Cryogenic Research Laboratory

"The Cryogenic Research Laboratory (CRL) provides a one-of-a kind capability for research, development and application of cross-cutting technologies required in the field of cryogenics. CRL has been formed in the year 2015 and is spearheading the research activities carried out by the department in the field of cryogenics.
The mission of CRL is to perform experimental and theoretical research in the fields of cryogenics so as to cater to the needs of sector like aerospace, mechanical, electrical, defence, energy, nuclear, chemical, and space applications.
The focus areas include cryogenic flow systems, property studies at cryogenic temperatures, thermal insulation systems, cryogenic components; low temperature treatment applications, cryogenic storage systems, and integrated very low temperature refrigeration and liquefaction systems. The overall objective is to produce practical solutions to low-temperature problems while focusing on long-term technology targets for energy-efficient cryogenics on Earth and in space. The activities in CRL are mainly component and system level experiments, theoretical modeling, numerical and computational fluid dynamics modeling, and developing innovative and revolutionary applications for scientific, industrial, and governmental purpose. "

"CRL has achieved tremendous growth in the last five years in terms of funded research, research facilitates, equipment, collaborative projects and publications. Number of research facilities is created and available in CRL for research activities for students and faculty. Till now, three research projects have been awarded by BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India. CRL provides cryogenic fluids like liquid nitrogen, provides general services concerning cryogenic techniques, and manages cryogenic high-pressure gas/liquid cylinders for the various departments and laboratories of the college. Undergraduate, Post graduate and Ph.D students working in the field of cryogenics utilizes the facilities of CRL. The laboratory’s safety features include protective gears, exhaust fan system, fire extinguishers, pressure relief systems, etc. "

Cryogenic Facilities
  • 1. Cryogenic Treatment Facility
  • 2. Cryogenic Vacuum Creation Setup
  • 3. Facility for measurement of Thermal Conductivity at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • 4. Emissivity measurement facility at Cryogenic conditions
  • 5. Void Fraction measurement Setup for Cryogenic Fluids
  • 6. Two-phase Cryogenic Flow Measurement Facility
  • 7. Data Acquisition Systems
  • 8. Function Generator
  • 9. LCR Meter
  • 10. Vacuum Pump
  • 11. Cryogenic Dewars of multiple capacities
Other Equipment
  • 1. IR Temperature Gun
  • 2. Weighing Balance (SF-400, 1g to 10000g)
  • 3. Vacuum gauges and pressure gauge
Faculty in Charge Dr. K.A. Shafi Professor

Funded Projects /Research Activities
SI. No Decription Investigators Funding Agency Collaborator Amount (Lakhs) Year
1 Development of Capacitance based Flow Meters for Laminar Two Phase flow of Liquid Nitrogen Dr. Mathew Skaria,
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas,
Dr. Shafi K.A.
Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) BRNS Scheme Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Ahmadabad 22 2020-21
2 Investigatory Study on Vacuum Qualified Materials Dr. Shafi K.A.
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas
TEQIP II IISc., Bangalore 1.8 2017-18
3 Experimental Setup for Measurement of Multilayer Insulation Efficiency Dr. Mathew Skaria,
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas
TEQIP II IISc., Bangalore 1.6 2017-18
4 Cryogenic Treatment on advanced tool materials Dr. S. Jose,
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas
TEQIP II IISc., Bangalore 1.7 2017-18
5 Development of Capacitance Type Void Fraction Sensor for Cryogenic 2 Phase Flow Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas,
Dr. Mathew Skaria,
Dr. Shafi K.A.
"Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Nuclear Fusion Project (NFP) by BRNS " Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Ahmadabad 30 2016-17
6 Development of Emissivity measurement Setup and Studies of emissivity of Cryocomponents down to 77K "Dr. Shafi K.A.
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas,
Dr. Mathew Skaria, "
"Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) BRNS Scheme" Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Ahmadabad 25 2015-16