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Name : Dr. Indu M. S.

Department : Civil Engineering

Designation : Assistant Professor


Office Phone:

Mobile: 9497569961


Sreenilayam, TC 25/1828 (3), MELTRA E-1, Mele Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram


  • PhD, Environmental Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, 2010 - 2016
  • M. Tech, Environmental Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, 2008-2010
  • B. Tech, Civil Engineering, RIT Kottayam, 2004 - 2008

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, FISAT, Angamali, Aug 2016 - May 2017
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil ENgineering, TKMCE, Kollam, June 2017 onwards

Research Interest

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Advanced oxidation processes
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Ongoing PhDs.

    Consultancy and Sponsored Projects

    • KTU CERD project - Degradation of industrial wastewater using hybrid electrocoagulation-photocatalytic oxidation system

    Awards and Honours

    • Patent - M. S. Indu, A. K Gupta and S K Srivastava, A method for coating lead dioxide on mild steel by electrodeposition from alkaline bath and coated electrode obtained thereof. (Filed-2014) Patent application no. 709/KOL/2013.
    • Institute silver medal - 2010 - IIT Kharagpur

    Membership in Professional Bodies

      Duties and Responsibilities

      • Faculty advisor - 2017-2021 batch

      Teachng History

      • Quantity surveying and valuation
      • Introduction to sustainable engineering
      • Civil engineering drafting lab
      • Introduction to civil engineering
      • Geomatics
      • Environmental Impact Assessment
      • Design and Engineering
      • Design Project
      • Environmental engineering lab

      Courses and Training Attended

      • STTP on Product Development of an IoT (Internet of Things) Device - June 7 - 9, 2017] [n
      • STC on Research Avenues in Geoenvironmental Engineering - December 4-9, 2017
      • STC on Nurturing Quality Teaching in Engineering Education- December 18-23, 2017
      • STTP on Sustainable Construction Materials- July 16-20, 2018
      • STC on Contemporary Technologies for Water and Wastewater Management- January 7-12, 2019
      • FDP on Soft Skills Development - January 19, 2019

      International Journals:

      • I M S Pillai, Ashok K. Gupta, Performance analysis of a continuous serpentine flow reactor for electrochemical oxidation of synthetic and real textile wastewater: Energy consumption, mass transfer coefficient and economic analysis, J. Environ. Manage., 2017, 193, 524-531.
      • I M S Pillai and A K Gupta, Electrochemical degradation of malachite green: Multivariate optimization, pathway identification and toxicity analysis, J. Environ. Sci. Health A., 2016, 15, 1-9.] [n
      • I M S Pillai and A K Gupta, Anodic oxidation of coke oven wastewater: Multiparameter optimization for simultaneous removal of cyanide, COD and phenol, J. Environ. Manage., 2016, 176, 45-53.
      • I M S Pillai and A K Gupta, Effect of inorganic anions and oxidizing agents on electrochemical oxidation of methyl orange, malachite green and 2,4-dinitrophenol, J. Electroanal. Chem., 2016, 762, 66-72.] [n
      • I M S Pillai and A K Gupta, Batch and continuous flow anodic oxidation of 2,4-dinitrophenol: Modelling, degradation pathway and toxicity, J. Electroanal. Chem., 2015, 756, 108-117.
      • I M S Pillai and A K Gupta, Potentiostatic electrodeposition of a novel cost effective PbO2 electrode: Degradation study with emphasis on current efficiency and energy consumption, J. Electroanal. Chem., 2015, 749, 16-25.] [n
      • I M S Pillai, A K Gupta and M K Tiwari, Multivariate optimization for electrochemical oxidation of methyl orange: Pathway identification and toxicity analysis, J. Environ. Sci. Health A, 2015, 50, 301-310.
      • K Perikamana, I M S Pillai, A K Gupta, A Sulaiman, Investigation onto feasibility of an adsorbent for chromium abatement with its extended application for real mine drainage water, J. Environ. Sci. Health A, 2013, 48(1), 67-78.] [n
      • C Sahoo, A K Gupta, I M S Pillai, Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution using silver ion doped TiO2 and its application to the degradation of real textile wastewater. J. Environ. Sci. Health A, 2012, 47(10), 1428-1438.] [n
      • C Sahoo, A K Gupta, I M S Pillai, Heterogeneous photocatalysis of real textile wastewater: Evaluation of reaction kinetics and characterization. J. Environ. Sci. Health A, 2012, 47(13), 2109-2119.

      International Conference:

      • I M S Pillai, A K Gupta, C Sahoo, Electrochemical oxidation of methylene blue using lead acid battery anode, 5th International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, September 14-15, 2013, New Delhi, India, pp. 70-74.
      • A U K Imam and M S Indu, Construction in nature Vs. Nature of construction, Proceedings of International Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Urban Ecosystems, February 24-26, 2012, IIT Guwahati, India
      • M S Indu, A K Gupta and C Sahoo, Electrochemical oxidation of crystal violet dye (Basic Violet 3) using lead oxide electrodes, Proceedings of the IASTED international conference environmental management and engineering (EME 2011), July 4-6, 2011, Calgary, Canada, pp. 60-66.
      • A K Gupta, M S Indu and S Ayoob, Biomass fuel: Airing issues of health risk, Indo-French Seminar on Indoor Air Quality: Monitoring, Prediction Assessment and Cleaning, May 31-June 3, 2010, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France.

      National Conference:

      • M S Indu and A K Gupta, Electrochemical oxidation-An advanced technique for dye decolourization, National Conference on Advances in Environmental Engineering, 2009, November 14-15, NIT Rourkela, India, pp. 219-221.