Research Scholars

SI.No Research Scholar Supervisor Co-Supervisor Title of Thesis / Area of Research Research Type /University Status
1 HASHIM V Dr P. N. Dileep Investigation on the mechanical behaviour of coronary stents Part Time / Kerala Completed
2 M Shamnadh Dr P. N. Dileep Analytical Evaluation of Mechanical Deformation of Human Bone Part Time / Kerala Ongoing
3 Reshmi S. L Dr P. N. Dileep Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mechanical Deformation of Bone Part Time / Kerala Ongoing
4 Abhijith K R Dr Mohammed Sadhikh Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Full Time / KTU Ongoing
5 Arun Jacob Dr K. A. Shafi Experimental and Numerical Studies on Synthetic Jet Impingement Cooling Part Time / KTU Completed
6 Siji Kumar Dr K. A. Shafi Dr Rijo Jacob Thomas Studies on Green Buildings QIP / KTU Ongoing
7 Robin David Dr K. A. Shafi Dr Baiju V. Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Bio Briquettes/Bio Diesel Extraction from Water Hyacinth and Agricultural Wastes Part Time / KTU Ongoing
8 Rizwan Rasheed Dr Ashfak A Magneto Rheological (MR) Fluids and its applications Part Time / KTU Ongoing
9 Kavitha Mol S Dr Sadiq A. Investigation of Soft body impact on FML Part Time / KTU Completed
10 Sinu Jacob Dr Sadiq A. Corrosion of Magnesium Alloy Part Time / KTU Ongoing
11 Thulaseedharan. R Dr Sadiq A. Investigation on Incremental forming process on DP steel Part Time / KTU Ongoing
12 Lekshmi Krishna S Dr Nizar Hussain M Management Full Time / KTU Ongoing
13 Ashma Ahamed Dr Nizar Hussain M Management UGC-JRF / Ongoing
14 Anandhu Krishnan Dr Mathew Skaria Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicles AICTE NDF / Ongoing
15 Anver Sadath A Dr Mathew Skaria Cryo-ball Milling QIP / KTU Ongoing
16 Renjish Vijay Dr Aju Kumar V. N. Dr A Sadiq Tribological Study of Coatings Full Time / KTU Ongoing
17 Ahammad Vazim K A Dr Aju Kumar V. N. Material Science Part Time / KTU Ongoing
18 Syed Muhammed Fahd Dr Aju Kumar V. N. Path Planning of Robots Part Time / KTU Ongoing
19 Arun B S Dr Aju Kumar V. N. Part Time / KTU Ongoing
20 Mathew P Dr Jesna Mohammed Material Science QIP / KTU Ongoing
21 Aravind J Dr K E Reby Roy Plastic Waste Recovery NDF / KTU Ongoing
22 Manu M Dr K E Reby Roy Dr Mubarak Ali M. Experimental and numerical study in the area of composite materials NDF / KTU Ongoing
23 Mohammed Faizal H Dr K E Reby Roy Superconductivity Full Time / KTU Ongoing
24 Arun J. Dr Raj Ansalam Dr K E Reby Roy Numerical And Experimental Analysis of Characterisation of Composite Materials Part Time / KTU Ongoing
25 Sajitha Beegom A Dr Jayasree P K Dr K. E. Reby Roy Civil Engineering and Allied Branches Part time / KTU Ongoing
26 ASHOK K B Dr Rijo Jacob Thomas Dr Jose Prakash Investigation on the Fine Tuning of Different Performance Parameters of High Temperature Superconductors NDF / KTU Completed
27 Tony John Dr Rijo Jacob Thomas Dr Shafi K A Investigations on the Design And Development Of Capacitance Based Void Fraction Sensor For Cryogenic Two-Phase Flow Part Time / KTU Ongoing
28 Sreesh P S Dr Rijo Jacob Thomas Dr Umesh P Investigation On Metal Additive Manufacturing Using Molten Metal and Optimization Of Process Parameters Part Time / KTU Ongoing
29 Binet Monachan Dr Rijo Jacob Thomas Dr Mathew Skaria Measurement Of Cryogenic Two-Phase Flow Using Capacitance Level Gauge Sensor NDF / KTU Ongoing
30 Shajan S Dr Baiju V. Effective Utilization of Solar Energy QIP Completed
31 Asif Sha A Dr Baiju V. Continuously Operating Solar Adsorption Refrigeration System with PCM As Thermal Energy Storage QIP Completed
32 Abhishek P Dr Baiju V. Hybrid Adsorption Desalination and Cooling System Part Time / KTU Ongoing
33 Syam Kumar G Dr Baiju V. Heat Transfer Enhancement in Micro Channel Part Time / KTU Ongoing
34 Krishna Raj V Dr Baiju V. Heat Energy Storage Full Time / KTU Ongoing
35 Kasyap V Dr Baiju V. Full Time / KTU Ongoing
36 Lijin Thomas Dr Mubarak Ali M. Dr Aju Kumar V. N. Investigations on Cryogenic Treated Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite for Sustainability NDF / KTU Ongoing
37 Sibi S P Dr Mubarak Ali M. Material Science NDF / KTU Ongoing
38 Rakesh Pillai Dr Mubarak Ali M. Dr Anand Sekhar Development of Al Alloy Composite with Agro Ash and Synthetic Ceramic Particles Part Time / KTU Ongoing
39 Ajimshad A Dr Anand Sekhar Computational Material Science Part Time / KTU Ongoing
40 Renju C Daniel Dr Anand Sekhar Alloy Development and Testing Full Time / KTU Ongoing
41 Kannan S Dr Anand Sekhar Additive Manufacturing Part Time / KTU Ongoing