MCA Computer Lab

The Department has a very rich heritage when it comes to computing facilities made available to students. The department famously housed a PDP-11 machine, the first of its kind to be hosted in any technical institute, from 1982 to 2015 when it was decommissioned. Regular upgrades are made to all systems in the laboratory to ensure smooth conduct of lab session and research activities. Today, the department has some of the finest computing hardware in the institution with a mix of high end and mid tier machines that are used for research and for academic work. The department was recently sanctioned a research lab to be used exclusively for final year project and other research works with 56 laptop machines along with high speed internet connectivity and smart classroom capabilities. The students of the department are also given access to central computing facility of the college for general use.

Faculty and staff in charge : Dr. Nadera Beevi S & Mr.Basith Nazar