Expert Talks

SI.No Title Resource Persons Date
1 Creative Design and automotive industry "Mr. Renjith Koshy John Programme Lead, Creative Design, General Motors" 7th November 2020
2 Cryogenics and Vacuum in Space Application "Prof. Kasturirengan Professor (Rtd.) IISC Bangalore" 9th October 2020
3 Vacuum Technology "Prof. Kasturirengan Professor (Rtd.) IISC Bangalore" 8th September 2020
4 What after B.Tech "Mr.Rajesh Sasidha CGP Career Avenues" 14th August 2020
5 Turbine Installation "Er. Bindu Natesan, Project Manager (Rtd.), Alstom" 26th February 2019
6 Opportunities in ISRO "Er. Biju A P, LPSC, ISRO, Trivandrum" 25th February 2019
7 Career Orientation "Dr. Shaji Senadhipan, Director, LBS" 25th February 2019
8 Metal Additive Manufacturing "Dr. Khalid Rafi, Global Lead Engineer, UL Intl., Singapore" 13th February 2019
9 Industry 4.0 "Dr. Saji Gopinath CEO, Kerala Start up Mission" 28th October 2018
10 Career Orientation Program "Praveen V Thampi, Chief of New Bar Mill Operations, Tata Steel Ltd." 28th July 2018