SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of TKM College of Engineering consists of 3 faculty advisors and 300+ student members. Collegiate clubs provide the students with the ability to contact individuals working in the engineering fields and in doing so, further the objectives of engineering education.


The objective of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meeting that will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in SAEINDIA Section activities.


Students attending TKM College of Engineering who are SAEINDIA student members or SAEINDIA members are qualified to become members of this organization. The organization boasts around 300+ active student members.


In just four years, the laurels and recognition brought home by the students are worth admiration. Beginning the maiden journey in 2016, SAE TKMCE has come a long way. They provide students with an experience that simulates running a business or an organization and nurture valued skills including: leadership, time management, project management, communications, organization, planning, delegation, budgeting and finance.

SAE ISS Aero Design Challenge

SAEISS Aero Design Challenge competition is intended to provide undergraduate and graduate engineering students with a real-life engineering challenge. Each team is required to conceive, design and develop a prototype of fixed wing UAV, meeting the mission requirements. Students have to perform trade studies and compromise appropriately, to arrive at a design solution that will optimally meet the mission requirements while still conforming to the configuration limitations. The purpose of the SAEISS Aero Design Challenge is to promote and develop Indian expertise and experience in unmanned systems technologies at the university and college levels. Even small scale unmanned vehicles are complex systems requiring a well planned and executed design approach. In addition, safety considerations are important factors in this competition as in any other vehicle design project. SAEISS Aero Design features two classes of competition - Regular and Micro. Two teams participated in ADC 2020 from TKMCE- Team Falcon and Team Spitfire in the Micro category.


2019-20: Team Falcon secured 3rd position in Technical Presentation and obtained an overall ranking of 21 among 64 colleges of nationwide participation.


BAJA SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). BAJA SAEINDIA was launched in 2007 and from then on, nearly 300 teams from across the country compete in this extravaganza on an annual basis. The event is conducted in two stages - a virtual presentation event and the main event. The main event is starts with the technical inspection followed by the brake test. The team can participate in other dynamic events if and only if the brake test is completed successfully. This is followed by the acceleration test, Suspension and Traction, the Maneuverability event and the Sledge Pull event. All this leads up to the big Endurance event an all-out race through a track. It is every participant's dream compete in the Endurance event. Points will be calculated according to the guidelines provided in the rulebook. A BAJA team was started in our college in the year 2016 and a progressive growth in performance is evident. The entire team is divided into six departments, namely – Roll Cage, Suspension, Steering, Brake, Transmission and Documentation- and the works were divided and done accordingly.

  • 2016-17: Car Number 85-First team to compete.
  • 2017-18: Car Number 113-Ran the endurance event but couldn’t complete due to suspension failure.
  • 2018-19: Car Number 76 - Secured AIR 5 and 1 st in Kerala.
  • 2019-20: 47th rank in the virtual event from among 382 participants.


Efficycle is a 5-day long intercollegiate design competition for undergraduate and graduate students where teams have to design and fabricate an energy efficient entirely human powered three-wheeled vehicle. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, highly engineered and ergonomically designed. The design should be commercially viable as a product and should be attractive to the consumers because of its visual appearance, performance, reliability and ease of operation. The event is undertaken to promote the objective of providing opportunity to the students to conceive, design and fabricate a three-wheel configuration vehicle powered by human-electric hybrid power and capable of seating two passengers catering to the day to day mobility needs.

  • 2017-18: BLACK MAMBA - Secured AlR 44 and 1 st in the state of Kerala.
  • 2018-19: BLACK MAMBA- Secured AIR 39 and 2 nd in the state of Kerala
  • 2019-20: BLACK MAMBA- Secured AIR 21 and 2 nd in the state of Kerala
  • 2020-21: BLACK MAMBA- Secured AIR 13 and 2 nd in the state of Kerala


The SAEISS Electric Two Wheeler Design Competition 2019, tasks the students to think, analyse, design, develop, build, test and present in series of events. First of its kind in India, the Competition ensures that Students gets a realistic 360-degree workplace experience. The objective of ETWDC 2019 is to design, engineer, prototype and demonstrate an Electric Two Wheeler to carry one person, with a price tag of ₹60000, based on an annual sale of 25000 units per year.

