Student Chapters & Assoications

IETE (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)

The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, India, is a leading professional society established in 1953 and consists of more than 1.2 lakh members. The IETE focuses on advancing the science and technology of Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers and Information Technology by conducting technical meeting, conference, symposia, exhibitions and related activities all over the country at its 65 Centres. IETE publishes three technical journals, viz IETE Journal of Research, IETE Technical Review and IETE Journal of Education and four-monthly IETE Newsletter. The major objective of IETE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. The IETE student branch of the college is organizing a number of innovative programs for the students and teachers under the leadership of teachers.

Electronics and Communication Association

The ECE Association aims at promoting awareness and knowledge about electronics & Communication engineering to outside masses as well as provides a forum for mutual interaction to students of the Department of ECE. The Association organizes activities such as technical quiz, debate, industrial problem solving, group discussion, seminars, technical lectures etc.


It has been 25 exuberant years since IEEE first entered the portals of TKMCE. The pedigree of TKMCE SB is enormous since its inauguration on 22nd November 1986 and it has always been on the right track in exploring and exploiting technology for the benefit of humanity. The voyage of TKMites in the ocean of IEEE has been eventful with many prestigious awards and rewards to their credit. Adding a golden feather to its cap, the Student Branch won the Region10 Exemplary Student Branch Award 2010 for the third best student branch in the Asia-Pacific Region. Retaining the crowned glory, we had the honour of hosting the Asia focused ISGT 2011 India, International Conference. Combining the guidance of the best of faculty members and the prowess of an active group of student members, we are sure to scale greater heights!