TKMCE Alumni Chapters

Annual Report of UAE chapter for 2020

As every year, Year 2020 started with ambitions and many expectations. However, we have seen an year, where global pandemic has impacted our alumni activities. During these unprecedented times, our alumni activities were mainly through virtual media. We have seen an year of generosity and tolerance which iş a great indication of Changes in the world . We realized the necessity of helping the society as a social being and we could undertake constructive acts of kindness and charity. We have undertaken constructive acts of kindness and charity. This year embarks that TKMCE UAE Alumni Chapter is capable to undertaking eventually of various nature.

Also we know that during the pandemic long time Lockdown situation in both home country and in UAE , most of our families are locked in flat or their homes with out any entertainment even few weeks no one could meet their relatives and no chances were to go to hospital. Situation was very terrific and a feel of uncertainty Even during these, extraordinary situation. We have accomplished remarkable event to bring our members/families through various entertainment session and throughout the year we could organize live and electrifying events online to all TKMCE alumni members out in the UAE even extended the participation globally with the support of TKMCE Global Alumni coordination.

On behalf of the TKMCE Alumni UAE Office Bearers 2020 as General Secretary Myself Arun Chandran , Secretary, Dubai & NE, Nizamudeen Musaliar we are pleased to provide a brief of the events conducted during this year and upcoming Annual Day celebration and other events. We started our operation with Oath Taking ceremony and had event calendar presented in the first Excom Meeting conducted on 4th January 2020, situation was as usual and we had many plan with creative ideas for arranging colorful events also launching various plat form for women ,Kids ,literature ,Sports activities etc. We could achieve most of our planned activities in additions to the regular Alumni programs even in the worst pandemic situation .

