Other Achievements

Development Plans for Flood Affected Areas of Pandanad and Budhanoor

TKM has always been in the forefront when it comes to lending a helping hand to those in need, especially during the floods of 2018. The Department of Architecture decided to extend their professional expertise towards the most adversely hit areas of Kerala after the floods. Through an initial discussion with the Kerala State Planning Board, the department decided to prepare development plans for the worst affected areas of Chengannur, Pandanad and Budhanoor. A team of faculty members, students and ward members initially conducted primary surveys and collected secondary data from various offices, necessary for the preparation of the development plans. The collected data were analyzed and subsequently several meetings and reviews were held with experts and stakeholders during different stages of the study, based on which sector-wise proposals were formulated. The team included experts from the fields of urban planning, architecture and engineering under the supervision of Prof. Nizar S. A. and Shahana Usman Abdulla, faculty members of Urban Planning section of the department.

The Development Plans were finally completed by the end of June 2019 and were handed over to Dr. V. K. Ramachandran, Chairman, Kerala State Planning Board, Mr. Viswambhara Panicker and Mr. Sivankutty Ailarathil, Presidents of Pandanad and Budhanoor Panchayats respectively. The analysis and the formulation of proposals were completed by the faculty members of the Urban Planning section of the Department of Architecture.


The Council of Architecture Inspection Team, during their visit in May 2019, remarked that the quality of our department is beyond their expectations and informed the same to the Chairman and Principal with enthusiasm. The team expressed their special mention in the following areas.

First of all, they noted the quality of education imparted by our teachers and their active participation in consultancy and research. In addition to this, their sincere involvement in socially responsible projects and involving students in it was appreciated. The team was very much impressed by our infrastructure, resourceful library housing a vast collection of books, computer lab, other well-equipped labs, shared facilities and construction yard. They also mentioned the great ambiance in the main entry area of the renovated Architecture block.

The Council of Architecture (CoA), vide its letter Ref: CA/5/Academic-KL02, dated 22nd May 2019, communicated the Score given by the Inspection Team. We have received a Total Score of 96 (out of 100) considering infrastructure, Library book & Equipment, Faculty & Staff members and Quality of academics.

Railway Station Building and premises Beautification

A team of faculty under the leadership of Dr. Jolly John has started the documentation and redesigning of Railway Building and premises of Kilikolloor and Kundara Railway Stations. The final proposal has been submitted in 2019.

PMAY Technical Support

Dr. Dili A. S. has been nominated as Chief Technical Advisor of Technical Support Cell of PMAY (G) project, Mughathala Block Panchayat, Kollam from February 2019. Prof. Haritha C, Prof. Hudha Abdul Salam and Prof. Sangeeth K. were also involved in PMAY (G) projects of Mughathala and other blocks of Kollam District. As part of the above project, our department has been involved in preparing assessment reports of Funded Houses of Nedumpana Panchayath during November 2017 to March 2018.

Redesign of Karikode Junction

A team of faculty under the leadership of Prof. Deepa L (specialized in Transportation Engineering) has done a detailed study of traffic conditions prevailing in Karikode Junction and developed a road layout design to ease the traffic congestion. The final proposal was presented in a public meeting in May 2017 headed by the honourable Minister Smt. J. Mercykutty Amma and attended by the officials from PWD, NHAI and Local Body.

Participation in Working Group of Kollam Jilla Panchayath

Dr. Dili A. S. has been nominated as a Working Group member of the 13th Five Year Plan (Housing & Poverty Alleviation) of Kollam Jilla Panchayat from March 2017.