Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, TKMCE, Kollam was started in the year 1958 with student strength of 40. The degree offered was BSC (Engineering) in Electrical Engineering as its initial stage. Right from the beginning, the department has been rated very high performance in academic circles. The graduates from this department include many renowned technocrats, academicians and researchers, working all over the world. It offers one Under-Graduate programme (B.Tech.) in aided stream .

The department is honoured to have well qualified and experienced faculty and an equally enthusiastic technical team so that the department is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in Engineering education and to impart knowledge to the students in the field of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science so that they can compete in the above mentioned fields after graduation and get proper placements. The faculty members have strong sense of responsibility to provide the deepest possible education for students. Most of the students of this department get placement in leading industries or organisations and get admission in reputed institutions in India and abroad for their higher studies. Many students of this department secure high rank for national level competitive examination for their higher studies. The department themselves provide efficient coaching for students, those who are preparing for entrance examinations like GATE.

The Department has excellent contact with the neighbouring industries. The department is recognised as ‘Testing and Consultancy Centre’ by the Government and Kerala State Electricity Board.


Vision & Mission


Excellence in moulding innovative, skilled and socially committed Electrical Engineering professionals.


  • To provide the students with fundamental knowledge in the domain of Electrical Engineering, imparting ethical and environmental awareness, managerial skills and lifelong learning attitude.
  • To equip the students for higher learning and to nurture the capacity to develop innovative solutions for technological challenges faced by the society and industry.
  • To train the students in developing the skills of modeling, designing and problem solving in Electrical Engineering.
  • To upgrade the resources for strengthening the teaching-learning process and to promote research.

Contact Information

User Photo

Dr. Bijuna Kunju K

Professor (HOD)

Head of the Department,
Electrical & Electronics Engg,
T K M College of Engineering,
Karicode, Kollam-5

Email: hod.eee@tkmce.ac.in, kbijuna@gmail.com

Office Phone: 04742712024

Mobile: 9895163961

Department Info


Programmes Duration Intake
 B Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 years 110


Programme Educational Objectives


PEO 1: To use core subject knowledge and analytical ability by adopting state-of-the art technologies to excel as a practicing electrical engineering professional, to meet the challenges in industry/academia.  

PEO 2: To design, analyze and solve complex problems in Electrical, Electronics and Computational systems and pursue higher education using the strong fundamentals acquired from the curricular components.  

PEO 3: To serve the humanity with social commitment in an ethical manner to maintain environmental sustainability by effective team work, excellent communication and life-long learning.  



B.Tech Graduates of Electrical and Electronics Engineering are able to  

  1. Apply knowledge of Basic Science, Applied Mathematics and Engineering principles to solve problems in Electrical, Electronics and Computational systems.
  2. Identify, formulate, and analyse Electrical Engineering problems in the broad areas of Electrical Machines, Analog and Digital Electronics, Power Systems and Control Systems.
  3. Develop solutions for complex Engineering systems emphasizing public health and safety, considering the cultural, societal, and environmental aspects.
  4. Design systems, conduct experiments and analyze / interpret data.
  5. Use different software and hardware tools in the domain of Electrical Engineering knowing its limitations.
  6. Practise Engineering Profession with social responsibilities considering health, safety, legal and cultural issues.
  7. Arrive at engineering solutions, upholding the impact of economic and environmental factors, which will lead to sustainable development.
  8. Practise legal and ethical principles in Engineering profession
  9. Perform as an individual as well as a member of a multidisciplinary team.
  10. Communicate effectively within a working team and society at large, clearly conveying and receiving ideas. Also to comprehend, document and effectively present reports.
  11. Comprehend the engineering principles and resolve financial issues involved in a project and effectively manage projects of multidisciplinary nature.
  12. Adapt to progressive changes in technology through lifelong learning


B.Tech.- Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Admission Eligibility

Candidates with a pass in the Plus – Two Examination of Kerala Higher Secondary Board or its equivalent with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as optional subjects or any other examination accepted as equivalent thereto, securing a minimum of 50% marks in Mathematics and 50% marks in Mthematics, Phiysics and Chemistry put together are eligible for admission.

Reservation to SC,ST and other communities are available as per rules and regulations of the Government from time to time.

15% of the seats are reserved under Management quota . Those who want to get admission under the Management quota should apply to the management and qualify the Engineering entrance examination conducted by Commissioner of Entrance Examination; Government of Kerala

Duration of the Programme:

The programme is conducted in eight semesters.



img_1036The Department library has a large collection of books which include textbooks prescribed in the syllabus and reference books in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and related fields. There are around 1300 volumes of books in 500 titles. There is a separate collection of books contributed by the alumni of the Department, including the faculty. Prof.T.S Sureshkumar Memorial Book Bank sponsored by the 1997 EEE batch was instituted in memory of the late Professor, with the aim of supporting financially backward students.Moreover, students can also access project reports,seminar reports and University question papers of the previous years. The library is open on all working days till 7 pm.



