Building Science Lab

AES- Architectural Evaluation System.

Architectural Evaluation System (AES) for research on indoor Thermal Comfort with a data logger, memory module and the following sensors:

  • Air Temperature sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Mean Radiant Temperature Sensor
  • Wind Velocity sensor

Acoustics Laboratory.

Acoustic Lab in the department has various high end instruments for measuring and analysing sound level, reverberation time, noise dose and other related parameters with high accuracy.

NDT- Non Destructive Testing

A lab in this Department for non-destructive testing of materials is first of its kind in Kerala. Rebound hammer, Rebar Locator, Anvil Ultra Sonic Testing, Photometer, Corrosion analysing instrument are some of the equipment which can be very useful in many non-destructive architectural and structural diagnostics.