With fast growing industrial activities in the country, the demand for Licensed Supervisory staff in the Electrical Installation field is seen increasing by leaps and bounds. Unlike other branches of Engineering, it is mandatory for Electrical Engineers to possess Supervisory Permit, issued by the competent authority of the government, for carrying out even private sector installation jobs.

The ground situation is that there is acute shortage of Licensed Electrical Supervisors in Kerala.

An Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduate with a Statutory Supervisory Permit is placed much above a candidate who possesses a mere Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It improves the employability of the candidate and declares the person as one with Ready to Work Capabilities.

Electrical Inspectorate Department is the Authority for issue of Electrical Supervisory Permit in the State of Kerala. The permit procedures are executed through Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board ( KSELB ) which is a statutory body attached to the Electrical Inspectorate.

  • There are two types of Supervisory Permits being granted by this body, viz Supervisor Grade A & Supervisor Grade B.

Grade A Supervisor Permit

Eligibility : Those who have Degree in Electrical Engineering or Diploma in Electrical Engineering with three years Experience.

Grade  B  Supervisor Permit

Eligibility : Those who have Degree in Electrical Engineering or Diploma in Electrical Engineering with one year Experience.

For the above two categories the award of permit will be based upon the performance of the candidate in an interview.

The focus will be on the practical aspects of Electrical Engineering Applications.

The subjects implied to be covered include:

  1. General Equations and Principle of Electrical Engineering.
  2. Types and Selection of Fuses and Switchgears
  3. Power Factor Improvement
  4. Types of Motors Transformers, Cables and other circuit components and  Selection Criteria for  the same
  5. Starting of Motors
  6. Protection systems for Electrical Equipment
  7. Earthing system design
  8. Special Type Equipment  like X ray , Lift etc. and their Selection and Operation
  9. Design of Electrical Installations and Preparation of Single Line Diagrams
  10. Maintenance and Testing of Electrical Equipment
  11. Renewable Energy Sources
  12. Energy Conservation
  13. Electricity Rules and Standards
  14. Electrical Safety Management

The Methodology of Training

The Participants with Basic Engineering background at Degree/ Diploma level can be imparted the subjects covered under the implied syllabus through tutorials in class rooms.

Duration of the Course

The course can be completed in 40 hours duration tentatively.

The course fees for the Training

The fee can be fixed at a reasonable sum of Rs 10,000.

Pertinence and Feasibility of the program

At present there is no venue available for the Supervisory Permit aspirants to get the preparatory training from a streamlined technical institute. Unorganized individuals are giving training using make shift training venues.  Our College may be the first in the state to venture into such a Value Addition and Quality Improvement Program for Electrical Engineers. The infra structure and  adjunct faculties available can be utilized for imparting the training program thereby getting a chance to assist the job seekers in their professional life and this takes the dimensions of another social and professional service.

Supervisor TKM Brochure