The laboratories are well equipped for the conduct of the existing courses. The facilities available in the department are sufficient to meet the requirements of research and project work of the students. The department has a well-equipped computer Centre and the following laboratories.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

img_1023This is one of the prestigious and the oldest lab in the department. The lab has enough facilities for conducting practical classes for two classes simultaneously. Experiments are done on various AC and DC machines to study their characteristics and evaluate their performance.

List of Important Machinery and Equipment:

Three phase alternator D.C machine sets, Three phase synchronous induction motor,Three phase slip-ring induction motor, Three phase squirrel cage induction motor, Three phase double cage induction motor, Three phase pole changing induction motor, Induction machine D.C machine sets,DC motor- amplifying set, Single phase induction motor, Isolated d.c machines, Identical d.c machine sets,Scharge motor, Rotatory converter, Main 3 Phase Slip ring I/M -dc generator set, Single Phase transformer, Three Phase transformer, Single phase and Three phase auto-transformer. Loading rheostats and choke coils, DC and ac motor starters, CTs and PTs, DC indicating meters, AC indicating meters, Frequency meters, Analog and digital multimeters, Clip-on meters, Stroboscope, Tachometers, Stop watches, Synchronizing lamp sets etc.

Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

This is also an old lab. Various measurements and instrumentation systems are studied here. Calibration of Ammeters, Voltmeters, Energy meters etc are done. The lab is  equipped with sufficient measuring instruments  like bridges and potentiometers needed for practical classes. The lab is also having the facility of instrumentation modules and software like LabVIEW and SCADA.

List of Important Machinery and Equipment:

Galvanometers, Energy meters,Flux meter, DC volt ratio box, Standard cell,Decade inductors capacitors and resistors, Kelvin’s double bridge, Earth tester, Function generators, Insulation tester, Llyod Fisher square Multimeters,Oscilloscopes, Vernier dial potentiometers, LCR meters, Slide wire potentiometers, Standard resistances, Search coil, Phase shifting transformer, Tong tester, Wheastone bridge, Rotating substandard meter, Regulated power supply of various ranges, 1F & 3-F choke coils, 1-F & 3-F auto transformers, Instrument transformers, Meter testing bunch, Indicating instruments of various ranges both AC & DC etc.

Systems and Control Lab

The lab is equipped with the facilities for control system experiments. The different kinds of process control equipments and controllers  are the speciality of this lab. Students get an opportunity to perform system modeling and its simulation using simulation softwares like MATLAB.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Synchro transmitters and receivers, Differential synchro transmitters, AC servomotor, Function generators, Gyroscope and gyro-stabilized platform, magnetic amplifier, Oscilloscopes 15 Mhz. Real time, Digital storage Oscilloscope 20 Mhz., DC position control system, Process control simulator, Stepper motor and controllers, EPROM eraser, Transfer function analyzer, Multimeters, Power Supplies, Digital control system trainer, p-IV stand alone PCs, PSPICE and other control system software, Digital controller kit, Stand alone DSP kit, Micro controller etc

Power Electronics Laboratory

img_1041Different types of Power Electronic circuits are designed and implemented here. Actual controlling of drives and machines like stepper motor, fan motor etc are implemented.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Thyristor modules, Diac modules, Triac modules, Thyristor Convertors- Isolation transformers, Auto transformers, Signal generators, Real time oscilloscopes, DC shunt motors, 3-F induction motors, Pulse generators, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Multimeters etc.

Microprocessor Laboratory

The lab is equipped with a large  no. of 8085 & 8086 microprocessor kits along with the peripherals and microcontrollers.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

8085 based microprocessor kits, 8086 based microprocessor kits, Kit with EPROM programmer facility, Add-on digital bread boards, IC design kits, Oscilloscopes, Signal generators etc.

Power Systems Laboratory

img_9039This laboratory is equipped with the power system components employed in the real world. The simulation of power systems can be done in any of the softwares available in the lab. The testing of any power system equipment can be  done within the capacity of each testing equipment. The testing kits in the lab are the same as that used by the International standard testing labs.


List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

CTs and PTs, Relay test set, Over current relay, Earth fault relay, Static relay, Pentium-lV machines with latest control system and power system software, etc.

Electronic Circuits Laboratory

Different kinds of analog circuits are designed and implemented and their performance evaluation is done. In addition to the conventional hardware for circuit making, the lab has new state of the art simulation soft wares like multisim and other circuit simulation  platforms.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

 Bread boards, Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, Indicating meters and multimeters, power supplies, Soldering station etc.

Digital Circuits Laboratory

A variety of digital circuits like adders, counters, multivibrators etc are designed and set up here. This lab is currently running with large no. of digital trainer kits as per the current strength of students.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Digital circuts trainer kits, Power supply boards for trainer kits, Digital IC

Software Laboratory

img_1025The students get an exposure to software languages like C. Various numerical techniques are applied using these software languages.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Pentium ll : 233 MHz. with accessories, Pentium lll Machines: 650 MHz, with accessories, Printers, UPS 500VA and 1500VA, servo stabilizer 2.5 kVA, Software: C, C++, Fortran popwer station, MS VB, PSPICE, MATLAB and Tool boxes, MS Office etc.

