Space Technology Laboratory

The space technology laboratory offers state of the art facilities for exploring the field of cryogenics. The laboratory carries out various research as well as R&D consultation works on fields related to cryogenics, CFD, composites, etc. In addition to this, various collaborative works with renowned institutions in and outside India have been taken up and successfully completed within the stipulated time. The laboratory has enormous research output comprising of 2PhDs, 2 ongoing PhDs, various MTech and BTech projects, SCI, SCIE Scopus indexed journals, numerous national and international conferences, etc. The laboratory presently carries out collaborative research activities with Kookmin (South Korea), UPM and UTM (Malaysia), Mahidol (Thailand), Kyushu (Japan), IITG, KSCSTE (Thiruvananthapuram) for exchange of students and research facilities. The Lab has also produced two PhDs and two more ongoing.

Cryogenic Facilities
  • 1. Cryogen Storage and Handling facilities (Dewar Vessels x 2)
  • 2. Pressure and Temperature Sensors (Cryogenic)
  • 3. Mass flow meter
  • 4. Copper Transfer Lines (helical and coiled) Test Rig
Composite Fabrication Facilities
  • 1. VARTM
  • 2. EPD Bath
  • 3. Temperature Assisted Vacuum Degassing Owen (Prototype)
  • 4. Mechanical Stirrer (Remi RQ-5 Plus)
  • 5. Extruder Machine (Prototype)
  • 6. Compression Moulding Equipment (Prototype)
Other Equipment
  • 1. IR Temperature Gun
  • 2. Weighing Balance (SF-400, 1g to 10000g)
  • 3. Vacuum gauges and pressure gauge
Faculty in Charge Dr.Reby Roy Associate Professor

Funded Projects
SI. No Title Funding Agency "Amount(Lakhs)" Status
1 Experimental studies on chill-down of helical coiled liquid nitrogen pipes with continuous and pulsed flow. TEQIP 1.2 Completed
2 Experimental and computational studies on helium mass requirement for cryogenic propellant tanks TEQIP 0.3 Completed
3 Investigations on the effect of internal coatings on the heat transfer and fluid quality during chill-down of cryogenic fluids TEQIP 2 Completed

Collaborative Research Works
SI. No Title Collaborating Agency Status
1 Numerical Evaluation of Fluid Microjet Nozzle for Effective Dispersion on a Skin Phantom Model Kookmin University Completed
2 Size Based Hydrodynamic Rare Tumor Cell Separation using a Helical Channel Kookmin University Completed
3 Development of Energy Efficient LPG and Kerosene Cooking Stove with Porous Radiant Burner (IMPRINT) IIT Guwahati, MHRD Completed
4 Numerical Studies on Microchannel to find its Potential Applications in effective Cooling Systems UPM, Malaysia Completed
5 Plastic Waste Recovery (Pyrolytic Treatment Equipment) KSCSTE Ongoing