Art without Engineering is just dreaming. Engineering without Art is just calculating.

The proud league of TKM alumni boasts socially committed engineers rather than money making cooperate slaves. This cultural enlightenment is the outcome of socio-cultural exposure which each and every TKMIAN acquires, and this exposure is the result of a well functioning Arts club.

Arts club is a common platform for all to speak up and debate how TKM should be. Every college is a market place for all talents. But how they are identified and incubated is all that matters. This defines the success of a college and their students. If academics can accelerate a research scholar, here we accelerate a coder who designs his User Interface (UI) because only an artist can identify the pulse of the customer.

So, the role of Arts Club in the creation of a successful graduate is inevitable and as far as TKM is concerned, it is really huge.