Funded Projects

SI.No Name of faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount (Lakhs) Duration Progress/outcome
1 Department FIST program to srengthen the research facilities in the department DST 69 2022-27 Ongoing
2 Dr. Anand Sekhar R Fine grained Al-Nb-Ta-Ti-Zr refractory High Entropy Alloys processed through powder metallurgy route: Analysis of phase evolution and properties CERD 1.9 2021-2024 Ongoing
3 Dr. K E Reby Roy Design, Development, testing and automation of LPG, PNG, and CNG operated refractory burners for cooking and industrial applications (IMPRINT II) SERB 9 2022-25 Ongoing
4 Prof. Ajimshad A. Thermo-structural investigations on ionic liquid modified carbon fiber epoxy composites in a cryogenic environment CERD 1.9 2021-2024 Ongoing
5 Dr. Sadiq A Investigation into soft body impact on laminated composites. ARDB, Ministry of defense 20.61 2020-23 Ongoing
6 Dr. Mathew Skaria,
Dr. KA. Shafi
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas
Development of capacitance base flow meters for laminar two phase flow of liquid nitrogen BRNS - DAE 21.51 2019-21 Ongoing
7 Dr. Mubarak Ali M Direct Solar Heating aided vacuum bag curing process of glass fibre reinforced composite laminates CRED 1.63 2019-21 Ongoing
8 Dr. Mubarak Ali M Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas Investigations on Cryogenic Treatment of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites for Sustainable Automotive Industry TEQIP-II Four Funds 1 2019-20 Ongoing
9 Dr. Baiju V Experimental investigations on performance characteristics of briquettes from water hyacinth and agricultural wastes TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.5 2019-20 Ongoing
10 Dr. Anand Sekhar R Dr. Mubarak Ali M Development of Aluminium metal matrix composites using marble dust as a novel reinforcement TEQIP-II Four Funds 1 2019-20 Ongoing
11 Dr. Baiju V. Development of solar vapour adsorption refrigeration system for low temperature applications CRED 2 2017-20 Ongoing
12 Dr. K E Reby Roy Design and Development of energy efficient and environment Friendly LPG and kerosene cooking stoves with porous radiant burners for household and large-scale cooking applications MHRD 3 2019-20 Completed
13 Prof. Mohammed Zakkeer, Prof. Resmi SL Numerical and Experimental investigations on rabbit bone TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.29 2019-20 Completed
14 Prof. Hashim.V, Prof. Firoz N. Experimental investigation on the mechanical behaviour of artery stents TEQIP-II Four Funds 0.91 2018-19 Completed
15 Prof. Rizwan Rasheed, Prof. Jesna Mohammed An Experimental Investigation on Childown of Helical Cryogenic Transfer lines quoted with non conducting materials under pulsating flow TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.72 2018-19 Completed
16 Dr. K E Reby Roy Effective utilization of waste plastic KSCSTE 3 2017-18 Completed
17 Dr. Sadiq A. ACuTe-Anacusis (hearing loss) curing technology KSCSTE 4.3 2017-18 Completed
18 Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas, Dr. Mathew Skaria and Dr. Shafi KA Design and development of Capacitance type Void Fraction measurement sensor for two phase flow of cryogenic fluids BRNS - DAE 30.79 2017-20 Completed
19 Dr. Jose S, Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas Study on the effect of Cryo treatment on advanced tool material TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.69 2016-17 Completed
20 Dr. Mathew Skaria, Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas Experimental setup for measurement of multilayer insulation effectiveness TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.6 2016-17 Completed
21 Dr. Ashfak A., Dr. K. E. Reby Roy, Prof. Jesna Mohammed Study on the effect of internal coating on the heat transfer and fluid quality during chilldown of cryogenic fluids TEQIP-II Four Funds 2 2016-17 Completed
22 Prof. Ahammad Vazim K.A Effect of addition of Titanium nano particles on the Mechanical Properties of Centrifugally cast Aluminum alloy TEQIP-II Four Funds 0.99 2016-17 Completed
23 Prof. Sharos H Dr. P.N. Dileep Studies on the performance evaluation of a self-navigating autonomous vehicle TEQIP-II Four Funds 0.67 2016-17 Completed
24 Prof. Resmi Prof. Jessin T.A Experimental investigation on mechanical behaviour of femur bone under various load TEQIP-II Four Funds 1.74 2016-17 Completed
25 Dr. K.A Shafi, Dr. Mathew Skaria, Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas Development of Emissivity Measurement Setup and Studies of Emissivity of Cryo components down to 77K BRNS - DAE 27.31 2015-19 Completed