Architecture Departement

SI.No Guide Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Dili A. S. 1. Passive environment control system of Traditional Architecture
2. Lightweight Technology for reducing resources and cost
3. Thermal Comfort
- 5

Departement of Chemistry

SI.No Guide Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Habeeb Muhammed M A Nano materials 0 1

Departement of Civil Engineering

SI.No Guide Area Of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Sajeeb R Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Control, Substructuring Concepts in Dynamic Testing & System Identification, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Sustainable Building Materials 0 3
2 Dr. M Nazeer Concrete Technology, Durability of Concrete, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Fibre Reinforced Concrete 0 3
3 Dr. Anu V. Thomas Construction Management, Construction Labour Productivity, Risk Management in Construction Projects, Performance of PPP Projects, Sustainable construction materials, Durability of Concrete 0 1
4 Dr. Adarsh S. Optimization of Hydrosystems Using Stochastic Search Algorithms, Predictive Modeling in Hydrology and Hydraulics Using Data Driven Techniques, Stochastic Hydrology, Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Hydrosystems, Use of Wavelet Transforms and Hilbert Huang Transform for Spectral Analysis of Hydro-meteorological Datasets, Hydroclimatology 0 2
5 Dr. Ramaswamy K P Chemical Attack in Concrete, Special Concrete, Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete, Concrete Deterioration, Supplementary Cementing Materials, Durability of Concrete, Cement Chemistry,Alkali Activated Materials, Characterization of Construction Materials, Sustainable Building Materials 0 2
6 Dr. Muhammed Siddik A. Ground Improvement Technique, Environmental-Geo technology, Environmental Forensics, Environmental Law 0 0
7 Dr. Priya K. L. Estuarine hydrodynamics, Estuarine sediment dynamics, trace metal partitioning, contaminant transport through porous media water and wastewater treatment 0 2
8 Dr. Sreeja Balakrishnan Ground improvement, Slope stability analysis 0 0
9 Dr. Indu M. S. Industrial wastewater treatment, Advanced oxidation processes, Water and wastewater treatment 0 0
10 Dr. Udayakumar J. Carrying capacity based developmental planning, Environmental Studies, Engineering Geology, Climate change studies 1 3

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

SI.No Guide Area Of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Ansamma John Image Processing and Mining, Bio Medical Image Processing, AppliedComputing,Theoretical Computer Science,Computer Vision 0 6
2 Dr. Manu J Pillai Computer Networking and Mobile Computing, Intelligent Computing 0 1

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering

SI.No Guide Area Of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. T A Shahul Hameed Design and development of Organic Electronic devices 0 5
2 Dr.Ansar S.M. Image Processing Nil 2
3 Dr.Nissan Kunju Biomedical instrumentation , medical robotics , MEMS Nil 2

Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

SI.No Guide Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. C Ushadevi Amma Ultrasound assisted optical elastography,Developing Bio-medical instruments, Virtual Instrumentation, Control and Instrumentation 4
2 Dr.Imthias Ahamed Reinforcement Learning, Power System Scheduling, Optimal Control Theory 2 3
3 Dr. Sheeba R. Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Smart Metering, Power System Prediction using Soft computing Techniques
4 Dr. Sabeena Beevi Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Applications of AI in Electrical and Biomedical engineering
5 Dr. Mohammed Shanir P. P. Bio-Signal Processing, Data Analysis, Induction Heating, Electric Vehicles, AI, Brain Computer Interfacing
6 Dr. Sheik Mohammed S. Solar, Microgrid, Electric Vehicles, Machine Learning 1
7 Dr. Mathew P. Abraham Non-Linear System Analysis and Control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control, Robotics, Game Theoretical Analysis of Energy Markets, Microgrid development and Control, Smart Home Energy Management Systems

Dept. of Mathematics

SI.No Guide Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Mathew Varkey T.K. Graph Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory 9 5

Dept. of Computer Application

SI.No Guide Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Nadera Beevi S Compilers, Machine Learning 0 2

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

SI.No. Name Area of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
Supervisor Co-Supervisor Supervisor Co-Supervisor
1 Dr. P. N. Dileep "Bio Mechanics
Fracture Mechanics"
0 0 3 0
2 Dr. K. A. Shafi Cryogenics; Green Buildings 1 0 3 2
3 Dr. Sadiq A. "New Product Development
Abrasive Assisted Surface Finishing"
0 0 3 1
4 Dr. Aju Kumar V. N. "Tribology" 0 0 1 1
5 Dr. Mathew Skaria "Cryogenics
0 0 1 1
6 Dr. K E Reby Roy "Computational Fluid Dynamics
Finite Element Methods
Cryogenic Materials and chill down Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
Bio-medical Engineering"
3 0 4 2
7 Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas "Process Modeling and Simulation of Cryogenic Systems
Cryogenic Liquefaction and Refrigeration Technologies
Energy and Exergy based Thermodynamic Analysis
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
High-temperature superconductors"
0 0 5 1
8 Dr. Baiju V. "Solar Cooling systems
Heat Transfer studies
Refrigeration systems
Composite parabolic collectors
Exergy Analysis
0 0 5 1
9 "Dr. Mubarak Ali M." "Composite Materials
Novel Composite Design
Composite Manufacturing
Design of Experiments
Data Analytics
Wear Analysis"
0 0 3 1
10 Dr. Anand Sekhar "High Entropy Alloys
Alloy development and Testing
Material Characterization
High Temperature Materials"
0 0 0 1
11 Dr. Jose Prakash M (Rtd.) "Refrigeration Heat Transfer" 3 0 2 0
12 Dr. K. K. Abdul Rasheed (Rtd.) "Cryogenics MR Fluids" 3 1 2 0
13 Dr. S. Jose (Rtd.) Fracture Mechanics 3 0 0 0