Entrega 2.0 – Second edition of the 48 hr hackathon

Dear Sir/Madam

WIE Affinity Group at IEEE SB TKMCE is planning to conduct Entrega 2.0 on 3rd and 4th of February 2018.

The second edition of this 48 hr long product development challenge is being conducted by partnering with UST Global. Experts on machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning and robotics from INFINITY LABS Digital Engineering Group will be present during the event.

The Hackathon Challenges around the following concepts and dimensions of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Supervised Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Cognitive Informatics
  • Evolutionary Algorithms

This event is centric towards promoting the technical soundness among budding female technologists. We believe that providing the right track for women in computing would be an added addition to the female aspirants across the state of Kerala in developing a better career. The two-day event focuses on motivating and re-furnishing the technical side of the female community, for which people from the digital women innovation architect network of UST Global would join us.

As part of the event, we are offering the top teams with prize money and also an internship opportunity to work in the field of future technologies at UST Global. This event would serve as a broad platform for the women in computing to spread their wings wider.