The Administrative Office of T K M College of Engineering works under the direct supervision of Principal and consists of Administrative Assistant, Accounts Officer, Senior Superintendent, Junior Superintendents (2), Head Accountant, Head Clerk, Senior Clerks, Clerks, Steno/Typists and last grade staff. All matters related to staff and students of the college are processed and maintained here.

Office Timings

Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Holidays All Second Saturdays, Sundays and Govt. Holidays

Service Available

  • Academic : Admission, Withdrawal, Issue of Transfer Certificates , Course & Conduct Certificates, Railway and bus concession to students, AICTE approval and affiliation of new courses, University examination matters, preparation and maintenance of admission registers, Scholarships/Stipends and other education concessions to students and all other works related to all UG and PG courses running in the college.
  • Establishment : Appointment, Promotion, Deputation etc. of all staff members, Staff selection (by direct recruitment) by Governing Body, Maintenance of attendance registers, leave, vacation duty, short term courses of all staff members, Annual Reports, Salary Certificates , Establishment services and other allied matters.
  • Accounts : Fee collection, accounting, DCB, Maintenance of Cash Boook, Audit report, Income Tax, Store, Preparation of salary bills and arrear bills of teaching and non-teaching staff, PG, QIP Plan, PTDC Bills etc., Provident Fund, GI and SLI and maintenance of acquaintance rolls etc. and all other works related to accounts and allied matters.

Name Designation Qualifications Contact No.
A K Najeem Administrative Assistant B Sc 8547214787
Sree Kumari L Accounts Officer M A 9400194430 9496412024
Sadiq S T Senior Superintendent M A 9847005513
Bindu Shafi Junior Superintendent (Establishment) B Sc 9495434872
Bindhu M L Junior Superintendent (Academic) B A 9526233520
Mini Sreenivasan Head Clerk B A 9995004217
Najeeba P M Head Accountant B Sc 9744810782
Sandhya Shareef Senior Clerk M Com 9495376835
Afzal A M Senior Clerk M Com 9995454711
Sajitha T K Senior Clerk M Sc.B Ed, PGDCA 9446906061
Hassan M R Senior Clerk M A 9495042875
Salahudeen S Senior Clerk M Com 9947970846
Indu Shareef Senior Clerk M A, MBA 8281491270
Anvar A Senior Clerk M A, B Ed. 9947790387
Muhammed Rafi N. Senior Clerk 7025003596
Semi A Clerk B A, B Ed 8281859972
Lukhman A.H. Clerk 9446728643
Bijoya N. Clerk B.A 9605391115
Asif P.S. Clerk 8907690145
Ahammed Yasir S Clerk M. A, B. Ed 9605116024
Shabanu S Clerk B Sc 7025420736
Farzan Ahammed V.A Clerk B.Com 8138996602
Deepa Sebastian Steno Typist(HG) B Com, PGDT 9447894455
Sini N UD Typist B Com 9847865558
Seena S L D Typist(HG) B Sc, B Ed. 9495730969
Navas S Office Attendant (HG) Office Attendant (HG)
Sulthan M Office Attendant (HG) 9947364547
P Nizam Office Attendant (HG) 9995348384
Sreeja Kumari V Non-Technical Attender 9746356473
Bathisha Beevi T Office Attendant(HG) 8086265754
Aisha Beevi S Library Assistant 9562991648
Anwar Sadath A Libarary Assistant 9495849457
V.Rajan Office Attendant(HG) 9544877162
Sirajudeen I Office Attendant(HG) 9995240960
Thahira Beevi N Office Attendant(HG) 8075874725
Shaji T Gardener(HG) 9995056384
Yahilamudeen S Office Attendant(HG) 8848697101
Noushad S Office Attendant 9447065478
Nizamudeen A Watchman 9567711900
Suma N Sweeper 8129317132
Ambika G Sweeper 8129617053
Sheeja S Sweeper 9747446354
Hazeena D M Sweeper 9895804369
Shihabudeen A Watchman 9562282882
Hannath M Sanitation Worker 9747106761
Navas J Watchman 9496537409
Bindhu L Part-Time Sweeper 9961589720
Rageena K Part-Time Sweeper 9961743789
Nidhun M. Part-Time Sweeper 8893174037
Anas A Part-Time Sweeper 9447109235
Shamir S Part-Time Sweeper 9995288468
Sulbath S Part-Time Sweeper 7736266604
Sofiya S Part-Time Sweeper 7025441950