Programs conducted in Year 2020 so far:
  • 1. The year started with grant football event Desert Champions Cup with 32 participating Teams and 62 matches played in a single day. Chief guest of the event was legend in Indian Football I.M Viyayan. TKMCE Alumni was the winners of the match and our football team got a chance to play with the legend. The Football tournament was a successful one with Memorable moments in the recorded history of TKMCE Alumni UAE Chapter.
  • 2. A family meet Chill 2020 organized by Dubai region honoring our beloved advisory members and key alumni personnel for outstanding achievements along with various cultural events.
  • 3. On Valentine’s day of Year 2020, a desert camping and overnight stay titled Arabian Nights was arranged at DUNES DESERT CAMP, Ras Al Khaimah to enjoy the starlight in desert. Almost 200 Members were attended the program 25 families were part of overnight stay and stayed in the camp.
  • 4. Women Forum was established in the month of February for empowerment of alumni ladies and spouses. The women forum was inaugurated by Mrs. Susan Koruthu, a known personality in the field of Life Psychologist and Mind Reprogram.
  • 5. During the Holy month of Ramadan on 17th May, 2020, an online Family meet Ramadan Nilavu was organized followed by an interactive session related to COVID-19 awareness session for preventive and precautions measures by Dr. Abdul Sathar, Orthopedic Surgeon. Musical feast by our alumni and enlightened the event.
  • 6. As regular year program, 250 food kits daily were supplied to various labour camps for 30 days with the support of alumni members during the month of Ramadan.
  • 7. On 04th June, 2020 a Webinar on Survival and Sustainability was conducted by our Senior Alumni, Engineer Antony Prince, President & CEO of Smart Engineering & Design Solutions. The webinar was focused on areas where investments by the returnees and local entrepreneurs could be beneficial post COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 8.“Unprecedented situations warrant unprecedented responses” and it is exactly what the TKM College of Engineering Alumni association in UAE done during COVID times. COVID Situation started reporting in UAE during the Month of March and many affected cases were reported including Malayali communities. As part of our social responsibility and commitment to support the society for facing and over coming the worst situation of the pandemic, we initiated a mission by providing a COVID Care Centre in Dubai in association with Dubai Health Authority. The quarantine facility had a capacity to serve around 1000 patients at a time. We provided a full equipped medical team to serve COVID patients admitted in Covid center. TKMCE UAE alumni is a wonderful example of how an alumni association should work in times of crisis. In the light of the miserable situations arising out of the COVID 19 pandemic which has taken away several thousands of precious lives, the alumni association displayed its commitment to UAE society by providing quarantine facility to around 1000 patients at a time. This noble and selfless initiative under the patronship of Mr.Chandra Divakaran epitomizes the commitment of the TKM alumni fraternity towards the wellbeing of the society.
  • 9. After Al Warsan Mission, the alumni association’s attention turned to another initative ‘’ FLY HOME by TKMCE “, a venture by Dubai office bearers, which added another touch of care to the needy by offering them with free tickets to return to the home state. This exemplary initiatives have been coordinated under the patron ship of Mr. Lal Abdul Salam. The mission target was to provide 300 free tickets for the hapless victims. However, 180 tickets were been issued though various references including Indian Consulate, TKMCE Alumni members, NORKA, Medias and channels, Sharjah Indian Association and others. This mission was appreciated by Indian Consulate General of UAE, Dr.Aman puri and other various organizations.
  • 10. An event for kids of alumni members Canvas 2020 was conducted in August. More than 120 kids has participated in the event with variety of competition in cooking, fashion show, essay telling and family quiz. Inauguration of the event was done be noted playback lyricist Mr.Poovachal Kadher on 07th August in presence of dignitaries Principal Dr. Shahul Hameed, Global Alumni Cordinator Dr. Sudheer and officer bearers.
  • 11. Youth Leadership Program was conducted in partnership with TKMCE Abu Dhabi Toastmasters club. The program was meant to develop the oratory skills of the young buds of TKMCE Alumni fraternity. Total 30 participants were registered and after screening 25 kids were selected for the program, out of which 9 were from Abu Dhabi and 16 from Dubai/NE. Youth Leader ship Program Session was Managed by Chief Coordinator Mr.Rahim.A.Rahman. There was 8 sessions arranged for Kids and was concluded with a Valedictory Function.
  • 12. Onam celebration of Year 2020 “Orumayude Onam” was celebrated by TKMCE alumni members through virtual platform without compromising legacy onam celebration on the month of September. The onam event was organized under the patronship of founder member Mr.Jacob.V.Allumpally. The cultural program was inaugurated by Retried Professor Gayathri Vijayalekhsmi. The zenith of the event was the melodious orchestra arranged by one of our prominent alumnus Symphony Krishnakumar.
  • 13. For the first time in association formed a Literary Forum which was inaugurated by Well known poet and our Alumnus Mrs.Anitha Thampi, followed by a Webinar Keralism an interactive webinar by well known Producer of Travel documentary “Sancharam” Mr.Santhosh George Kunlangara. By this initiative TKMCE UAE Alumni formed a global literary forum serving as a platform for intellectual dictations “Darpanam” conducted every month.
  • 14. TKMCE UAE Alumni Launched a Tournament for Cricket competition within the College Alumni Associations in UAE which was started in the year 2019. This year Engineers Premier League Season-2 conducted with competing 12 alumni associations of various engineering colleges.
  • 15. A Chess Tournament was organized by TKMCE Alumni for the kids and alumni members through online platform.
  • 16. TKMCE UAE Alumni association is governed by a formidable Bye Law, which is being amended.
  • 17. We are now celebrating the most awaited event of the year TKMCE Alumni Annual day family get together – Bloom 2020. The Annual Day is organized under the Patronship of Mr.Nazir Khan. Logo was revealed by renowned Malayalam actor Mr.Balachandramenon. Today we are looking forward for an entertainment session filled with culture, drama, music and dance showcased by our own Alumni members, their families and children. An we all awaiting entertainment comedy program by Cochin Comedy Guinness Team.
  • 18. Still the show continues and more to come, For the first time ever, TKMCE Alumni UAE chapter is to celebrate and encourage aspiring TKMCE global alumni and student filmmakers from our college as well as enthusiasts. With the aim of connecting our global alumni with an innovative event that will showcase creativity and talent of our alumni in the exciting space of cinematography, we welcome participation to the TKMCE Alumni UAE hosted International Short Film Festival which will be conducted on 09th January 2021. Eminent jury panel includes film director Shiddique, M.A Nishad, Mala Parvathy and Sumesh. The program will be telecasted with world covered Kappa TV.

Throughout the year we have conducted 6 Executive Meeting, 8 Regional Executive Meeting, 2 Extra Ordinary Executive Meetings, Advisory Board Meeting, a General body and several sub-committee meeting that has helped to shape and drive these events and activities in 2020. We are thankful to all members and their families of the TKMCE Alumni UAE Fraternity for their participation, support, commitment and contribution through-out the year that has made it such a fun, educative and entertaining year so far.

Thank you very much for your continued support to the TKMCE UAE Alumni.

The new officer bearers of the TKMCE Alumni Singapore led by Mr Shaji Philips (Civil 1991) took over the alumni works in December 2020. Singapore Alumni committee was formed in Nov 2016 and was led by Mr Jovi Jacob (Mechanical 1988) since then. With the prevailing pandemic situation, Singapore alumni members withdrew some of our planned as well as pre-arranged gatherings in 2020. Amidst these COVID times, we had pulled through and managed to interact with each other and arrange few online gatherings to keep our alumni bond intact. TKM alumni members made voluntary contributions to help out the people stranded in Singapore during the COVID period with special mention to TKMCE Alumni Singapore Chairman, Mr Shaji Philips who was actively involved in ensuring adequate food supplies to workers and in assisting Indian students to return home during the COVID pandemic. Mr Shaji was bestowed with Social Excellence Award by Pravasi Express Newspaper (which has coverage in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East) for his valuable contributions to the society through various social work activities for many years. He was instrumental in facilitating financial aid for the medical treatment of workers and for the dependents of those workers who met with accidents in Singapore. Towards the end of the year, the alumni committee decided to participate in TISFF (TKMCE International Short Film Festival). The team spirit to represent Singapore Alumni in the TKM global committee led the team to create a short film even though none of the members had previous experiences. The filming was completed in one day following the guidelines for gatherings provided by Singapore government. The Singapore alumni ended the year with one more online gathering, hoping to meet in the new year.