Electrical and Electronics Workshop

img_1050The students gain knowledge on different types of electrical accessories, types of wiring, basic electronic circuits etc. They also get hands on experience on various wiring circuits.

List of Important Machinery and Equipments:

Drilling machine, Bench vice, Tool grinding machine, Coil winding machine, Oscilloscopes, Soldering stations, Signal generator, Multimeters, Models of insulators, machines & accessories, Wiring tools etc.


Models Laboratory


img_1045 img_1043










List of Important Machinery and Equipment:

Models of transformers, dc machines, ac machines, linear induction motor, insulators, measuring instruments, calibrating instruments, testing equipment, energy meters, cables, conductors, switches and relays. Reconfigurable ROBOT with 6 degree freedom with a pay load of 100 grams which can be controlled by a computer. Typical schematic layout of power systems. Models of different types of earthing etc.


Dr. Usha Devi Amma.C Professorushadevi@tkmce.ac.in
Prof. Gayathri.V Professorgayathri_v527@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Bijuna Kunju KProfessor (HOD)kbijuna@tkmce.ac.in
Prof. Asha RavindranathAssociate Professorashasarojam@gmail.com
Dr. Imthias Ahamed T.PProfessorimthiasa@gmail.com
Prof. Deepthi.M Associate Professordeepthivenugopal9@gmail.com
Mrs. Shyba.S Associate Professors.shyba@gmail.com
Prof. Baiju R Naina Assistant Professorbaijurnaina@gmail.com
Mr. Shanavas T.NAssociate Professorshanavastn@gmail.com
Dr. Sheeba RProfessorsheebaeee@tkmce.ac.in
Prof. Sindhu D Pillai Assistant Professorsindhueee@tkmce.ac.in
Dr. Sabeena Beevi KAssistant Professorsabeena3000@tkmce.ac.in
Mrs. Sunitha Beevi.K Assistant Professorsunithakhan@tkmce.ac.in
Ms. Fathima M Kasim Assistant Professorfathimakasim@tkmce.ac.in
Mr. Muhammed Shanir P. P. Assistant Professorshanirpp@tkmce.ac.in
Prof. MOHAMMED MANSOOR. OAssistant Professormansooreee@tkmce.ac.in
Mrs. T.N Shahina Assistant Professorshahinathangal@gmail.com
Mrs. Sofiya.S Assistant Professorsofiyasanu@yahoo.co.in
Mrs. Resmi.R Assistant Professorresmijaidev@tkmce.ac.in
Mrs. Shaleena ManafuddinAssistant Professorshaleena12345@gmail.com
Prof. ARUN LAssistant Professorarunl7120@gmail.com
Mr. MUHAMMEDALI SHAFEEQUE KAssistant Professorkshafeeq007@gmail.com
Ms. THASNEEM AAssistant Professorthasnu786@gmail.com
Prof. Irfan HabeebAssistant Professorirfan939@tkmce.ac.in
Dr. Sheik Mohammed SAssistant Professorsheikmsulthan@gmail.com
Dr. Shihabudheen K VAssistant Professorshihab4806@gmail.com
Prof. VIKI PRASADAd-hoc/Guestvikiprasad35@gmail.com
Ms. Jenifer Mariam Johnson JohnsonAd-hoc/Guestjeniferjohns91@tkmce.ac.in
Ms. Josy JohnAd-hoc/Guestjosyjohn@tkmce.ac.in
Ms. Soumya SathyanAd-hoc/Guestsoumyaconnecting@gmail.com
Mr. Jyothish Kumar SAd-hoc/Guestjyothishkumars90@gmail.com
Roshinram P.TAd-hoc/Guestroshinramz@gmail.com
Ms. Reshma YusufAd-hoc/Guestreshmayusuf92@gmail.com


Name Designation Email
Sidhika Beevi. M Instructor Grade I sidhikabeevi@gmail.com
Rejimon. G Instructor Grade II reji_gopal@yahoo.co.in
Aseena Beegum S.N Instructor Grade II azeenaabeegum@yahoo.com
Hany.S.F Instructor Grade II hanysf12@gmail.com
Nishad Sait. E Trade instr. Sr Gr nishadsaittkm@gmail.com
E. Shajahan Trade instr. Sr Gr I aminabsm@gmail.com
Muhammedh Haneefa M.M. Trade instr. Sr Gr I mmhaneefa11@gmail.com
E. Subair Trade instr. Sr Gr I subairibrahimkutty3@gmail.com
B. Shajahan Trade instr. Sr Gr II shajahajanbadarudeen@gmail.com
M.J Martin Trade instr. Sr Gr II mjmartintkm@gmail.com
M.Nizamudeen Tradesman mnizam.tkm@gmail.com
Biju Kumar.M Tradesman bijuasramam@gmail.com
T.K Koshy Tradesman koshykunjukunju@gmail.com
K.Biju Tradesman bijuhanna@gmail.com
Sakeer Hussain Tradesman hussainsakeer9466@gmail.com
Sherina B.S Tradesman sherinasabeer@gmail.com


Research Groups

Bio Medical Engineering Group

Area Sub Area Collaboration
Instrumentation Non Invasive Cancer Detection using ultra sound assisted optical Elastography IISC, Bangalore
Tissue Mimicking Materials
Signal Processing EEG University of Kerala, Aligrah Muslim University, Colege of Engineering, Thiruvanathapuram
Image Processing
Gesture Recognition
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence  Autonomous Robot Path Planning  Virtual and Simulations of Reality (ViSOR) Lab, Department of Computing, Macqaurie University 2109 NSW, Sydney, Australia.


