Biomechanics Research Centre

Biomechanics laboratory is a recent addition to the mechanical Engineering department. Research interests in the laboratory mainly lie in the theoretical and experimental investigations under the broad areas of orthopaedics, stent development, vertebroplasty, implant design etc. RPS/AICTE funded research project of Rs. 10 Lakhs entitled “Computational Investigation of Strut patterns on the Mechanical Behaviour of Coronary Stents” has been completed during 2014-17. In orthopaedics and artery stent design, the department is credited with several publications in reputed journals. The lab is equipped with modelling and analysis software like SOLIDWORKS and ABAQUS/CAE 6.14 respectively. The doctoral, master level and bachelor level students utilises modelling and analysis facilities for modelling complex boundary condition and material models in realistic simulation of patient specific problem

Equipments / Facilities
1 HP High end work station

Faculty in Charge Prof. Hashim V. Associate Professor

Funded Projects
SI. No Title Funding Agency "Amount(Lakhs)" Status
1 Experimental investigation on mechanical behaviour of femur bone under various load TEQIP 1.74 Completed
2 Experimental investigation on the mechanical behaviour of artery stents TEQIP 0.91 Completed
2 Numerical and Experimental investigations on rabbit bone TEQIP 1.29 Completed