Message From Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department was established in 1958 and, with a legacy of 60 plus years, it has shaped thousands of mechanical engineers till this day. The department offers two undergraduate, three postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes. The department is committed to accomplishing its vision of ‘excellence in mechanical engineering with a perspective of sustainable development’, through its programmes. The department has been continuously adapting itself to imbibe the latest industry-driven knowledge and skills for its students through industry-based curriculum, innovative teaching-learning practises, enriched student-faculty relationship, close academia-industry linkages and research.

The department emphasizes experiential learning to cultivate the skills and competencies that can position students for professional success. Through hands-on learning in workshops, internships, student clubs, and add-on skill courses and other out of class experiences, students can gain the practical experiences that complement their classroom learning. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the department including well-developed laboratories for core courses like Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery, Internal Combustion Engines, Machine Tools, Manufacturing, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, etc. along with full-fledged workshop facilities which can hone hands-on skills of students’ related to manufacturing. There are laboratories where students can learn modern software related to drafting, modelling and analysis, which are nowadays added skills to many industries. Additionally, considering the current demand for skilled engineers in industry, the students have special facilities for advanced skill acquisition like FAB-Lab, Language Lab, Central Computing Facility, Robotics Centre and so on. The professional student chapters of the department like SAE, ASME, ISHRAE, etc. are vibrant and exemplary in their activities and demonstrate how people-assets can be leveraged to create value for the individual as well as the department.

The industry-based curriculum of the B. Tech programme in mechanical Engineering equips the students to face challenges in core areas such as thermal engineering, material science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, product design, manufacturing and many more. The students acquire a foundation of key concepts of mechanical engineering and skills through the curriculum and the co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the department equip them with the augmented skills required for their dream career paths. The nationally-reputed postgraduate programme in ‘Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenics’ prepares students to be leaders in the upcoming fields like cryogenics, vacuum technology, superconductivity, etc., putting them on the path towards international research and career opportunities. A key component of the programme is one-year thesis work where the students get the chance to work closely not only in the various research projects of the department but also in its national and international collaborative activities. Recent international internships have led eight postgraduate students to work in the advanced laboratories of renowned universities in Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Thailand. The objective of the department is to make its graduates ready to contribute back to society from day one itself through their acquired knowledge and skills, with high confidence and ethics.

The faculty of the department are not just teachers, but leaders, mentors, and scholars. They are committed to student success by being positive role models. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded in their speciality. They are advancing in their fields of expertise, regularly publishing their research in the leading academic journals and conferences. Bringing leading-edge research to the classroom means that students benefit from recent advances in knowledge and insights of faculty at the forefront of their profession. The faculty of the department are actively involved in internationally visible research through collaborative and interdisciplinary research. The department has state of the art research facilities to support the academic programmes and research. Excellent funding for research helps the department to maintain high standards in research infrastructure.

This page provides an overview of the academic programmes, student activities, research projects, laboratory and research facilities, profiles of faculty members, and details of technical and support staff of the department. I hope that whether you are a prospective undergraduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. student, or industry personnel, or another university staff, or a visitor, you will find this webpage to be informative.

With best wishes

Head of the Department