Power Systems Group

Project Collaboration
Generation and Demand Scheduling IIT Bombay, NIT Trichy, NIT Calicut, King Saud University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Distributed Generation
Wind Potential Forecasting for Kerala
Nano Materials for Power Transformers
Implementation of smart grid and smart metering for the state of Kerala
Stability Analysis of Power Systems

Industry Institute Interaction Initiative of IEEE PES Kerala Chapter

Coordinator – Dr. Bijuna Kunju K

  1. Power and Energy Society Research Group formation in the state of Kerala.
  2. Draft MoU approved by member parties.
  3.  12 Colleges in Kerala
  4. KSEB Ltd.
  5. Energy Management Center
  6. ANERT
  7. KEL

Faculty Publications

1 C. Ushadevi Ultrasound modulated optical tomography: Young’s modulus of the insonified region from measurement of natural frequency of vibration OPTICS EXPRESS 2011
2  M Jayaraju Identification of Optimal Location of SVC through Artificial Intelligence Techniques,   Innovative Smart Grid Technologies – India IEEE PES 2011
3 J Abdul Jaleel Performance Evaluation of Parallel Operated Inverters NCICIS 2011
4 Mohammed Mansoor O. Control of Parallel Operated Inverters. IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, India 2011
5 Mohammed Shanir P.P Brain computer interface:Classification of EEG for left and right wrist movements using AR modeling and
Bhattacharya distance
Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Sensors,
Sensor Networks and Information Processing,IEEE
6 Mohammed Shanir P.P Optimal Siting And Sizing Of Distributed Generation By Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization For Power DistributionSystem NCICIS 2011
7 R. Sheeba Identification of Optimal Location of SVC through Artificial Intelligence Techniques IEEE 2011
8 R. Sheeba Bees Colony Intelligence in Optimization-An application to PSS Design Praise Worthy Prize 2012
9 R.Sheeba Dynamic stability enhancement of Power Systems using PSO tuned PSS IE(India) National Convention at Thiruvananthapuram 2012
10 Shahina T N A Direct Torque Control based Torque ripple minimisation of Brushless DC motor 13 th National Conference on Technological Trends 2012
11 T N Shanavas Modified PSO Based Sliding Mode Controller for Buck Converter IEEE 2012
12 T N Shanavas Simulation of Impulse Voltage Generator and Impulse
Testing of Insulator using MATLAB Simulink
World Academic Press, World Academic Union 2012
13 T N Shanavas Sliding mode controller for ball and beam system National conference on innovations in engineering and Technolgy 2012
14 S D Umarani Effect of Semiconductive nanoparticle oninsulation performance of transformer oil National conference on Technological Advancements in Power & Energy 2013
15 R Sheeba Design of PSS using Bees Colony Intelligence International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology. 2013
16 Sunitha Beevi K. A Novel Method for Character Segmentation of Vehicle License Plates International Journal of Research in Engineering andTechnology. 2013
17 Sunitha Beevi K. An improved HDR image processing using fast global
tone mapping
International Journal of Research in Engineering andTechnology. 2013
18 S D Umarani Effect of Nanoparticle Cocentration & Environment on the performance of Semiconductive  nanoparticle enhanced transformer oil National conference on Signal Processing communication& Nanotechnology 2014
19 Fathima M Kassim Siting And Sizing Of Distributed Generation By Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization For Smart DistributionSystem Elsevier 2014
20 Mohammed Mansoor O. Siting And Sizing Of DistributedGeneration For Smart Grid Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Elsevier 2014
21 R. Sheeba Performance Enhancement of PSS through Colony of Foraging Ants Taylor & Francis 2014
22 R. Sheeba Small-Signal Stability Enhancement of Multimachine Systems using PSO tuned Power System Stabilizer Elsevier 2014
23 R. Sheeba Small-Signal Stability Enhancement of Western Grid Elsevier 2014
24 Sabeena Beevi K. Automatic Segmentation and classification of mitotic cell nuclei in histopathology Images based on active contour model IEEE International Conference on Contemporary Computing 2014
25 Shahina T N Direct Torque Controlled Brushless DC Motor
in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Elsevier 2014
26 Shaleena Manafuddin A Review of Soft Computing Techniques in Materials Engineering International Journal of Research in Engineering andTechnology 2014
27 Shaleena Manafuddin Temperature Prediction of Two Stage Pulse-tube Cryocooler by Neural Network International Journal of Research in Engineering andTechnology. 2014
28 Shyba S A Trajectory Learner for Sonar Based LEGO NXT Dofferential drive Robot IEEE, International Electrical Engineering Congress 2014
29  Baiju R Naina Optimal power flow incorporating static VAR Compensator using PSO algorithm International Journal of distributed computing and
technology, Journals pub
30 Baiju R Naina Design implementation and economic analysis of sustainable led roadway lighting system in industrial environment International conference on Industrial instrumentation and control, IEEE 2015
31 Fathima M Kassim Lyapunov based target tracking control of a mobile robot International Conference on Electrical, Computer and
Communication Technologies, IEEE
32 Sabeena Beevi K. Analysis of Nuclei Detection with Stain Normalization in Histopathology Images Indian Journal of science and technology 2015
33 Shyba S A Path Planning Technique For Autonomous Mobile Robot
Using Free-Configuration Eigenspaces
International Journal of Robotics andAutomation (IJRA) 2015
34 Shyba S Performance Analysis of Path Planning Techniques for Autonomous Mobile Robots  IEEE commence on Electrical, Computer, Communication
35 T P Imthias Ahamed Load scheduling problems under demand response scheme IEEE 2015
36 Sunitha Beevi K. Intelligent Traffic Control using Rasberry PI Academic Science 2016
37  Muhammed Shanir P P EEG analysis of Imagined Speech IJRSDA 2016
38  Muhammed Shanir P P Time-Domain Analysis of EEG to Classify Imagined Speech Springer India 2016
39 Sabeena Beevi K. Automatic Segmentation of Cell Nuclei Using Krill Herd Optimisation based multi thresholding  and localised active contour model Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering,Elsevier 2016












































































































