically Inspired Soft Computing Techniques IEEE”, TKM College of Engg, Kollam, Kerala INDIA.
    • 4. K. sundareswaran, R. Sheeba,, “A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach towards Induction motor starting with minimum torque pulsation”, 2008 IEEE Region 10 Colloquium and the Third ICIIS, Kharagpur, INDIA December 8-10.

    National Conference:

    • 1. R.sheeba ,M.Jayaraju, K.Sundareswaran, 2011, “Parameter Estimation of Power system Stabilizer Using Particle Swarm Optimization”, College of Engg, Thriruvananthapuram.
    • 2. R.sheeba, M.Jayaraju, K.Sundareswaran, 2012, “Dynamic stability enhancement of Power Systems using PSO tuned PSS”, IE(India) National Convention at Thiruvananthapuram.