Department of Power SystemsTKM College of Engineering Kollam

About the Department of Power Systems

Research in the Power Systems is concerned with the generation, transmission and utilization of electrical energy, this introduces unprecedented challenges and wide scope for power and energy systems research and open up new opportunities to young Power Engineers. Major research areas within the group include power electronics, electric drive systems, power systems, grid integration of renewables and energy storage, magnetic devices and computational electromagnetics.

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Message from the Head of Department

The department is distinguished by its highly collaborative culture as well as its core strength in advanced studies of power systems, control systems, power electronics and systems engineering. The department has remained at the forefront, educating and training the next generation of engineers while driving innovative research and thinking. Our department plans to further improve the quality of research and make a difference at the global level. We constantly look for highly motivated and curious minds who are willing to test the boundaries and are passionate about research. If you are one of them, we look forward to your applications for our Masters and PhD programs.

The Master's degree offered by the department gives the graduate students a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, and practice of power system engineering. The goal of the course is to provide an education that will lead to a career in industry and other research areas. The program is designed to educate a new type of engineering workforce which is currently in high demand.

Area of Research

  • Power electronics
  • Electric drive systems
  • Power systems
  • Grid integration of renewables and energy storage
  • Magnetic devices and computational electromagnetics