Funded Projects

Name of the Faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount (Lakhs) Duration Progress/Outcome
Shyna A Implementation of Methods to Improve Cerebral Blood Flow Quantification in Arterial Spin Labeling MRI to Aid Clinical Diagnosis in Human Brain CERD 2 2022-2025 Ongoing
Dr. Aneesh G Nath Development of Artificial Intelligence based Machinery Fault Diagnosis System using Thermal Images CERD 2 2022-2025 Ongoing
Jini Raju Novel approaches to the estimation of IVIM parameters to aid clinical diagnosis CERD 2 2022-2025 Ongoing
Thushara A Integration of IoT with Cloud Computing for Smart and Sustainable Campus TEQIP-II 50,000 2022-2023 Completed
Nisa AK, Reena Mary George Image Dehazing Using Prior Based and Learning Based Methods TEQIP-II 50,000 2022-2023 Completed
Ananthapadmanabhan N K, Jini Raju Incremental path planning using M-MOD* TEQIP-II 145,000 2018-2019 Completed
Shyna A, Reena Mary George Real time coffee bean grading and sorting system using CNN TEQIP-II 150,000 2018-2019 Completed