Name of Student Achievement Year
ErArun L Secured 12th rank in the IES  Examination 2010-2011
ErJasmine.E Secured 53rd rank in the GATE Exam 2013 2011-2012
Bastin Sebastian Secured 90th rank in Civil service Examination 2012
ErAbhijith. V. S Secured 6th rank in CSIR-JRF NET exam. 2012-2013
Midhun.M, Arun.V, Abhijit.V.S Secured rank less than 1000 in GATE  2013
Agnivesh Rao P Qualified CAT 2015 with score 96%. 2013-2014
JithuKrishna.P Secured rank less than 1000 in GATE  2014.
Mahesh P J  Participated in “The IEEE R10 Student Young professional and Women in engineering congress , Sri Lanka  July,2015
BhavikaMagalanadan Secured 169th Rank in Civil  Service  Examinations 2015
Asif Noushad, HarikrishnaR,Adarsh. G Selected  for National Robotic Championship , IIT Bombay April, 2015
Rineesh V.P Member Kerala University Foot ballTeam.Winner Kerala University North Zone Inter Collegiate Foot ball Championship. Participation in South Inter University Championship 2014 2013,2014,2015
ShefiahShershah Member Kerala university Women Tennis team(3 consecutive years).Runner up in Kerala University Inter Collegiate Championship 2013,2014,2015
KarishmaPreman, Devi Vidya, K.S,Anjitha, K.N,SanjanaSajeev, ShyamSekhar Second Prize for the Event Contraption inTHATWA 15 at NIT, Calicut 2015-16
Afsal.K Second Prize for the Event  Chemo Propello in THATWA 15 at NIT, Calicut 2015-2016

 Award winners of 2016 pass out

Name Position in University CGPA
ARUN V JOSE 1st 9.75

S1 & S2 KTU Result- 2016

NAME CGPA-S1 SGPA-S2 CGPA -overall S1-S2
DEEPIKA KRISHNA 9.79 10.0 9.82
NIRUPA   MARIA 9.65 9.87 9.76
9.69 9.74 9.72
ATHIRA   T 9.65 9.87 9.70

Department of EEE secured the first position in Kerala University in the first year B.Tech Degree  examination 2015

Rank Holders

2015 pass out

Sl.No University


Name of the student CGPA
1 I Libin Sam Babu 9.69
2 II Govind.V 9.21
3 III Krishnananda prabhu 9.09
4 IV Treesa Maria Joseph 9.09
5 V Nandagopan.M 9
6 VII Divya.S.Nair 8.9
7 VIII Jobin Sukumaran 8.89
8 IX Subith.S 8.88
9 X Vidya.S.Nair 8.87
10 XII Suja.N 8.83
11 XVI Pheba Mary Vargheese 8.76



Anju.L.S- First Rank

Vincy Victor- Third Rank

Shireen.T- Fifth Rank

Nikhil. K A- Tenth Rank


Meenu Jayamohan-  First Rank

Naveen Chandra—Second Rank

Hazeeb.H-  Third Rank

Junia Susa George- Fourth Rank

Abhijith.V.S—Nineth Rank

Gokul.K –  Tenth Rank

Karthika – Eleventh Rank


Sreeram.H—Second Rank




Parvathy.LFirst Rank

Hema Prathap-  Second Rank

Parvathy.S.P Third Rank


Manu.B — First Rank

Syama — Third Rank

Devika-   Fourth Rank


(2009 – 2013 batch)

