Nano Fluids Research Lab

Equipped with special facilities like viscometer, thermal property analyzer, ultrasonic agitator the lab provides ample scope for research projects in the related areas. Research scholars and students utilize these facilities for their projects which facilitate them to produce quality outputs. Magnetic stirrer and refrigerated centrifuge facilities available in the lab can be used for the successful synthesis of nano structured materials. Facilities in the lab (Brookefield viscometer and KD-2 thermal property analyser) is extensively used for consultancy and testing of liquid and solid samples which can enhance the collaborations with educational institutions of national importance.

Equipments / Facilities
1 Brookefield viscometer
2 KD-2 thermal property analyser (Decagon devices USA)
3 Ultrasonic agitator
4 Heat flux meter (Omega)

Faculty in Charge
Prof. Manjith Shukkur Assistant Professor
Dr. Anand Sekhar R Assistant Professor

Funded Projects
SI. No Title Funding Agency "Amount(Lakhs)" Status
1 Experimental investigation on mechanical behaviour of femur bone under various load TEQIP 1.74 Completed
2 Experimental investigation on the mechanical behaviour of artery stents TEQIP 0.91 Completed
2 Numerical and Experimental investigations on rabbit bone TEQIP 1.29 Completed