SI.No Title Date Organisers Resource Person
1 C-Bridge course 24-27 Feb-21 Dr.Nadera Beevi S Sumood Sundar, Asst.Professor, Centre for Artificial Intelligence, TKMCE, Kollam
2 Asynchronous programming in JavaScript 17-Nov-20 Prof.RahulNath Mr. Ahsan Salim, Senior Software Engineer, Amadeus Labs North America INC, Canada
3 Introduction to blockchain technologies 13-Nov-20 Prof.RahulNath Sethuraman O, Sumin E, Research and Development Engineers, Kerala Block Chain Academy
4 Machine Learning 24-Feb-20 Prof.Fousia M Shamsudeen Akhil P, Technical Leader & Janeeta james, Network Systems , Kollam
5 PHP Programming 23-Nov-19 Prof.RahulNath KesavanNampoothiri and Roshmi Pawar,TCS,Technopark, Trivandrum
6 Machine Learning with Python 11-Oct-19 Dr. K E Reby Roy Preethu P and ChahatAgarwal, Assistant System Engineer,TCS,Technopark,Trivandrum
7 Bit coin and Blockchain Technologies 11-Oct-19 Prof Sheera Shamsu Ananthan R, Research Engineer, Kerala Blockchain Academy, IITMK, Techno park, Trivandrum
8 Machine Learning with Python 11-Apr-19 "Dr. Nadera Beevi S Prof. Natheera Beevi M" Neethi AS &Anuroop John Abraham,Solution Architect, TCS, Trivandrum
9 Python Programming 27-Mar-19 "Dr. Nadera Beevi S " Mr.Nikhil Raj & Ms,Rinu Micheal , Engineer, TCS Kochi
10 Android Application development 23-Mar-19 Prof.Fousia M Shamsudeen Bineesh T, Software Engineer ,Hatio Innovations Pvt Ltd, Kochi
11 Android Programming 10-Mar-18 Prof.Fousia M Shamsudeen Mr.Alok Rajasukumaran, Staff Engineer, Bitwise Academy, Coimbatore

Faculty Development Programmes

SI.No FDP Date Organisers Resorce Person Participants
1 TEQIP Sponsored Short Term Course On “Cyber Security” 2 - 7 November 2020 "Prof.Vaheetha Salam Prof.Nishanth N" "Mr. Nabeel Koya Scientist E, Network Security Group, CDAC Mr. Hiron Scientist E, CDAC, Trivandrum Mr. Dinesh Paranthagan CEO and Founder Hackup Technology Pvt Ltd Mr. Binu Specialist, Automotive Cyber Security, Tata Elxsi Mr. Albin Thomas Sr. Cyber Consultant Dr. Adarsh Kerala Block Chain Academy(KBA) IIITM-K, Trivandrum Dr Chandra ShekharLaxminarayanan" Teaching faculty from various engineering colleges of state and Industrial experts
2 FDP on “Advanced Data Structure” 12 -16 October 2020 "Dr. Nadera Beevi S Dr. Fousia M Shamsudeen" Prof.Anil Kumar,Asst.Professor Department of CSE,GEC ,Idukki Teaching faculty from the engineering colleges of state.
3 "TEQIP II Sponsored Short Term Course on “Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning”" 8 -13 July 2019 "Prof. Natheera Beevi M. Prof. Reshna S. " "Dr.Vinod Chandra, Diretor, Computer Centre University of Kerala. Dr. K Suresh, Govt. College of Engineering, Barton Hill, TVM Mr.Harikrishnan R ALLIANZ Technologies, Technopark, TVM Mr. Vijay Krishna Menon, Amrita Vishwavidhyapeetam, Coimbatore Dr.Sabu K Department of Computer Applications , CUSAT Mr.Anoob Fazaludheen, Nielson Visual IQ, Info Park, Kochi " Teaching faculty from various engineering colleges of state and national level
4 "Three days FDP ‘Machine Learning with Python’" 11-13 April 2019 Dr. Nadera Beevi S Prof. Natheera Beevi M. Neethi AS ,Solution Architect, TCS, Trivandrum Anuroop John Abraham TCS, Trivandrum Rahul Jain, Technology Lead, Research and Development, Knowledge Lens, Bangalore Rosin Roy, Software Engineer, Allgo Embedded Systems, Bangalore Teaching faculty from various engineering colleges of state and national level
5 TEQIP II Sponsored Short Term Course on “Machine Learning With R” 9-15 January 2018 " Prof. Vaheetha Salam Prof.Fousia M Shamsudeen Prof.Riyas A" "Dr. K.P SOMAN, Amrita Centre for computational Engineering and Networking. Dr.P.S SASTRY, Department of Electrical Engineering, IISc Bangalore Dr. JEEVA JOSE Assistant Professor Baselios Poulose II Catholicos College, Piravom Dr. ANAND HAREENDRAN.S Associate Professor , Department of Computer Science Muthoot Institute of Technology ,Kochi Dr. USHA KUMARI P.V, Department of Mathematics School of Arts & Sciences, Amritapuri. " Teaching faculty from various engineering colleges of state and national level