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Vishnu Nair.K.T   Chairman-College Union
2 Mohammed Javed.T.P   Secretary- College Union
3 Abhishek.R   Best mono actor in Kerala University.Also represented the university team-south Zone
4 Sanjay Krishna & Winson John   Won III-place in University Badminton
5 Jenifer Mariam   Won III-place in University English Group Song
6 Hari.S.Shaji   Won several times college basket ball team
7 Sandeep,C.Shajan, Freddy.M.Thomas, Amal Thomas,Senkumar,R & Sreeram.S   Won III place in Street Play at CET
8 Sandeep,C.Shajan, Amal Thomas,Senkumar,R & Sreeram.S   Won II and III for MIME at CETFirst place for Drama at CET
9 Mohammed Aslam,Akhil Raj, Amal Thomas,Senkumar,R & Sreeram.S   First place for Drama at CAPE,Perumon
10 Midhun.MArun.VAbhijit.V.S   Secured ranks less than 1000 n GATE
11 Abhijit.V.S   Secured All India VI rank in JRF Net Exam
12 Meenu Jayamohan   First Rank in Kerala University
13 Navin Chandhra   Second Rank in Kerala University
14 Hazeeb.H   Third Rank in Kerala University
15 Junia Sosa George   Forth Rank in Kerala University


(2010 – 2014 batch)


2010- 2011

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Anju.L.S S1&s2 University Topper-9.63

2011- 2012

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Anju.L.S S3 University Topper-9.33

2012- 2013

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Anju.L.S S5&S6 University Topper-9.76 &9.16

2013- 2014

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Anju.L.S S7 University Topper-9.48
Anju.L.S TCS Best student award

(2011-2015 Batch)

2011- 2012

Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 LIBIN SAM BABU E7 B University topper of s1 an s2 examination
2 AJAL BABU K E7 A 2nd prize for national project competition by regional science centre
3 RAJESH K B E7 B 3rd prize for Kollam league basket ball player


Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 ARAVIND R E7 A 3rd prize – inter zone university badminton champion ship.
2 LIBIN SAM BABU E7 B University topper of s3 and s4.
3 RAJESH K B E7 B 1st prize –playing  university zonal football championship
4 ASHIMA SHAMS E7 B Fastest fabrication award for biplane design workshop at IIST Trivandrum


Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 LIBIN SAM BABU E7 B University topper of s5 examination.
  1. 3rd prize for helio race competition in Vidyut 2014
  2. 2nd prize for helio race in Tezoro(TKMCE)
  1. 3rd prize for helio race competition in Vidyut 2014

2nd prize for helio race in Tezoro(TKMCE)

  1. 3rd prize for helio race competition in Vidyut 2014

2nd prize for helio race in Tezoro(TKMCE)

5 RAJESH KB E7 B 1st prize for playing George Joseph championship at TKMCE
6 NANDAGOPAN M E7 B 3rd prize- OP Jindal global university debate
7 AJAL BABU K E7 A 2nd prize  for Rob war from Vidyut -14 (Amritha college)
8 AKSHAY S RAVINDRAN E7 A Elected for Travancore  HUB Student Representative IEEE Kerala section
9 TREESA MARIA JOSEPH E7 A Attended MACE Model United Nation conducted at MACE kothamangalam
10 JEEVAN JAGADEESH E7 B Attended MACE Model United Nation conducted at MACE kothamangalam
11 PHEBA MARY VARGHESE E7 B Attended MACE Model United Nation conducted at MACE kothamangalam



Sl no. Name Class Achievement / award
1 Rex Mathew Mathew   IEEE Best Product Idea
2 Rahul Sivan   II place – Medley Relay at TKMCE
3 Mohammed Irfan Khan   National Participation (5000mtr)
4 Sulfikar Rahman   III place Triple jump at TKMCE
5 Rajitha Jeevan   II place—1500mtr(Annual meet)II place-Medley RelayIII place-4*100III place-4*400
6 Pallavi Ajay                II place-Hindi Recitation in Arts  FestivalII place-Akshara slogam
7 Arun V Jose   University Topper
8 Anupama S   English essay (1st) Arts festival
9 Aparna R   English essay (2nd), Group modelling (3rd) Arts festival
10 Amina M   Malayalam essay (3rd)
11 Anusha M K   Tiruvathira (3rd)
12 Alakananda S   Oppana(2nd)
13 Devi Parvathy H   Malayalam essay (3rd)
14 Fathima Wafa P P   Oppana(2nd), Monoact (3rd)
15 Gopika G S   Group modelling (3rd)
16 Gopika G S   Oppana(2nd), Monoact (3rd)
17 Abdul Basith K   800 M (3rd), Oppana (2nd)
18 Adarsh A   Long jump (1st)

