The Chemistry Department became a part of T K M College of Engineering in the year 1958. It is one of the major supporting departments. Along with the main streams, the relevant study of engineering materials is very essential for the engineering students.

The faculty handles the classes for engineering chemistry for regular BTech degree students of all branches. The Chemistry department supports the chemical engineering department, by engaging classes up to IVth semester.

The department maintains three well equipped laboratories
(i) Virtual and Demonstration lab
(ii) Engineering chemistry lab
(iii) Analytical lab.
Engineering students of all branches avail these laboratory facilities in order to fulfill their BTech degree syllabus.

Prof. Juhaina Ahad published the following text books
(i) Engineering Chemistry for the first year BTech students.
(ii) Engineering Chemistry lab manual for the first year BTech students.
(iii) Organic Chemistry lab manual for Chemical students.

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The department has proved its excellent academic records. As a supporting department, the faculty cooperates in all curricular and extracurricular activities.



Contact Information

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Dr. A.R Chitra Devi

Associate Professor

Head of the Department
T K M College of Engineering
Karicode, kollam-5


Office Phone: 04742712024

Mobile: 9496271093



(i) Virtual and Demonstration lab




(ii) Engineering Chemistry lab



(iii) Analytical lab



Prof. Juhaina AhadAssociate
Prof. Sreekumar CS Associate
Dr. A.R Chitra Devi Associate
Ms. Sumi RAd-hoc/


Name Designation
Salim.A Lab Assistant
Surumi S Lab Assistant (Paid Trainee)


Text Books

  1. A text book of Engineering Chemistry by Prof. Juhaina Ahad, JAI Publications, Kollam
  2. Engineering Chemistry Lab Manual for First year B. Tech KTU by Prof.Juhaina Ahad, JAI Publications, Kollam
  3. Organic Chemistry Lab Manual- Chemistry for Process Engineers by Prof. Juhaina Ahad, JAI Publications, Kollam



  • Teach students the value of cross-disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other engineering fields of study and work.
  • Promote innovative curriculum development while exposing engineering students to advanced instrumentation and technology.
  • Act as mentors to B.Tech graduates through advising them in research.