The IPR cell of the college aims to create awareness on IPR among the stakeholders of the Institution.

Objectives :
  • To create awareness and educate on Intellectual property rights (IPR) among faculty and students of the college.
  • To advice and guide faculty and students on the importance of IPR.

The IPR cell is supported by Patent Information centre (PIC) – Kerala, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE), Govt. of Kerala.

  • 1. The IPR cell is expected to work as a bridge between PIC- Kerala and TKM.
  • 2. Promotion of IPR among faculty and Students
  • 3. Experience sharing of Faculty who have received Patents from in house and outside the institution
  • 4. IPR Website
  • 5. IPR Policy
  • 6. Form for IP Facilitation Request
  • 7. Identify Patentable invention from student projects
  • 8. Effective functioning of IP Clinic
Faculty Members :
Dr. Anzar S M (ECE) Co-ordinator
Dr. Nissan Kunju (ECE) Member
Dr. Mohammed Mansor O (EEE) Member
Prof. Jini Raju (CSE) Member
Dr. Mubarak Ali (ME) Member
Dr. Indu MS (CE) Member
Prof. Al Ameen A (H) Member
Prof. Sambath RD(Ar) Member