Achievements of Faculty


Dr.C.Ushadevi Amma
  • Member UG Board of Studies,University of Kerala, 2011 onwards
  • Member PG Board of Studies , 2008-2014, University of Kerala
  • Invited Teacher in Indian Academy of Science
  • Secretary- WIE IEEE Kerala Section 2011
Dr. K.Bijuna
  • Technical Programme Chair – IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Technology,ISGT –India 2011, jointly conducted by IEEE Kerala Section & IEEE SB, TKMCE , December 1- 3, 2011.
  • IEEE PES Vice-Chair, Kerala Section 2011-13
  • IEEE PES -Chair, Kerala Section-2014
  • PG board of Studies , University of Kerala
  • Outstanding Power Engineer Award 2012 by Power and Energy Society (2012)
  • Outstanding volunteer of the year 2014,IEEE Kerala section (2014)


  • Programme Committee Member– IEEE Conference on Smart Grid Technology,ISGT –India  2011, jointly  conducted by IEEE Kerala Section & IEEE SB, TKMCE , December 1- 3, 2011.
  • IEEE SB TKMCE councilor -2014


  • Joint Secretary-IEI Kollam local centre 2012-14
Prof.Sunitha Beevi.K
  • Working committee memberWIE IEEE Kerala Section
  • IEEE SB TKMCE councillor 2009-2014March
  • Vice Chair-Student Activities IEEE Kerala Section,  2010-14
  • Secretary- WIE IEEE Kerala Section 2012-14
  • Vice-Chair, WIE, IEEE Kerala Section 2011
  • Programme committee co-chair, IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Technology,ISGT –India 2011, jointly conducted by IEEE Kerala Section & IEEE SB, TKMCE , December 1- 3, 2011
  • Received appreciation from IEEE president, for the IEEE funded Electrification project held at Karukone, Kollam
  • IEEE – MGA ( Outstanding  branch Councillor) (2014).


Achievements of BTech students

  • Fathima Wafa P.P. , eighth semester student of EEE was a member of the college team which secured the second place in the Kerala University Inter-Collegiate Chess(women) tournament.2015
  • Mahesh. P.J., sixth semester student of EEE participated in IEEE R10 Students Young Professional and Women in Engg Congress at Sri Lanka, 9-12th July 2015 with a financial support of $300/- from R10 SIGHT group. He has also done a poster presentation on the activities of IEEE SIGHT chapter of TKMCE .
  • Shefia Shershah, sixth semester student of EEE was the member of college team who won the Kerala University tennis women  championship-2015 & is selected to represent the kerala university team for the South India inter university tennis tournament.
  • Fasil Firoz, sixth semester student of EEE secured second place in Startupi3, State level entrepreneurship competition on October 2015
  • Arjun Jayakumar, sixth semester student of EEE has participated in the Kollam district shooting championship 2015 and won first prize for 10m open sight(junior men). He has also participated in the Kerala state shooting championship 2015 for 10m open sight and is qualified for South Zone level.
  • Jobin P.John, student of second year EEE secured second place in LINK QUIZ  conducted as a part of IEEE Day celebrations 2015
  • Harikrishnan R., Asif Noushad Sharafudeen, Yethin Mohith, Adarsh G.– students of second year EEE secured second position at zonal level of National Robotic Championship conducted at GEC, Barton Hill.
  • Harikrishnan R., Asif Noushad Sharafudeen,  Adarsh G. – students of second year EEE were the finalists at National Robotic Championship conducted at IIT Bombay and were also the  finalists at Line Follower Robotic Competition conducted at NIT Calicut
  • 17 students of the first semester EEE participated in tathva’ 15 conducted by NIT Calicut
  • Karishma Preman, Devi Vidya K.S., Anjitha K.N., Sanjana Sajeev, Shyam Sekhar – students of first semester EEE secured second position in the event ‘Contraption’ of tathva’ 15 conducted by NIT Calicut
  • Afsal C.K. , student of first semester EEE secured second position in the event ‘Cheo Propello’ of tathva’ 15 conducted by NIT Calicut.





  • International Conference presentation by Students

    Published : October 20 / 2016

    Venue    : Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) 2016 at Washington DC, USA Date       : 13-16 October 2016 Mahesh P.J, Minhas Naheem, Razak Mubafar   presented  research paper at Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) 2016 at Washington DC, USA. Paper #1570274829 (‘Human power generator: Emergency-disaster management’) : Full paper presentation Paper #1570274801 (‘New aspect for organic farming practices: Controlled crop nutrition and Soilless agriculture’)– Poster […]

    Read more
  • IEI TKMCE Students Chapter (Electrical) Inauguration

    Published : October 7 / 2016

    Venue    : APJ Hall, TKM College of Engineering Kollam Date       : 6 October 2016 Institution of Engineers(India) TKMCE Students Chapter (Electrical) was inaugurated on 6th October 2016. Nearly 160 Students attended the Inauguration ceremony. Prof V Gayathri (Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) welcomed the gathering. Dr. S Ayoob (Principal; TKMCE) presided over the meeting. […]

