Research Centre

The Department of Civil Engineering is active in consultancy, research and testing in the field of Civil and Construction Engineering. The department is an approved research centre of University of Kerala from the year 2000 onwards and APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University.

Centre for Water Resources and Environmental Management (CWREM) is the research centre functioning in the Department of Civil Engineering since 2016 to undertake research and consultancy in the water and environmental engineering field. The centre is actively involved in the research works and started involving in major consultancy works with LSGD Kerala and Kerala Water Authority. Also, the Civil Engineering department entered into a MoU with Kerala Water Authority (KWA) in the last year and the discussions on undertaking consultancy works are in progress. In the computational research field, the faculty attached with the centre could publish in many SCI indexed journals in the last year by involving in research collaborations with faculty of prestigious international universities. Our institute and Department of Civil Engineering have entered into a MoU with Near East University (NEU) Cyprus and University of Tabriz, Iran in the last year. Currently Four Ph.D. scholars are working under the faculty attached with the centre.

Objectives :
  • To act as a water technology incubator for developing, fine tuning, and disseminating actions to address water related issues.
  • Networking with other Science & Technology institutions and hence provide R&D input to water and environmental management
  • Encouraging collaborative research- Signing MoUs, exchange programmes
  • Develop sophisticated water technology and computational labs
  • Development of experimental setups
  • Develop and conduct short term training programmes
  • Publish and create awareness on key issues of water
  • Knowledge transfer, capacity building and extension activities
  • To take up demand driven consultancy assignments

Some Focus areas
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Hydroinformatics
  • Remote Sensing and GIS applications for natural resource management
  • Hydrosystems optimization
  • Climate change and its impact on hydrology and hydrologic extremes
  • Integrated river basin/watershed management
  • Urban hydrology
  • Water quality modeling
  • Water quality monitoring and assessment
  • Design of water and waste water treatment systems
  • Water auditing
  • Water policy
  • Environmental forensic
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Water management plans
  • Soil and water conservation

How it functions?
  • Sign MoU with academic institutions/scientific research organizations for collaborative research and actively involve in it
  • Take up research and consultancy projects
  • Ensure student participation in research projects
  • Conduct certificate courses (training) to students (by charging a nominal fee)

Long term goal

Starting PG course (interdisciplinary character- water and environmental engineering)

Faculty potential

Faculty Specialization Teaching Experience
Dr. Adarsh S. Water Resources Engineering 17
Dr. Muhammed Siddik A. Environmental Geotechnology 12
Prof. Mamatha M. Environmental Engineering 9
Prof. Sruthi R.Krishnan Environmental Geotechnology 9
Dr. J. Udayakumar Geology 17
Dr. Priya K. L. Environmental Engineering 15
Dr. Indu M. S. Environmental Engineering 5
Prof. Athul M. Madhu Water Resources Engineering 2

Research Facilities

The department has well equipped laboratories for offering laboratory courses, and undertaking projects. Some of the facilities include Computational Lab, Water Research Lab and Environmental Engineering Lab. Volumetric analysis, gravimetric analysis and instrumental methods are practiced in the experimental laboratories. Some of the facilities available in the department are given in the table.

Computational Lab Environmental Engineering Lab Water Research Lab
MATLAB BOD incubator Visible Spectrophotometer
ANSYS (with CFD component) Water Quality Analyser Rotary Shaker
MIDAS Muffle Furnace Flame Photometer
STAAD (water and wastewater modules) UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Magnetic Stirrer
R packages for statistical hydrology COD digester Current Meter
EPANET Nephelo-turbidity meter Centrifuge
QGIS pH meter Settling column facility
Hot Air Oven Annular Flume
Jar Test Apparatus Electrocoagulation Reactor
Double distillation unit COD reactor
Ion meter Particle Image capturing system

Research Facilities

Dr. Indu MS, Degradation of industrial wastewater using hybrid electrocoagulation- photocatalytic oxidation system (CERD) 2017-2020

Dr. Priya K.L. Studies on the dynamics of suspended sediments in a deep estuary on the south west coast of India (TEQIP) 2018-2019

Prof. Athul M Madhu, Development of Water Quality Index for the Assesment of Trophic status of an estuarine system (TEQIP)(2019-20)

Prof Athul M Madhu Development of Trophic State Index for Freshwater and Brackish lake Ecosystem of Southern Kerala (2019-22)

Dr. Adarsh S ‘Finer scale rainfall projection for Kerala meteorological subdivision by statistical downscaling of GCM simulations (CERD Kerala) (2013-16)

Dr. AdarshS, Dr. Muhammed Siddik A, UG R&D Project of IE (India)-Developing sub daily IDF curves for urban cities in Kerala meteorological subdivision using Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition and scaling theory (2015-16)

Dr. AadrshS, Dr. Muhammed Siddik A, Research seed money of TEQIP II -An investigation into the percolation of rainwater on permeable pavements using rainfall simulator (2016-17)

Consultancy Projects
  • “Preparation of Detailed Project Report for the Rejuvenation and Conservation of Thamarachal Lake, Puliyoor” funded by LSGD, Alappuzha (2020)
  • River rejuvenation of Pamaba river (for Water Resources Department, Government of Kerala )
  • Design of drainage system for Residential Apartment as part of the Care Home Project, Kadakkal

  • Kerala Water Authority

Research Profile Statistics – At a Glance
  • No. of Scopus publications by faculty in last 5 years – 21
  • No. of SCI publications by faculty in last 5 years – 38
  • Number of SCI publications through foreign collaborations in last year - 6
  • No. of publications in international and national conferences in last 5 years – 144
  • No. of student publications – Indexed Journals 16 (SCI : 7)

Programmes Organized by the centre
  • AICTE(QIP) Short term course on ‘Advanced Techniques for Water Resources and Environmental Management’ during Feb 15-20, 2016
  • TEQIP sponsored workshop on ‘An Introduction to QGIS” July 23-28, 2018
  • AICTE(QIP) Short term course on ‘Contemporary technologies for Water and Wastewater Management’ during January 7-12, 2019
  • TEQIP sponsored workshop on ‘An Introduction to QGIS” July 24-30, 2019
  • World water day celebrations – 2017, 2018, 2019
  • “Research prospects in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering” during 15th-19th of September, 2020 by Dr. Indu MS. and Prof. Athul M. Madhu.
  • Contribution in organization and technical talk in TKM-University of Leeds Workshop on Rebuilding Resilient Kerala After Floods 2018, Jan 6, 7 2019 MUSCOT Hotel Trivandrum

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has an open and collaborative culture that promotes innovative fundamental research in computer science and strong internal and external cross-cutting collaborations. Research in the Computer Science department concentrates on foundational problems with real-life applications. Our department is a research center at the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Two faculty members have been registered as guides in APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and have seven registered research scholars. Faculty lead groups of research scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students in fundamental computer science and engineering areas, like Algorithms, Data mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Networks, as well as emerging interdisciplinary fields, including the Bio Medical area. Every year, multiple numbers of research papers are published/presented in International/ National journals/ conferences by research scholars, graduate and under graduate students as an outcome of ongoing research. The department took initiative to get research collaboration with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences,Trivandrum forgetting clinical expertise and clinical validation and started working in collaboration with them since 2018 by signing an MoU with them.The majority of our faculty members are continuing their research in various streams to develop principled solutions to problems and illustrate solutions with working prototypes.