Energy Research Lab

The energy research laboratory is a recent addition to the Mechanical Engineering Department, focusing on the research in the area of energy. The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities for enabling the research and consultancy work in the field of conventional and renewable energy production and storage. The lab is well equipped to determine the calorific value and proximate analysis of biomass briquettes with the highest precision by employing the most modern technology. A separate section is devoted to the weather station (Model Ambient weather station WS-2902A) for the research in the area of green buildings / solar collector etc, which is capable of uploading the weather data to the cloud regarding solar radiation, wind velocity, UV induction, humidity, wind direction, rainfall, pressure, indoor humidity, outdoor temperature, and outdoor humidity. The solar section details parabolic solar thermal collectors and composite collectors for hot water applications. Other facilities include a data acquisition system and flow measuring device for fluid flows at the micro-level including a visualization facility. This lab, which is equipped with a sufficient number of computer systems, helps the research scholars to familiarize themselves with the use of software in design and analysis. At present, several research and project works are going on by the research scholars and UG/PG students. The faculty and research scholars in the laboratory are presently striving towards the development of experimental and computational facilities for teaching and research in the area of renewable energy harvesting and its applications. Important ongoing research areas include solar adsorptions cooling system, solar desalination system, concentrating solar power technologies, micro-channel heat transfer, advanced heat transfer fluids, heat storage unit, biomass, and bioenergy, adsorption refrigeration, atmospheric water generator, etc. The consultancy works are under the preliminary stage. The Energy Research lab in the Department also facilitates research activities in collaboration with many Industries/organizations such as Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi, New Leaf dynamic technologies, etc.

Funded Projects
SI. No Title Funding Agency "Amount(Lakhs)" Status
1 Development of solar vapour adsorption refrigeration system for low temperature applications CERD 2 Ongoing
2 Experimental investigations on performance characteristics of briquettes from water hyacinth and agricultural wastes TEQIP 1.5 Ongoing