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Time Table


Final Time Table as on 18-10-2016 Download-icon_1
Time Table from December 2014 to April 2015 Download-icon_1



13.706 Elective III

13.706.2 Modern Operating Systems (E)

13.706.4 Power Quality (E)

13.706.6 High Voltage Engineering (E)


13.506 Elective I

13.506.2. Operation Research (E)

13.506.4.New and Renewable Energy Resources (E)

13.504.6 Computer Organisation (E)

  • 08-506 Elective-I
  1. Computer Organization
  2. New and renewable energy sources
  3. Operations Research.
  • 08-704 Elective-III
  1. Modern Operating Systems
  2. Computer Aided Power System Analysis
  3. Micro Processor Based System Design


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association


The EEE Department has a dedicated Association to cater to the special needs of its students. HOD is the President of the Association and supervises its activities. Faculty member in charge of the association and the student representative for the respective academic year coordinate the activities of the association.

The Inauguration of Electrical and Electronics Association for the year 2016-17 was held on 25-10-2016, at A.P.J. Hall.The chief guest for the occasion was Dr.Achuthsankar S Nair, HOD In-charge, Dept. of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala.The event was formally inaugurated by the chief guest in the presence of Dr. Imthias Ahamed T.P HOD, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Prof. Asha Ravindranath, Dr. Ushadevi Amma, Prof. V Gayathri, Association Secretary Mr.Abdul Rahman, other staff members and students.

Professional Bodies



The voyage of TKMites in the ocean of IEEE has been eventful with many prestigious awards and rewards to their credit. Adding a golden feather to its cap, the Student Branch won the Region10 Exemplary Student Branch Award 2010 for the third best student branch in the Asia-Pacific Region  and bagged the prestigious. 2016 Darrel Chong Student Activity Award in GOLD category , we had the honour of hosting the Asia focused ISGT 2011 India, International Conference. Combining the guidance of the best of faculty members and the prowess of an active group of student members The following chapters/societies are currently active within the student branch.




Seminar on ‘Energy Management in Domestic Domain

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists.Our members include both women and men dedicated to inspiring and motivating both current engineering students and high school students. IEEE Student Branch won   the 2016 Darrel Chong Student Activity Award in GOLD Category for the activity “Seminar on ‘Energy Management in Domestic Domain”.



SIGHT TKMCE is a visionary initiative from IEEE SB TKMCE to give special emphasis among its volunteers on humanitarian technology and innovation. The SIGHT TKMCE has grown a lot over the one year of its establishment from last spring. SIGHT TKMCE has accomplished a lot of its aims during this primary course of time.One of the major vision when starting SIGHT TKMCE was to bring

Automated water pumping system( Project Survey )
Automated water pumping system( Project Survey )

together other parallel humanitarian initiatives in the college to a common platform and collaborate with IEEE for achieving a leveraged output.SIGHT steering committee provides volunteers with a lot of opportunities for doing humanitarian projects, studies, surveys, presentations, and also encouraging them to participate in conferences. Through many of its recent activities, SIGHT TKMCE has utilised many privileges for getting funds. Current ExCom has an ongoing project approved by global SIGHT steering committee. In two phase, it has a total funding of 500USD. SIGHT TKMCE also represented its presence in 2015 Region 10 congress, Sri Lanka for an exclusive SIGHT track under the expense and participation funding from the steering committee.


image004The Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the Power & Energy Society are leaders in this field, and they — and their employers — derive substantial benefits from involvement with this unique and outstanding association.
PES TKMCE was started on the keen interest of students on planning, research and development of safe,reliable and economic generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The society has been active from then onwards with lots of programs being conducted in college and its surroundings.


logo-ieee2rasieeeThe IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS) is a professional society of IEEE which provides a platform for advanced innovation, education and fundamental and applied research in robotics and automation.


Institution of Engineers India (Electrical)


  • Institution of Engineers(India) TKMCE Students Chapter (Electrical) was inaugurated on 6thOctober 2016.  The Objective  of this chapter is to   develop and  nurture   technical skill and management skill and  to share and combine the knowledge between industry and institution. Nearly 160 Students attended the Inauguration ceremony. Prof V Gayathri (Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) welcomed the gathering.
    IEI Chapter Inaugration
    IEI Chapter Inaugration

    Dr. S Ayoob (Principal; TKMCE) presided over the meeting. During his address, citing personal examples he emphasised the necessity of conducting activities to improve the technical knowledge of students. The chief guest Dr. M Jayaraju (former Director ANERT, Dept. of Power, Govt. Of Kerala; Present Principal, MES Institute of Technology and Management) delivered the inaugural address. He conveyed his concern about the gap between the industry and academics and explained that the importance of knowing the basics before targeting higher things. Dr. S Jose (Hon: Chairman IEI Kollam local centre) felicitated the gathering and explained about the IEI and various opportunities available for its members. Er.K Sivadasan (Former Deputy Chief Engineers KSEB) and Mr. Rajan (founder IEI Kollam local centre) also felicitated the gathering. Mr. Gautham Krishna B proposed the vote of thanks.





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