US Alumni Executive committee has been meeting regularly to discuss chapter activities in light of the pandemic. US alumni led discussions with Alumni chapters from across the world on hosting Global Alumni Gathering. Initially planned for 2020, the gathering has been moved to Dec 2021 in Las Vegas. Envisioned as a summit for all TKM Alumni across the world to come together and strengthen the bonds for a global TKM community, the gathering will be a mix of social, cultural and academic events with a North American flavor. The chapter has also been progressing work on its website and membership drive.

Much awaited Global Alumni meet is scheduled in December 2021 at Las Vegas, USA…

While COVID-19 pandemic has raised a lot of blockades, it has opened up new avenues of operations. We the Oman family was quick to adapt to the changes. The visible disadvantages were converted to advantages by conducting several Online events where in our close family members who left Oman and settled elsewhere also could join. That was an awesome change though we missed the physical interactions.
This has later triggered the thought of bringing the entire Global chapters into one programme which resulted in a Global Musical programme,a unique event in the history of TKMCE Alumni chapters across the Globe. The programme has acted as a catalyst in way forward to achieve the vision of College management for a Global networking involving all the chapters.

Here is the summary of various programmes we conducted in year 2020.

We extend our sincere thanks to the entire family of TKMCE Oman chapter as well as TKMCE Management from Kollam, especially to Principal Dr.Shahul Hameed and Dr. Sudheer. We also extend our thanks to all the Chapters across the globe who have been kind enough to work with us for the success of the first Global Programme of TKMCE chapters named Raganjali20.

We started off the year 2020 with our traditional new year program celebrations on Jan 8 2020. The event was a very grand one with many programs involving TKM family members.
The venue was a wonderful resort in Jahra, a very remote area in Kuwait. We had record attendance. The highlight of the program was a dance sequence with the participation of senior most member from batch 1963 to 2019 batch member.

During the pandemic, our excom team understood the emotional strain of our members and individually called and checked on their status and wellbeing. We released message and a musical video to show solidarity and raise hope within our members.. Excom organized a covid fund raising primarily aimed at supporting the TKM alumni member who may fall upon hard times during this pandemic. We joined hands with KEF (Kuwait Engineers Forum) an Umbrella body of all the Alumni associations of engineers in Kuwait, to meet the newly appointed Indian ambassador to Kuwait to raise our concerns and request support to resolve the issues faced by Indian engineers for the registration with Kuwait Society of Engineers which was a mandatory requirement for employment purposes.

TKMCE Alumni joined hands with Kuwait Engineers Forum and a charity organization named Indian Community Service Group (ICSG) driven by Indian Embassy and did several community services like volunteering in the distribution of food kits for the distressed, distribution of medicine,paying the school fees of the students who otherwise could not have continued with their education as their parents were unable to pay the fees. During this pandemic our gavel club, “The Sparkians”; Toast Masters Club for children, which we started in 2019 continued functioning online.

Our inter alumni volleyball tournament which was scheduled to happen in March as well as other planned/scheduled activities were cancelled due to the pandemic situation. The AGM could not be conducted and it was decided for the current committee to continue for one more year.

The gavel club which we started in 2019 continued functioning online during this period. The development of the gaveliers has been a joy to watch.Our members participated in the musical program Raganjali 20 conducted by Oman alumni.

Many of our members left Kuwait during this period, some for better prospects some back home for leading retired life. Online farewells were arranged and Ex.com members personally presented them with mementos for expressing love and gratitude on behalf of the alumni association.

Europe Alumni contains Alumnus from Europe main land and UK. Currently we have 53 members in the group. TKMCE Europe alumni has not officially formed a committee.

In the year 2020, Alumnus had two virtual get-togethers (Zoom meetings April 17th and October 24th 2020) and discussed about the COVID situation in the different EU countries and shared the work experiences in different fields. Alumnus shared their views on how we can work closely with the Alama matter and help the students who are interested to study in European universities by providing information and supporting each other in building business network.Europe chapter member John V Panicker participated in the TKM Global musical Gala conducted by the Oman chapter.Our member Shammi Rahim was in the committee representing Europe chapter in the TISFF short film festival.

We hope in this new year we will be able to form a committee officially, inaugurate the association and expand our community strength by including more Alumni’s in the Europe area. Thanks to the continuous support and encouragement form Alama matter in this case.