  • 2018-19: Secured AIR 3 for technical presentation


SAE TDC is meant to design, engineer and prototype a 17 HP general purpose chassis based agricultural tractor with a potential use in the field of recreation, small farming and municipal use with a price tag of 2.7 lakh based on an annual sale of 20,000 units per year and demonstrate the same on a limited test track. As the competition name suggests, the focus is centered around the design features and calculations. The design in turn, is documented by way of a complete manufacturing drawing of all the parts and assemblies; with individual costing and engineering materials, accompanied by a project report.

  • 2017-18 STALLION - AIR 4, Kerala 1 st ; Design - 3 rd
  • 2018-19 TAURUS - AIR 2, Kerala 1 st ; Design - 1 st


SAE-SUPRA is India’s biggest formula student competition, organized by the SAEINDIA. The event is a platform for students to apply their engineering skills to design and construct a formula category vehicle as per defined performance and safety specifications. SUPRA comprises a series of static as well as dynamic events spread over a span of five days, concluding with a final endurance run. The garage of TKM has a great legacy; despite winning at many of the prestigious competitions like SAE-BAJA, SAE-TRAKTE, but it took till 2019 for TKM to put forth her first race car MACH.1.0. In 2017 some students came together with the intention to make the first race car hit the competition at SAE-SUPRA 2019. The idea soon gained traction among students as well as faculty, and with that spirit, the first team was formed. All the hardships were overcome by sheer hard work and perseverance of team members.

  • Even though our overall ranking was a distant 90 among a total of 120 teams, it was a pretty good result by making a C car from the amateur team.


Formula Bharat was a competition that we were pushed into participation thanks to an ill-informed early registration, nevertheless the exposure was colossal building on the experience from the previous supra and were one of the very few first time teams to incorporate custom springs and push rods into the design but lack of funding and understanding of the scale of the competition was put on full display as the team of SAE Supra went for the competition and saw the mountain that had to be scaled even though the team cleared a few static rounds they weren’t able to clear the technical inspection.

  • 2017-19: AIR 32 in cost presentation, AIR 33 in design presentation, AIR 39 in business presentation and an overall rank of 41 among 80 teams


The Tier events conducted as a part of SAE Student Convention is one of those rare events that mold a student restricted by the boundaries of a classroom to an engineer who uses what he knows to enhance practical skills, explore and empower. These events focus on not just the technical aspects but also provides a platform for overall development. About 50 Tier 1 events are held at the college level. The events aren’t restricted to the mechanical stream but includes various other streams like electronics, electrical and computer science. The Tier 1 events are aimed for an exposure into the practical side. TKM has been holding the Tier 1 events for the past few years. Tier 1 does not mandate the participants to be a member of SAE. The participants are awarded with participation certificates and university credits. The winners will qualify for the Tier 2 events to be conducted at state level. The Tier 2 participants are also awarded with participation certificates. These certificates are an extra feather in the hat when it comes to placements. TKM has conducted phase I of Tier 2 for the past two years. The smooth conduction of Tier 2 events is due to the immense hard work and teamwork put forward by the students. The results are always unbiased and the best are always recognized. Further qualification leads to competing in Tier 3 events conducted at the national level. Our college has been successful in winning several accolades in Tier 3 events over the years. The Tier winners are given a chance to exploit their talents further as they get a lot of exposure, connections and contacts with the best professionals from all over the country. SAE Tier Events are a testament to the fact that sleepless nights, immense hard work and most of all, teamwork will make any dream come true under good guidance.


SAEINDIA TKMCE Collegiate Club conducts several workshops curated by the masters in the respective niches. Submersion in a solitary subject, permits a more profound comprehension, and a more prominent worth spot on the capacity to unhesitatingly manage it later on and learning by hearing experts is more valuable than class lectures. The club also hosts competitions in association with other clubs of TKM such as quizzes and debates.

In essence, the club is nothing lesser than a legacy which brought home laurels that were the fruits of undeterred determination and passion through many sleepless nights, immense hardwork and most of all, teamwork!