The research lab within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is a vibrant hub of innovation and discovery. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and led by esteemed faculty members, the lab serves as a crucible for cutting-edge research in diverse areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging, Cybersecurity, and IOT. Students and researchers collaborate closely, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and developing practical solutions to real-world challenges. Through its interdisciplinary approach and commitment to excellence, the lab plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology and advancing the frontiers of computer science and engineering.

  • AMD Ryzen 7700 Workstation 3.8GhzBase, 5.3GhzBoost8Core, 16 ThreadProcessor, B650 Platform, 64GBDUALCHANNEL(4x16GB) 5600MHzDDR5 MEMORY, 1TB M.2 NVMe Class 40SSD(Primary), NVIDIA RTX 4090 24GB – 2 Nos.
  • HP Z8 G4 Workstation Intel Xeon 4216,2x16 core,128GB,512GBssd, 8TB, Nvd Qdr GV100 32 GB (4) DP Graphics, 24" LED – 1 No.
  • HP Z4 G4 Workstation - Intel Xeon 18 Core,128GB,512 GB SSD, 2TB- 2 Nos.
  • HP 280 Pro G5MT -i7-Desktop,16GB,256GB SSD,1TB,24"LED - 15 Nos.
  • HP 570 Pavilion Desktop -i7, 8GB, 2TB, 20" LED - 3Nos.

Faculty in Charge : Dr Aneesh G Nath
Staff in Charge : Sherji Salim