Central Accreditation Committee has been constituted with the following members.

Dr. Nizar Hussain, Mechanical Engg.(Co-ordinator)
Dr. Imthias Ahamed, EEE
Dr. Sajeeb R, Civil Engg.
Prof. Syed Muhammed Fahd, Mechanical Engg
Dr. Adarsh S
Dr. Annie John, Architecture
Prof. Saibi R, Chemical Engg
Dr. Muhammed Siddik A, Asst. Professor, Civil Engg.
Dr. Manu J Pillai, Comp. Science and Engg.
Prof. Asha Raveendranath, Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Prof. Anu Assis, Electronics and Commn. Engg.
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas, Mechanical Engg.